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MONDAY, 11/7


Confidence and faith are in question today as Mars and Neptune are in a tense opposition. It is a little too easy to see how everything can go wrong, how we can fail at anything we set out to accomplish and how others can let us down. You may find your imagination running wild - but in the wrong direction towards defeat rather than triumph. Don't let it. Remember this energy will pass quickly. Use Chrysoprase to listen to your heart and reduce any negative thoughts playing in your head.




Mars will be in Leo for only a few more days so now is the time to reap the benefits of this playful combination. Leo can be very creative and fun and Mars, the action planet, will help you discover and enjoy recreational activities. Start a new hobby, take a class or just spend time with family and friends doing something fun. A Sunstone will shine a light in the right direction to help you to find those things that will bring you the most fulfillment. Wear a Rose Quartz to have an attracting and joyful glow.




Neptune turns direct today bringing with it a renewed sense of clarity, creativity and spirituality. The sluggish feeling you have had since June when Neptune went retrograde will begin to lift and you will feel exhilarated and more positive about the future. Neptune in Aquarius gives us an added sense of a collective consciousness and we see how everyone and everything is connected. Watch for increased dream activity. Celestite will assist you with gaining insight from those dreams while bringing peace and balance into your daily life.




A full moon in determined Taurus offers the chance to bring any matters that have been causing you concern to a successful conclusion. This is a very restorative moon giving us the ability to let go of worries and find practical solutions. Whatever happens now will have long lasting effects. This moon is also known as the Beaver Moon since the beavers are busy preparing for the coming winter. Use the energy to get busy yourself and prepare for what is ahead. Jasper is a wonderful crystal to use with this energy as it protects and heals while promoting an atmosphere of stimulation and action.


FRIDAY, 11/11


There is strong healing available today so be courageous and don't let it pass you by! Chiron has turned direct and moved into Pisces causing us to open our hearts and begin the healing process. Chiron is known as the "wounded healer" and it often points us towards our deepest fears and pain, the ones we have hidden and repressed and the ones we may feel can never be healed. Chiron has begun a cycle through the last sign of the zodiac giving us the strength to work through and heal forever even the deepest of wounds. Turquoise is an awesome crystal to make the most of Chiron's abilities. The healing and protective qualities of turquoise enhance Chiron's heroic energy. Amethyst will help you to avoid any tendencies to feel sorry for yourself and reduce the need to cope through addictions.




Mars has moved on from creative Leo and is now all about business in strict Virgo. This is a good time to be fix anything that needs repair or to make adjustments in your personal and professional life. Just make sure that you don't let Virgo's perfection demanding energy make you overly critical of every little thing. Keep your overall goal at the forefront and you'll get a lot done. Orange Calcite will guide your instincts and help you to harness the best of this energy.


SUNDAY, 11/13


Mars continues to dominate and demand you pay attention and take necessary actions. An inconjunction with Uranus may cause frustration as you want to stand out from the crowd and your efforts to do so are just not working fast enough. You no longer want to bend to the pressures demanded by society or authority and you see a way out - but it is all taking way too long. Be patient. Mars is also in a trine position with Jupiter bringing optimism and the strength to reach your goals. It won't happen right away, but eventually you will be in the right place at the right time. Pyrite will promote prosperity and combat any frustration. Unakite will ground the energy and keep the momentum.


MONDAY, 11/14


You've got Uranus at the beginning of the Zodiac in Aries, Pluto towards the end in Capricorn, and today's Cancer Moon hanging out in between. These three planets are nicely placed to help you to take charge of your life and deal with any issue in a positive way. This is the kind of energy we've been seeing for a while now and it will continue through the end of the year (47 days left in 2011). Transformative. Healing. Life-changing. No matter where you were before or where you are right now - tomorrow is going to be better! Tektite will clear, heal and release any negative influences while raising your spiritual vibrations and connections.

Posted on November 06, 2011
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