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WEEK OF 12/10/14 - 12/16/14 

Wednesday 12/10/14

As you go about your business today you will feel the effect of a Mercury/Mars semi-square from late last night.  It will encourage you to work swiftly and effectively, but it will also throw a lot of extra tasks at you.  The quantity of “busy” work is sure to cause frustration as you keep pushing through, but feel as if you aren’t making any headway.  If you have a goal that you are trying to reach it could seem as if you are working at cross purposes and completing everything but what you had hoped to finish right now.  If you can slow down long enough to seize control of the energy you will be able to work with it to get the results you desire without a lot of extraneous effort.   Hessonite Garnet will help you locate resources that can release you from some of the minor details that are slowing your progress.  Sodalite allows you to focus the energy on your goal instead of letting it distract you.

Number of the day: 2

2 is a very receptive number that will remind you that it is better to just go with the flow rather than fight the energies surrounding you today.  Relax and let Moonstone alleviate any uneasiness.

Thursday 12/11/14

We all have old hurts and angers that we have been holding on to for far too long.  There is an immensely powerful transit today that can help you rid yourself of these damaging elements.  Mars and Neptune are in a semi-sextile and your intuition will let you know loud and clear what needs to go.  You will need to make a choice as you will be faced with the damage that it is doing to yourself and others.  It can be easy and comfortable to just leave things as they are, but Mars is in Aquarius and that’s the kind of energy that starts a revolution.  Are you ready to listen and set yourself free?   If you are struggling to find your answer, Bloodstone will help you realize that it is time and you are ready to do this.  Fluorite gives you an idea of what this positive reform will mean in your life and where it will take you.

Number of the day: 3

3 is an adventurous number that lets you know there is always a way to do what is best for you while considering others.  Chalcopyrite gives you the confidence to be whoever you want to be.

Friday 12/12/14

The infinite possibilities that you have to make your life the best it can be will shine brightly as you feel the empowering energy of a Mercury/Jupiter trine.  Your thoughts won’t rest with the simple attainment of goals.  You are going to be thinking of what it would really mean to change your life.  This is the kind of energy that challenges you to question the substance and meaning behind your material goals.  Why do you want the things that you want?  The answers to that question will illuminate your true intentions and you may feel a shift that will broaden your current journey and/or set you on a new one.  If you have recently released some harmful elements (remember yesterday?) here is a glorious opportunity to fill that space with only the best, because that is what you deserve!  Stilbite will offer guidance while Clear Quartz amplifies the amazing energy and increases your acceptance of all the good that it brings your way.

Number of the day: 4

Use the energy of productive 4 to complete any lingering chores and take care of business.  Once you've accomplished your tasks you'll have more time to enjoy your day.  Aragonite provides stability and focus.

Saturday 12/13/14

You may start your day with a plan, but you will quickly find it difficult to stick to it as the Sun and Mars have other plans for you.  This is a good time to toss your schedule aside and follow the energy to see where it leads.  The Universe often places things in our path for a reason.  It isn’t always a challenge or an obstacle to get past.  Often it is something to be explored and enjoyed that we miss out on because we are so focused on getting to our destination.  You want to keep an open mind over the next few days, because a closed mind only knows one thing, while an open mind never knows what joy it will find.  Dravite (Champagne Tourmaline) can help you let go of timelines and relax. Sapphire will encourage your inner adventurer to come out and play.

Number of the day: 5

5 just screams at you to go for it!  Leap over obstacles, run ahead of the pack and enjoy the journey as you head for the top spot.  You can almost see the surprises and new life just ahead of you.  Smokey Quartz keeps you protected on your adventures.

Sunday 12/14/14

A few days ago a Mercury/Jupiter trine urged you to consider how to bring more good things into your life.  Now a Sun/Jupiter trine will help you to take that first step towards taking those ideas and manifesting them into something tangible.  This transit is the perfect energy for plans and designs that will move you closer to your goals.  You want to purposefully schedule your actions because that takes you from the idea phase to the action stage and now you are on your way. In fact, you have taken your first step just through your scheduling efforts.  The solar influence will have you concerned with outer appearances as you question how others will perceive you, your actions and their effect.   This will actually encourage you to refine your plans and make them as strong as possible.  A Venus/Neptune sextile will add some imagination and artistry to the atmosphere that you can use to develop a creative and innovative odyssey.  Citrine will point you in the right direction for a successful beginning, while Blue Kyanite adds a creative touch to your vision.

Number of the day: 6

Take a moment to wrap yourself in the comforting energy of 6 today.  It will remind you to always be positive and filled with light.  And of course where your thoughts go, everything else follows.  Rhyolite offers protection and enlightenment.

Monday 12/15/14

A Uranus/Pluto square is going to emphasize any uneasiness that you feel with your present situation.  Perhaps you are bored with the daily elements of your life or you are simply not satisfied with your current conditions.  Before you let the energy make you feel down, consider how motivating it can be.  Once you realize that something is not working, that gives you the opportunity to do something about it and that’s when everything can change for the better.  Another wonderful effect of this transit is that buried desires and dreams may emerge, giving you another chance to act on them and make them realities.   Overall this will be a very positive and illuminating day as long as you take a proactive approach.  Dalmatian Jasper will keep things balanced and give you valuable insight into why something is or is not working for you.  Green Tourmaline boosts your confidence in your ability to create the life that you desire.

Number of the day: 7

One of the best things about a 7 day is the opportunity that it offers you to examine, prepare and refine.  This is excellent energy for a day when completions may be in order.  It is the number of chance and luck and you just never know what it will bring - so be prepared for anything.  Fluorite will enhance the energy and clear any negative aspects.

Tuesday 12/16/14

We have a few interesting transits this morning that will set the tone for your day.  It is an excellent time for productivity with a Mercury/Saturn semi-sextile giving you incentive to get down to business.  Your decisions will be well-conceived, realistic and have a strong potential to set you on a path towards success.  If you have plans, now is when you want to set them in motion and, if you don’t, then you want to begin that stage because you’ll see lucrative results.  A Venus/Jupiter transit is going to attempt to distract you and lure you towards impulsive choices that you may regret.  This transit can mislead you into believing that you need a lot of flash to get noticed and appreciated.  Before you give in to the impulse to overspend, overcommit or over-embellish, give yourself the time to really consider your actions and motives.  It is almost guaranteed that things will seem different tomorrow and you will be glad that you restrained yourself.  Use Rutilated Quartz for added motivation and Red Selenite will help you to avoid giving in to temptation.

Number of the day: 8

8 is the most practical and material of the numbers and it suggests we start planning for our future success. Green Chlorite will clear away the old energy and set you on the best path.


Posted on December 09, 2014
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