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WEEK OF 11/18/15 - 11/24/15

Wednesday 11/18/15

Mercury rules all things that involve communications.  It helps us to receive messages as we interpret the world around us and develop our own unique perspective.  We each see things differently and by sharing those feelings, we create relationships.  How we express ourselves to others is a key element of Mercury's influence and, as it tours through Scorpio, you may be driven to experiment with different means of communications.  Mercury in Scorpio will make you curious about how far you can push the boundaries of your relations with others and what will happen when you interact in a different manner. You could feel this more intensely over the next few days as a Mercury/Pluto square brings out issues where you feel a lack of trust.  You’re going to want to do something about it and you won't have your usual barriers to control how you deal with whatever is bothering you. You don't want to lose control, but you may need to expand your boundaries and be prepared for the fallout.  If you need things to be different, you need to change something and that will create a cycle of evolution and suddenly everything is different.  This energy can be stressful and scary, so use Amazonite to give you the fearlessness to do what you know is right for you.  Grounding will keep you in control, so keep Dravite with you as a necessary and valuable tool.

Number of the day: 1

1 will help you to take the necessary steps to satisfy your needs.  Whether it is setting boundaries, letting something go or seeking something new; this energy will catapult your efforts to take care of yourself.  Black Agate lets you feel your personal power.

Thursday 11/19/15

Mercury is still exerting its force, but it’s in a gentler transit with the Moon.  It will be easier than usual to get in touch with your feelings and perceptions and feel comfortable with them.  But remember that Mercury still wants you to move beyond your present boundaries.  Now you can use that inquisitive nature of Mercury in Scorpio to look inward and see how you can use this energy to push past your present self-awareness.  There are sure to be interesting things that lie at the fringe of your comfort zone and, once those spark your interest and creativity, you’ll be encouraged to keep going and discover more about yourself.  Green Quartz will inspire you to go beyond what you know about yourself.  Innovation feels natural and flows easily under this influence, so use Dalmatian Jasper to allow yourself to join the adventure.

Number of the day: 2

2 encourages you to consider all of the elements in play.  They may be complimentary or opposing, but they all have a purpose and this energy can help you to bring them together and make them work for you.  Watermelon Tourmaline will unite the forces.

Friday 11/20/15

When you combine the passion of Venus with Pluto, the planet of death and regeneration, the energy is sure to produce an intense reaction within you.  They are in a square that will heighten your emotions and whatever has been building for a while is sure to erupt.  Everything feels very important and final right now and this energy will disrupt your equilibrium.  You want to be cautious in your dealings with others because you won’t be able to disguise your true feelings. You won’t want to express them in a negative fashion because that’ll only bring you and the others involved fruitless and disheartening results. When you’re dealing with Pluto at its most powerful, it’s vital that you recall and focus on the regeneration phase that it brings us.  That’s the part of the equation that’s meant to bring you peace and remind you that any endings also bring a new beginning.  While everything changes, the flow of energy that is produces is eternal.  You can make that flow of energy a positive force in your life by recognizing your role in it and exuding a healthy, constructive influence.  You have a choice right now to make things better or worse and Sodalite will help you to choose being your best.  Dumortierite will allow you to honor your emotions in a controlled manner.

Number of the day: 3

3 will enlighten and enrich every situation as it allows you to see the whole picture - including things that may have not been apparent at first view.  Brown Calcite lets you use what you learn to its best advantage.

Saturday 11/21/15

Don’t waste your time and energy trying to exert your control in an effort to avoid the inevitable.  A Sun/Pluto semi-square will make you think that this is your best move right now, but it will only lead to disappointment and exhaustion.  Instead, use this energy to figure out how you will manage whatever comes your way.  Think of all the possible scenarios – the good and the not so good – and form different plans to make it all work in your favor.  That is how you can use this transit in a manner that will benefit you rather than drain you and your resources.  If you absolutely need to control something, then work on managing the myriad of insights that you’ll be receiving once Mercury and Uranus join up in a sesquiquadrate.  They will be coming fast and furious and that will make them hard to hold on to long enough to really determine their value.  Find a way to record them for the future because there will be some fabulous ideas that you’ll want to reference at a later time.  You don’t want to share them just yet, because you want to hold tight to that power, so use Tourmalated Quartz to keep things to yourself for the time being.  Sunstone will help you maintain a proactive attitude that makes good use of the tumultuous atmosphere.

Number of the day: 4

4 wants you to stop procrastinating and get busy already!  You've got things to do and it is time to get them done.  Pink Aventurine will get you moving.

Sunday 11/22/15

Tomorrow you may find yourself looking around at all the situations and things in your life and feeling a sense of dissatisfaction.  Venus and Chiron are making you question what you have and whether it is enough for you – or more likely are you deserving of those things!  Chiron has a tendency to bring out our insecurities and once they are present, they want to take over your reason and purpose.  Do your best to retain a grounded, confident viewpoint despite the atmosphere.  It’s okay to question things, because that’s how change begins, but you don’t want to approach it with a negative attitude.  Try to avoid making any decisions or taking actions right now when it comes to your relationships, business and finances.  Red Jasper will help you take advantage of the energy and use it to uncover ways to improve and refresh your life.  Use Kunzite to find a positive response to any personal insecurities that pop up during the day.

Number of the day: 5

You start off in one direction with a clear purpose when you get sidetracked by detours and obstacles.  5 will be your advocate for peace and help you go with the flow.  Black Jasper will keep your travels safe.

Monday 11/23/15

The energy changes dramatically today when Venus steps away from Chiron and finds itself in an opposition with Uranus.  Your impulse control will be nonexistent and your attractions will be sudden and fickle.  One moment you can’t live without it and the next want nothing to do with it.  The problem is that, if you act on either urge too quickly, you could find yourself in an inescapable situation.  You will need to actively avoid placing yourself in situations where it will be too easy to make those kinds of costly decisions.  You’ll feel that restless pull of Uranus to do something different from your usual routine, so go ahead and be adventurous - but use caution when it comes to finances and personal interactions.  This is an excellent opportunity to open yourself to try something new as long as you feel comfortable that you can retain a stable condition amidst an unpredictable environment, so carry Black Onyx for self-control.  Citrine will enable you to make productive use of the energy that won’t result in regrets.

Number of the day: 6

The power of 6 will remind you how important it is to take care of yourself and others.  Take a moment right now and do something for yourself.  Now take the next moment and give to another.  Banded Agate will offer encouragement.

Tuesday 11/24/15

The Sun is still getting used to its move from secretive Scorpio into gregarious Sagittarius and along comes Uranus to incite the energy even more!  You’re going to be excited and motivated and ready to take on the world, but you won’t have a direction or purpose to help you focus all that personal power.  Besides your own inner turmoil, the world around you will be moving fast and there are sure to be sudden and unexpected changes that will throw you off balance.  The stress will build as the day goes on, but if you can maintain the vitality of the energy without letting it drain you, it will pay off because Mercury and Saturn are going to step in and help you to save the day.  They are bringing that element of centering and focus that you desperately need to effectively use that stimulating force that is present within you.  Mercury is also in Sagittarius now and the curiosity that it induces will take you further than you can imagine.  There is the potential for some amazing things to be begun right now, so take Morganite along with you as a motivating asset.   Amethyst will provide the insight and discipline you need to settle the energy and make it workable for your purposes.

Number of the day: 7

Sometimes the most difficult part of doing something is having faith that you can do it.  The positive energy of 7 will flow into positive thoughts and, if you believe you can do it...then you can!  Carry Lemurian Seed Crystal for inspiration.



Posted on November 16, 2015
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