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Those who are committed to making significant changes in their lives regarding business/finance and partnerships/romance will be rewarded today by a Venus/Pluto conjunction. While Pluto in Capricorn can bring out your shadow side and make you less tolerant and more demanding, Venus will help you to see that overall dedication will get you much further than focusing on a specific result. Pietersite strengthens your will making it easier to bring about change while Mookaite will keep your perspective balanced and calm.


FRIDAY, 12/2


The holiday season is off and running and Mars in Virgo will help you to plan and organize so that you don't become overwhelmed. Just try not to plan all the fun out of your holiday activities! Even though it goes against Virgo's nature, leave a little room for flexibility. Leopardskin Jasper will activate the best qualities of this energy while keeping the amusement.




The planet of luck, Jupiter will continue to retrograde through Taurus until 12/25. Are you wondering if maybe this is why you haven't been so lucky lately? Don't worry because Jupiter is always shining lots of luck and abundance on all of us. When Jupiter retrogrades the gifts are seen internally rather than externally. So what you believe to be true - is true! If you feel lucky - you are lucky! If you feel like a millionaire - then you are a millionaire! Now is a great time to practice believing in yourself and then watching what you believe to be true manifest outwardly in your life. Taurus energy gives us the extra boost of confidence we need to succeed at anything. Try a Serpentine to amplify your manifestation energy and Pyrite to bring about prosperity.


SUNDAY, 12/4


Watch out for emotional outbursts, heated arguments and a general snarky attitude today as Mercury squares Mars. If there is something you are passionate about and you need to express it - today could be your day. Just make sure that you plan ahead regarding what you want to say and how you want to say it. Mercury retrograde in outspoken Sagittarius will not make it easy for you to avoid snide comments and poor timing. Smoky Quartz will deflect the negativity.


MONDAY, 12/5


This is a wonderful day for increasing your financial and romantic prospects. Venus and Mars are both in earth signs bringing their action and passion oriented energy down from above and helping us to ground our fantasies of love and/or money. Use Green Aventurine to harness the abundance.




Be optimistic! Be spontaneous! Drop any defenses that you have - even for a few moments - and just "be". This is the cheerful atmosphere of the Sun in Sagittarius and I want you to take full advantage of all this has to offer. We are always so busy and running and going that it is easy to forget the positive energy that is around us. What is your favorite crystal? The one that makes you smile and feel awesome. Make a commitment to yourself today and carry it or wear it and use it to feel the joy of just being you! For me it is a Labradorite. I love all the different colors and how they constantly change. It's always a fun surprise.




Chiron has been moving forward in Pisces and I know that has been causing many of you to re-live past hurts and feel old wounds a little too much. The Mercury Retrograde period we are experiencing can help you to heal these wounds once and for all and use forgiveness as a tool to rebuild and readjust. That's right; there is a positive spin to a Mercury Retrograde! Black Tourmaline is excellent to ground this calming energy.





Uranus turns direct tomorrow so here is your last chance to use the retrograde energy to your advantage. When Uranus is retrograde it promotes self-awareness and helps you to go within and question what changes or adjustments you need to make in your life. The answers to these questions often lead to a life-changing epiphany. Upon moving direct, Uranus will help you to implement those changes. Chrome Diopside will aide you in your quest to uncover what you are holding on to and Rhodonite will give you the strength and love to let it go.

Posted on December 01, 2011
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