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MONDAY 12/03/12


The North and South Node of the Moon is defined by how the Moon orbits around the earth and where it crosses us on the elliptic of our transit.  The North or True Node crosses in the northern hemisphere and represents our future - where we are headed.  The South Node crosses the southern hemisphere and deals with our past - where we've been, our habits, and the recurring patterns in our lives.  Later this week Mercury will conjunct the True Node giving us a boost in the right direction.  Now is the time when we are able to speak up and effectively change the way things are being done.  In order to move forward something has to change, even if you are just able to realize that you don't have to accept what is.  You can make things be the way that you want them to be.  All it takes is that first step.  Yellow Jasper will provide courage and Moonstone will help you discover your true path.


Number of the day:  2


You know who you are and what you are capable of, and it is time to share your gifts with the world.  Charoite gives you the confidence to let everyone see what you have to offer. 



TUESDAY 12/04/12


Mercury backed up into the mysterious realms of Scorpio while it was retrograde so watch out for over-embellished communications that are based more on fiction than fact.  You don't want to take anything that you discover about someone too seriously right now because your opinion may be based on misinformation.  Later in the week Mercury moves into Sagittarius and you won't have time to worry about others as your mind will be busy thinking up adventurous ways to have fun.  Use Fluorite to ease any stress caused from gossip and Pink Calcite to let love rule your day.


Number of the day:  3


It is time to take a moment and enjoy all that you have.  3 wants you to enjoy your life and have some fun.  It doesn't have to be all about work so treat yourself and carry Orange Aventurine to keep a bounce in your step.



WEDNESDAY 12/05/12


Mercury and Pluto are in a transit that might make you feel a little anxious since it will be difficult to know who or what to trust.  Your instincts may be off so try to avoid any internal or external conflicts.  While your suspicions may be warranted, it will be better to wait until the energy is more congenial and you can act from a place of compassion rather than distrust.  Onyx will prevent you from making any ill advised moves and Celestite will help with clarity.

Number of the day:  4


Stay calm and maintain your course.  4 reminds us not to let distractions scatter our energies.  Black Agate will keep you steady.




THURSDAY 12/06/12


The Sun in Sagittarius and Mars in Capricorn are feeling feisty and want to encourage you to take a stand and make your mark.  While in a semi-sextile position they are giving us the best of fire and earth energies to help us make a difference.  How you choose to accomplish that is up to you. Your judgment is excellent right now so rely on your instincts and don't hesitate when opportunities arise.  Sometimes fire energy can be a little ruthless but this transit is very friendly towards everyone involved.  This is a very win-win kind of day.  Tiger Eye will help you to see results from your efforts and Rhodonite will enhance the quality of your interactions with others.


Number of the day:  5


5 encourages us to take a risk and do something unexpected.  The results will be spectacular and you will feel liberated.  Yellow Aventurine will stimulate your actions.




FRIDAY 12/07/12


While it is easy to make decisions today under the influence of Mars and Neptune in a semi-square transit, it is just as easy to become discouraged.  You begin with confidence and self-assurance but if things don't turn out the way that you had planned there is a tendency to completely fall apart.  The key to success when working with planets with very different agendas is balance.  Malachite will enhance your productivity while Lepidolite will help you to detour around disappointments and keep going with a positive attitude.


Number of the day:  6


No matter what happens, 6 will assist you with maintaining harmony.  Keep a peaceful and positive attitude and you will see a major difference in how your day works out.  Goldstone offers good vibrations.




SATURDAY 12/08/12


If there was ever a time to look before you leap, it is while Venus and Uranus are in a sesquiquadrate transit.  There is just too much conflict between wanting to fly solo and craving intimacy which can lead to poor decision-making and actions that you will later regret.  You don't want to make any choices when you really don't know what...or want.  Give it a few days to let the energy become gentler, and until then carry Pink Aventurine to calm any crazy urges and Botswana Agate to keep peace in your relationships.


Number of the day:  7


7 wants you to find some quiet time to be with yourself.  This is an excellent time to block out all of your outer distractions - even for a few moments - and go within to see what you may find.  You have all of the answers and Apophyllite will help you to uncover them




SUNDAY 12/09/12


Perhaps you have felt some challenges with the transits over the last few days.  Remember that no matter how dark it gets there is always some light to be found as Mars and Jupiter brightens up our days with their enthusiastic energy.  These two planets combined will help you find creative ways to just make things happen.  Use this energy wisely and you will have the advantage in any situation.  Blue Sapphire offers insight into where you might need this bountiful energy and Red Jasper lets you put your creativity into motion.



Number of the day:  8


The opportunities for success are abundant for those willing to put in the time and energy.  Use this energy to make progress towards one of your goals.  Every step we take, even the smallest, counts.  Pyrite offers support and promotes prosperity.




MONDAY 12/10/12


There is a lot of passion coming from a Venus/Pluto semi-square that could put you in a dark and guarded mood.  This is the kind of deep emotion that encourages acts of jealousy and possessiveness.  Suspicions abound, trust is nowhere to be found and everyone seems to have a hidden agenda.  Overall there is simply a tense and unpleasant undercurrent when it comes to any relationship.   Black Tourmaline will protect you from others as well as yourself and Rose Quartz will counteract any dark emotions with light and love. 


Number of the day:  9


Maybe something is at the stage of completion and it is time to take what you have learned and move on. Just be very cautious that you don't move on simply because of the moody vibe of the day.  Smokey Quartz will help you discern the right thing to do - especially if that means doing nothing until the energy is clearer.

Posted on December 04, 2012

  I love this! I always learn so much from these!
Thank you again!
Callie  (Submitted by: Callie E on December 04, 2012)

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