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SATURDAY 11/17/12


You may feel as if there isn't much time and that you need to move quickly as we begin a new cycle with Mars in Capricorn. Pace yourself!  It is absolutely a great time to take control and set priorities.  Make plans and develop schedules that will take you from point A to point B and beyond.  You've got plenty of drive and ambition to keep you going for as long as it takes so don't let the pressure stress you out.   Turquoise sets your motivation into action and Serpentine aides in your success.


Number of the day:  6


You may be on the run and in the thick of things but be sure to keep your priorities straight.  6 reminds you to take time for yourself and those important to you.  Pink Calcite offers support.


SUNDAY 11/18/12


Mars and Neptune want to help you to release any anger that is utilizing valuable energy.  It can take a lot out of us to become angry - and even more to hold on to that emotion.  Let it go and allow Neptune to spark you imagination and intuition.  Mars will add its verve and let you find a positive and beneficial outlet to replace all of that negative energy.  This is a particularly good time for physical and creative activities.  Scolecite encourages your inner travels while Mookaite helps you to release old patterns.

Number of the day:  7


Use the magic of 7 to transform any negative vibes and let the positive energy flow through your day.  Carry Jet to banish anything that threatens your goals.


MONDAY 11/19/12


Venus in Libra is almost behind us so enjoy the days of harmony and passive emotions.  Once Venus moves into aggressive Scorpio later this week it is going to be a whole new situation.  This is hot, fiery, passionate energy that can easily border on obsession.  Your wants are prominent and you will do anything to attain the object of your desire.  You can make real progress towards attaining goals and getting what you want.   Just be cautious that you don't allow passions to becoming overwhelming and controlling.  Too much of even the most proactive energy can be more hurtful than helpful.  Garnet enhances your passion and Brown Striped Jasper grounds and helps you to control the energy.


Number of the day:  8


8 will help you to work towards the pursuit of patience.  The energy of 8 is a most valuable tool that will let you make the most of this week's aggressive energy.  Mexican Fire Opal reminds you to keep going because many good things are coming your way.


TUESDAY 11/20/12


Mars is very active this week bringing with it a lot of active energy, so try to take advantage of the dreamy element today as the Moon moves into Pisces.  This is very gentle energy where we are compassionate, intuitive and even nostalgic.  Our boundaries are down and emotions are flowing freely.  It can be good to take a break from our hurried lives and just spend a few minutes to feel...and this is the day for it.  This is very spiritual energy that can result in a temptation towards addictions.  So be sure to spend the time to direct the energy towards more beneficial pursuits like mediation, prayer and gatherings.  Prehnite will allow you to dream and feel revitalized from what you learn.


Number of the day:  9


Stop.  Breathe.  Take the time to relax and recharge today because it (and more) will all be there tomorrow.  You will accomplish so much more by being calm and rested.  Blue Lace Agate will help.


WEDNESDAY 11/21/12


Having confidence and faith is the key to harnessing the energy of the Sun in Sagittarius.  This is the transit that lets you turn dreams into reality and build your most ideal life.  But it isn't about faith in the universe and it isn't about confidence in the expansive energy.  It is about believing in the most important part of the whole puzzle....You!  Sagittarius is about making anything and everything happen because you know that you can.  It really is that simple...and that difficult.  Practice eliminating any debilitating doubts from your mind and your life.  Thoughts that include the phrases "can't"  "never" and "don't" should be the first to go.  Use this time to imagine what you want and know that you have the ability, strength and courage to get it.  Most importantly, remind yourself everyday that you deserve it.  Herkimer Diamond will connect you to the abundant energy.  Blue Topaz lets you believe in yourself.


Number of the day:  1


Of course it is a 1 day as the Universe reminds you that it all begins with you.  Hessonite Garnet gives you the confidence to get out of your own way and see just how far you can go.


THURSDAY 11/22/12


Mars and Uranus in a square will encourage you to take risks but can blind you to the consequences.  Risks are essential to moving forward but you want to have the full picture before you make a move.  This can be challenging energy that will be hard to focus towards anything productive.  Use Blue Tiger Eye for focus.  Carry Rhyolite for balance and to reduce the possibility of inadvertently causing damage. 

Number of the day:  11


This is the beginning of something extraordinary.  That is the message of 11.  Keep an Emerald under your pillow or with you while you mediate to feel all of the hope and prosperity that surrounds you.


FRIDAY 11/23/12


Success is imminent!  Mars and Jupiter are producing very strong energy that will manifest into decisive action.  This is a great time to set new goals and begin new projects.  You are optimistic, enthusiastic and ready to meet - and conquer- new challenges.  Moss Agate helps to create abundance in your life and Citrine brightens your new prospects.


Number of the day:  3

There is so much action-oriented energy today that you will want to bring a little balance into the picture.  3 can show you how your actions can produce the highest benefits for everyone and Petrified Wood will offer the necessary grounding.


SATURDAY 11/24/12


Now Saturn joins the party and ignites your sense of responsibility and purpose.  Does that sound boring?  Well it shouldn't because now is when you will see results from your hard work and tireless efforts.  Get organized, stick to the plan and follow the rules.  If you perform the necessary work you will get exactly what you want and probably even more.  Tiger Iron will enhance your efforts and Amber shines a light on your results.


Number of the day:  4


Do you know how something bright and shiny always gets the attention?  Well, guess who everyone is noticing today.  Wear Copper to amplify the energy and don't be afraid of the spotlight.  You have earned it.

Posted on November 16, 2012
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