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WEEK OF 12/02/15 - 12/08/15

Wednesday 12/2/15

One of the most interesting elements of today’s Sun/Moon quintile is that your outer self will be motivated by your inner desire for beauty and that is not a typical mode of operation. We mostly base things like our expressions, actions, thought patterns, etc. on the demands of our physical world and that works just fine because we are physical beings.  We are fulfilled by satisfying our tasks, goals, responsibilities, etc., but this atmosphere is about recognizing the inner artist that lies beneath your exterior.   Once you pay heed to that inner calling and let your creativity and talent come out, you will likely see some extraordinary results.  And don’t think this energy is only about tangible arts.  It really isn’t something that can be defined as much as it is about what you enjoy doing, what feels natural and creative and how you can uniquely make this a better world.  One of the most powerful benefits of this transit is how comfortable and great you’re going to feel by honoring your special and unique gifts.  Emerald can show you how to recognize and work from your heart or gut or instinct – whatever you want to call your individual spark!   Use Selenite to understand the full power of operating from a more enlightened view.

Number of the day: 4

The enterprising energy of 4 will encourage you to finish just one thing today and feel the rush of accomplishment.  Use Red Jasper for motivation.

Thursday 12/3/15

Venus and the Moon are working in your favor and bringing us all a day filled with love and joy.  They are producing a warm and intimate atmosphere that will encourage cooperative and pleasurable interactions and activities.  If you have relationships that could use a shot of positive energy, then you really want to focus your time and attention on those while you have this kind of influence at your disposal.  This is an excellent time for material enhancements and improvements, so if you want to alter your appearance or surroundings then you should know the results will exceed your expectations.  Could you use someone else’s understanding and/or guidance on an issue or situation in your life?  Now is the time to ask for what you need because others will want to help you.  Use Angelite if you need assistance with asking for support. Carnelian will complement the overall pleasant mood of the day.

Number of the day: 5

Use the energy of 5 to take a chance on something that you really want but have held back out of fear or doubt.  Even if it doesn’t work out as you expect, your bravery will be its own reward.  Malachite gives you courage.

Friday 12/4/15

It is going to be one of those days where you have far too much information for it to be useful.  Mercury and Jupiter are in a square, so stuff is just going to keep coming at you from the outside world and your inner thoughts.  You are almost guaranteed to feel overwhelmed and mentally flustered by it all.  Remember that while you won’t be able to change the energy, you do have the power to change how you manage it!  Try to avoid getting caught in mindless chatter and quickly buying into overly enthusiastic proposals and ideas.  You could have some really valuable thoughts and interactions under this influence but you will need to slow yourself down.  That will enable you to refrain from giving in to sudden reactions, while discerning and retaining the good stuff that will come through with all the rest.  Rutilated Quartz will enable you to focus, while Bronzite allows you to maintain your personal composure within the chaotic atmosphere.    

Number of the day: 6

The comforting energy of 6 will encourage you to do something you enjoy. Give yourself the gift of an indulgence and see how it makes everything else better.  Pink Tourmaline reminds you that luxuries are often a necessity.

Saturday 12/5/15

As the phase of excessiveness begins to diminish we will transition into a much more pleasant state when the Sun and Mars join early tomorrow in a favorable sextile transit.  Now you’re able to accept everything as it comes at you, deal with it, and move on.  Your instincts are powerful under this influence and you want to pay attention to them because they will be accurate.  Any stress you’ve been feeling will be replaced with certainty that you have everything under control and you are making all the right moves.  Speaking of control, this is a great time to reach for it because you will be able to be decisive and insistent without others seeing it as a threat to their own authority.  Use Phenacite to tap into your creativity when it comes to managing the elements of your day.  Snowflake Obsidian will assist with hearing your inner voice and listening to its guidance.

Number of the day: 7

7 reminds you to have faith in yourself.  You know what you want and how to get it, so don’t let outer influences cause you doubt.    Iolite gives you trust in yourself.

Sunday 12/6/15

A Sun/Pluto semi-sextile will guarantee that you benefit from any attempts to learn more about something right now.  You want to take some time early in the day for tangible analysis and personal observations because you will take away valuable knowledge and insight.  Be sure to keep them to yourself for now, because it will magnify what is to be gained from this transit.  You will need to make a concerted effort to maintain that self-control later in the day once Mars steps in and joins Pluto in an intense square.  Now you are dealing with passionate reactions to feelings and situations involving anger, force and authority.  Pluto's energy is in direct conflict with the element of compromise, so it can be challenging to keep a clear head and find peaceful resolutions - but not impossible!  Remember that you cannot win under this influence unless you’re willing to yield and be objective when seeking resolution. Watermelon Tourmaline will help you to attain a level of composure that encourages a balanced approach.  Use Dumortierite to retain some of those insights from early in the day and discover how to apply them to present and future situations.

Number of the day: 8

Use the profitable energy of 8 to get what you want.  Anything and everything is possible and you can achieve whatever you set out to do with the right attitude, will and tools.  Turquoise will help uncover resources to achieve your victory.

Monday 12/7/15

A Mercury/Mars quintile will make you excited and curious to discover something new, but you won't feel comfortable with using traditional methods of education.  Instructions, classes, and training will feel mundane and boring under this influence, so you don't want to trap yourself in those kinds of situations.  Instead, look for more creative opportunities that allow you to explore and learn in a less restrictive manner.  Adventures are always around every corner - you just need to have the mindset to spot them and the determination to work with them.  You'll have plenty of that kind of interest today, so carry Rose Quartz to attract intriguing situations.  This energy is not about the end result as much as it is about the overall experience, so use Ruby as added motivation to participate for the sheer joy of it.

Number of the day: 9

9 will help you release preconceived notions and begin with an open mind. You don’t want to close yourself off to available resources by not recognizing their potential to help you.  Labradorite will open doors and your imagination.

Tuesday 12/8/15

The Sagittarius Sun is in a trine with the planet of surprises, Uranus, and they are producing some extraordinary energy.  So, what are you going to do with it?  Honestly you could just go about your business as usual and it will still be an exciting day because the atmosphere is so charged with inspiration.  Whether you use this energy willfully or not is up to you, but make no mistake - you will notice a difference!  The overall mood of the day will be overflowing with creativity, ingenuity and optimism, and the only requirement on your part is to be open to what it brings your way.  You are a part of a universe that is constantly in motion and today you will recognize that very positive changes are coming your way.  Sapphire will encourage you to adapt with the flow of energy so that you can use it to your greatest advantage.  Tiger Eye enhances your willingness to explore and discover new opportunities because you are ready for something new.

Number of the day: 1

The energy of 1 will enable you to be yourself instead of trying to be someone else.  Speak your mind (remember to be kind!), take a stand and don't be afraid to show your true self.  The results may be surprising.  Apatite will give you strength.



Posted on November 30, 2015
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