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WEEK OF 11/23/16 - 11/29/16

Wednesday 11/23/16

Mercury & Saturn are both traveling through adventurous Sagittarius and they’re in a conjunct transit that will enhance your focus and dedication.  You’ll see some real benefits from engaging in task-related activities. You are interested in understanding more about the process so that you can improve upon, adopt and share new directions. This energy is particularly helpful for business endeavors and travel.  You will be realistic with a side of hope and surety that you will make things better.  Your expectations, coupled with your efforts, will yield some impressive results, so use Smokey Quartz to help you get where you want to go.  This atmosphere is excellent for starting something new. You’ve got the optimism, the talent, and the will, so work with Blue Sapphire to support your drive.


Thursday 11/24/16

You have big dreams, grand ideas and fool-proof plans that you are excited to announce to the world.  Jupiter has you believing that you will gather support and encouragement by being pro-active and self-confident, but instead the response is not so enthusiastic.  Pluto will attempt to back Jupiter into a corner filled with harsh realities and resistance to the possibility of great change when they join together in a square transit.  Your faith will be tested, your plans scrutinized and the slightest perceived flaw will be turned into an overall failure.  You could allow your mind to be changed and walk away wondering if you should even bother, but that would be a waste of this supportive energy.  Take this opportunity to consider different viewpoints, no matter how negative, and use them to adjust or reinforce your goals.  It’s easy to become frustrated and disillusioned during this atmosphere, so carry Rhodonite to retain belief in yourself and your abilities.  It will also help you to avoid using pride and exaggeration as an excuse to ignore facts.  Pietersite will protect you from buying into the probable failure that others will present and enable you to keep moving forward with confidence.


Friday 11/25/16

Pluto has moved on from annoying Jupiter with its fatalistic approach and now it wants to teach us to manage change.  A Pluto/Venus conjunct transit has you viewing everything that matters with a renewed self-assurance as you are aware of your infinite ability to create significant gains and losses in your life.  You can attract new elements to existing situations/relationships. You can find opportunities to indulge new passions.  You can eliminate things that aren’t working for you just as easily.  It is all up to you; whether you want to make more or make space and that is a powerful realization. This will be particularly eye-opening if you feel a lack of control in an area of your life.   Rainbow Obsidian will help you make sure you use your insight and power wisely instead of squandering it by using it to prove you are the master of your fate.  Venus will slip into a square with Jupiter and you will wish you had more self-control as you feel urged to overspend time, money and feelings. Remember the lesson from earlier in the day and carry Serpentine to reinforce your will.    


Saturday 11/26/16

Mercury in Sagittarius makes us more eager to share our true thoughts and feelings, but it also lays the groundwork for careless and potentially hurtful statements.  You want to keep this in mind during today’s Mercury/Chiron square because it will be so easy to say and do the wrong thing.  Chiron’s overall role is to enable us to heal, but first there is a sting.  You could be the cause or the recipient of that sting during this influence.  It is likely to be unintentional, but that won’t lessen the hurt.  Use Chrysocolla to use caution and choose words, phrases and expressions carefully.  Fortunately, Mercury moves into an exciting transit with Uranus where that Sagittarian influence will be a bonus.  Your intuition is strong, your imagination is in creative mode, and your spirit is eager to explore new activities and interactions.  Seek out like-minded people and join with them for business or pleasure to gain the unexpected surprises that Uranus always has ready for us!    Tiger Eye will help you attract the best situations and encourage you to trust in yourself enough to take advantage of them.


Sunday 11/27/16

You’ve got the drive, the will and the curiosity, but doing something about it could be a challenge while the Sun and Uranus are in a sesquiquadrate.  It may seem as if your free will is being overridden by an uncontrollable need to change something.  You will be so busy trying to retain a measure of control over yourself and your environment that it will seem like too much of an effort to attempt a new endeavor. You are highly motivated but lack direction, so focus and restraint will be the tools to make this energy work for you.  Lapis Lazuli will enable you to effectively process everything, make sound choices and stick to them.  Once your mind is made up, then Unakite will encourage steady, thoughtful progress. 


Monday 11/28/16

Venus brings opportunities to improve and fortify multiple areas of your life today.  A Venus/Chiron sextile has everyone feeling a mutual willingness to gain knowledge and acceptance from your relationships.  Your personal and business interactions will benefit from this energy as everyone is more eager to grow together than tear things apart.  This is a period of healing and recommitment to each other.  Pink Calcite will help you appreciate the individual qualities and contributions that everyone makes to the whole. When Venus moves into a square with Uranus, you get the chance to practice your adaptability skills.  A rebellious streak will run through everyone and no one wants to play by the usual rules.  This will test your self-control and obligations as your wants are sudden and demanding.  You don’t want to be driven to extremes, so you may want to give in to some impulses while maintaining responsibilities to yourself and others.  Green Quartz will help you find the balance that feels right.


Tuesday 11/29/16

You know that your fundamental needs and present aspirations are not in alignment during a Sun/Moon square because you feel pulled in different directions.  You may have been ignoring the signals that something wasn’t right or expected they would disappear at some point.  Now you know that is not the way to deal with these issues and fully acknowledge them.  This makes it possible to move forward and find actual solutions to get what you want and satisfy your physical and emotional requirements.    Ametrine will help you find the means to bring everything together.  A New Moon in Sagittarius will lend its support by enabling you to face things head on and just deal with them.  Just be sure you know exactly what you want because this energy will point you in the right direction - but only if your intention is focused and unwavering.  Use Apatite to realize the benefits of this targeted and productive energy.



Posted on November 21, 2016
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