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WEEK OF 11/19/14 - 11/25/14 

Wednesday 11/19/14

This is a good time to face obstacles because you are prepared to barrel through them with the Sun and Pluto ready to back your play.  In the process you may realize strengths you never knew that you had and enjoy a powerful epiphany.  You may be sidetracked by insecurities and doubts brought out by a Venus/Moon semi-square transit.  Do you know what you truly want and why you are doing the things that you do?  These are important questions, but finding the answers is best left for another day.  For now your momentum and the need to show everyone (especially yourself!) who’s the boss will be enough to get the job done.  Black Jasper will keep you steady and help you find the focus to envision positive outcomes.  Use Malachite to envision how to best use this energy for positive transformation.

Number of the day: 1

Use the energy of 1 to be yourself when you think that you need to be someone else.  Speak your mind (remember to be kind!), take a stand and don't be afraid to show your true self.  The results may be surprising.  Apatite will give you strength. 

Thursday 11/20/14

Doubts that began yesterday continue to fester today as the Sun and Uranus are making you long to take action, but you aren’t sure what you hope to achieve.  It is really hard to know the right moves to make when you lack purpose and Uranus’ unpredictable behavior isn’t helping you to develop any focus.  A Venus/Neptune square adds to the erratic energy.  Their illusionary influence will show you what you hope to see rather than what is, which will take you on a wild ride of ups and downs.  You could be high on the fantasy until reality sets in and down everything will go – and you with it!  Remember that you can imagine bad stuff just as easily as the good, so take it easy and don’t let doubts and perceived setbacks drain your energy.   Amazonite gives you the strength to fight any self-defeating illusions.  Brown Aventurine aides with patience and maintaining a practical mindset.

Number of the day: 2

2 spreads the energy of peace and it can be a calming influence when you are plagued by doubt.  Use 2 and Herkimer Diamond when you need to strengthen your self-confidence and remain steady when things go awry. 

Friday 11/21/14

The energy has changed and you’ve got a busy day ahead, but that’s okay because you are ready to meet the challenge.  All of the waiting over the last few days pays off now as Mercury and Mars can help you make things happen.  You will be able to employ sound judgment and make effective decisions quickly and effortlessly.  You are well prepared to turn your ideas into goals and begin the process of reaching them.  A Mars/Neptune transit could slow you down but that will work in your favor.  Neptune will tone down the aggressive qualities of Mars and allow you to marry Mars’ determination with the imagination of Neptune for an effective plan.  Moonstone will show you where to direct your personal energy, while Lapis Lazuli allows you to gently persevere.

Number of the day: 3

The energy of 3 will encourage you to enjoy life and all that it has to offer.  Use 3 and Orange Aventurine to keep smiling and feel the joy. 

Saturday 11/22/14

Mercury and Jupiter are in a square, so you can expect to feel overwhelmed by a high volume of information, communication and business. Much of it may just be noise but it will be difficult to discern the important from the nonsense, so your impulse will be to pay attention to it all.  Your attempts to work through the mess could bring about mental exhaustion and a general feeling of hopelessness once you realize you are incapable of making any sense.  Sometimes the Universe throws a lot at us to help us realize how powerful we can be when necessary.  Sometimes it wants us to just stop, relax and wait for another day to power through.  Today is definitely about the latter, so when it all gets too much – and that won’t take long – leave it alone until you feel better.  Blue Lace Agate will encourage you to move at the pace that works best despite the draw of the energy.  Carry Rose Quartz to replace any stress with happiness and peace.

Number of the day: 4

When you need to get something done you want to have 4 in your corner.  Use 4 and Tiger Eye for motivation and practical inspiration and you can accomplish anything. 

Sunday 11/23/14

Are you feeling a little lighter and carefree today?  That will be the influence of the Sun in Sagittarius that wants you to brighten up your life by expanding your universe.  This energy will incite the adventurer within you and help you to answer the call to embark upon new travels. Your journey may be physical, mental or spiritual - or a combination of all three!  Since your goal will be the attainment of joy and fulfillment, the atmosphere may at first glance seem unrealistic and careless but it is in fact quite serious.  Remember that optimism is a good thing and it can be a powerful tool in attaining those things that mean the most to you.  If you want to get something started, this is the perfect time.  You also have the energy of yesterday’s New Moon to give you a push if you need it.  Chrysoprase will enable you to be practical in your pursuit of happiness while you still have fun along the way.  Blue Sapphire directs you to use your enthusiasm wisely.

Number of the day: 5

5 lets you know when it is time to get away from it all.  Leave the tasks and duties for another day and let 5 and Green Tourmaline take you on an adventure. 

Monday 11/24/14

Mars and Jupiter are throwing a lot of stuff in your path and you are going to want to partake of everything.  It is almost guaranteed that you will attempt to do too much and quickly feel crushed by the weight of your new responsibilities.  It is easy to commit under this influence but you won’t realize the limits of time and resources and that will backfire on you.  You could feel incompetent if you fail to meet your newfound obligations and goals.  Even if you do meet them, it won’t feel as if you have done enough.  Basically you could be setting yourself up for disappointment no matter what you do.   Amidst it all there is an opportunity for growth and you will find it if you can avoid filling your head with fault and failure.  Snowflake Obsidian will allow you to release any misplaced guilt or failure.  Botswana Agate will help you slow yourself down to think before you act.

Number of the day: 6

6 can surround you with the energy of comfort and stability.  6 and Clear Quartz will help you to feel at home no matter where you are. 

Tuesday 11/25/14

A few transits today could play with your mind and attempt to plant the seeds of mistrust and doubt.  Push that energy aside and instead connect to the proactive energy of the Mercury/Saturn conjunction.  This influence highlights focus and concentration that can help you to realize achievements.  Whether your achievements are great or small is up to you – but you will accomplish something if you work with this energy.  You will want to find some quiet time to avoid outer distractions and give your mind the peace it needs to work.  There is a serious nature to the energy that could bring important news and opportunities, so you want to remain aware of what is going on around you.  Fluorite will heighten your mental abilities and provide insight into how to best use this energy.  Blue Quartz will keep you alert and attract the best situations. 

Number of the day: 7

7 reminds us that there is always more than what we can access with our physical senses.  Use 7 and Selenite to explore new worlds. 


Posted on November 18, 2014
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