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WEEK OF 12/07/16 - 12/13/16


Wednesday 12/07/16

The environment is tense with a Mercury/Mars semi-square pushing everyone to work expediently and efficiently.  As the pressure increase so does your anxiety as you worry about not being able to keep up with the demands.  Your initial response will be to let all that stress show in your actions and communications.  You won’t gain sympathy or support by taking your burdens out on others. Everyone is feeling overwhelmed, but working with Banded Agate can help you bring everyone together to share resources and bonding. You may find some relief from the task-oriented atmosphere when the Sun and Pluto form a semi-sextile transit.  Now you aren’t just looking at what needs to get done, but what it means for you.  This is deeply personal energy meant to help you determine what you’re gaining from your efforts.  If something is lacking then it will be very evident.  Use Apophyllite to trust your intuition and allow it to guide you to make the necessary changes.


Thursday 12/08/16

Yesterday you may have been driven by the busy atmosphere, but today is all about self-motivation.  The Moon and Mercury are producing lovely energy that will have you in a really good place mentally and emotionally.  You are filled with bright ideas and you know you have everything you need to execute them.  Your mind is operating at full speed ahead in a pleasant but effective manner, so carry Green Tourmaline to amplify the effects and see what you will create from working with this energy. You are more comfortable than usual showing off your intellect and talents.  It isn’t about bragging out of bravado. It is about being truthful with yourself about your capabilities and being confident in presenting that person to the world.  Imperial Topaz will help you take advantage of this opportunity to both give and gain support from your peers.


Friday 12/09/16

This is a fabulous day with a Sun/Jupiter sextile that has you feeling very good about yourself.  You are especially happy with your present circumstances and excited at the prospect of building from it.  What could be better than being completely satisfied in the present while recognizing that you have the power to continue to make things better?  How about a strong dose of self-confidence, complete faith in a bright future, and the awareness of the positive impact you make on the world?  You’ll be feeling all that and more, so use Pink Aventurine to enjoy this time.  You have earned it by just being you!   Ruby in Kyanite reminds you to stay true to your principles as you continue on your journey.  It may not always be the easiest or most direct route, but it is the most valuable.


Saturday 12/10/16

We have a nice mix of energies to work with that will incite your visionary skills in a pragmatic manner.  Mercury is already presenting a practical vibe as it travels through Capricorn.  It is in a sextile with Neptune that will help you present your creative and idealistic thoughts into the real world.  Your vision won’t benefit you or anyone else if you aren’t able to make it work in reality.  Use Sodalite with this cosmic energy to envision efficient applications of your ideas and express those to others in a direct and orderly fashion.  The strong sense of reality continues with a Sun/Saturn transit that inspires you to get down to business.  Process and timing are your main concern right now.  You understand what needs to be done in order to see results and you are willing to commit to following those procedures.  Mahogany Obsidian will keep you energized and help you to find support through new and existing resources.  It is important to remember that you don’t have to do everything on your own!


Sunday 12/11/16

A Venus/Saturn semi-square will have you fighting really hard to attract good things and situations in your life, but it may feel as if you are losing the battle.  Your relationships will feel challenging as it seems as if the love and devotion you are giving is not being returned.  Your work and efforts appear pointless as the results they generate are not up to your expectations.  Remember this is a momentary influence and the energy will move on, so don’t take drastic measures while you are feeling unappreciated and disillusioned.  Use Serpentine to keep yourself feeling positive despite the mood.  This transit will point out issues that need your attention, but you won’t want to make adjustments while everything feels so drastic and final.   Blue Goldstone will enable you to give those worries rational contemplation. Trust your feelings, but use them to find a reasonable solution to move forward.


Monday 12/12/16

Happy surprises are in store today with a Sun/Uranus trine giving you the inspiration to create a spark (or two!) using your imagination and willingness to take a risk.  How will this energy manifest and what can you expect?  That is entirely up to you.  There are many possibilities, but if you want to follow the direction of the Universe, you will be flexible and open to new opportunities.  Carry Chalcopyrite to recognize the advantages that come your way.  The Sun moves into a transit with Chiron later in the day and you are suddenly more concerned with pleasing others over yourself.  This could prove to be a thrilling and rewarding day and you want to enjoy it to its fullest, so use Heliodor as protection against worries and fears that might prevent you from being assertive when it comes to taking care of your needs.


Tuesday 12/13/16

Today you will realize that you aren't getting what you want.  The purpose of this transit isn't to make you unhappy. Chances are something is already causing that and this energy produced from a Venus/Moon transit will help you change that around.  It may be that you haven't acknowledged your true desires.  Maybe you have asked for what you want and haven't received it because either you lacked clarity or you asked for the wrong things from the wrong people.  Whatever is preventing you from fulfillment and happiness can be changed for the better.  First comes understanding and then comes the healing.  Use Smokey Quartz to be honest with yourself and permit those deep, unrealized desires to surface and be recognized.  It may be discouraging and even painful to admit that you want something and haven't done anything about attaining it - but here is your first step.  The Universe wants to support you, so use Selenite will help you to recognize and use the guidance and opportunities it will send your way. 



Posted on December 05, 2016
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