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WEEK OF 11/16/16 - 11/22/16


Wednesday 11/16/16

Tranquility takes on greater importance today with several transits simultaneously reinforcing and threatening your ability to create a peaceful environment.  Your mind is unsettled by Mercury and Uranus who genuinely want to help you with ideas and insights.  The problem is the energy is coming at you during erratic spurts, making it a challenge for you to receive and retain any flashes of brilliance.  It is even more of a challenge to express yourself to others.  You aren’t able to be cohesive and everyone is so caught up in their own heads that the clearest of messages will get lost within this atmosphere.  Venus and Mars will reinforce the value of your physical comforts, helping you to see the beauty in all facets of your relationships, work and environment.  Once Chiron joins with Mars it could upset things as fear of loss will overcome your sense of stability. Blue Sapphire can prevent you from seeing issues that aren’t there and creating unnecessary drama.  Red Jasper will help you get out of your head and into the reality of your world, because that’s where you’ll find love, health and harmony.


Thursday 11/17/16

Don’t be surprised if you are feeling a little bewildered and whimsical today.  You are caught up in the energy of a Neptune/Moon opposition and it will be a major challenge to stand your ground.  Actually, you probably won’t even be able to find your grounding within this unrealistic atmosphere.  Neptune and the Moon will be exerting their strongest influence in an effort to get your attention.  This will directly affect your thoughts and emotions, making you extremely sensitive.  You don’t want to feel defenseless, so carry Smokey Quartz for protection against having your mind toyed with and/or your feelings preyed upon.  If you can take time out from your usual schedule then do so.  You will get the most benefit from remaining solitary and resting until you’re comfortable operating in the real world.  Given the opportunity, your imagination and heart will offer amazing inspiration, so work with Sugilite to give yourself that vital time out and make it count.


Friday 11/18/16

Mercury in Sagittarius will make even the shyest person more extroverted and chatty.  It also removes inhibitions making it easier to communicate right from the heart.  Overall, this is a positive thing, but you want to be cautious today with two Mercury transits that will affect your ability to give and receive. Reason takes a back seat as everyone is feeling emotional and sensitive early during a Moon/Mercury square.  This atmosphere breeds misunderstandings and the Virgo Moon will have us looking at everything with an overly critical eye. You can spend your energy looking for problems or you can make the effort to be understanding and give others the benefit of the doubt.  Citrine will help you to make the choice that benefits you the most.  You won’t be comfortable trusting your impressions for the remainder of the day as Mercury moves into another square with Neptune.  Everything feels confusing and it will be too difficult to focus long enough to determine actual facts.  Go easy on yourself and work with Aqua Aura to give yourself permission to avoid stressful situations. 


Saturday 11/19/16

Venus is chasing Mercury and moves into much friendlier positions with the Moon and Neptune.  A Venus/Moon trine is fabulous energy to attract warm and loving energy.  Social and business interactions both benefit from this energy, as everyone is focused on bringing more happiness and quality into their lives.  We recognize that we cannot do that without friends, family and associates.  Typically this transit could lead you towards extravagant activities, but Venus is in Capricorn so you will be more practical than usual.  You won’t be looking for new as much as you’ll be focused on increasing the value of your present relationships.  This is a caring and fortunate transit where everyone is concerned with each other’s well-being. Lepidolite attracts those worthy of your consideration and enhances the reward to everyone.  The favorable environment grows when Venus moves into a sextile with Neptune and your imagination brings wondrous things to life.   Your power to create the life you want and deserve is greatly enhanced during this period.  Pyrite will keep your thoughts centered on the best things and experiences.


Sunday 11/20/16

A Mars/Moon quincunx will place the focus on emotions and empower them to run the show throughout the day.  Your feelings will be erratic and you’ll notice they have a more dynamic presence than usual. The natural reaction will be to use your will and rational thought to keep those feelings in check, because this is the tool we use to create order and progress.  It’s likely that those attempts will fail. Your emotional self simply needs to be heard right now.  It may feel as if you have no control, but this transit is meant to strengthen your personal power.  It reminds you that you can effectively transform situations in your life by following your heart.  Use Pietersite to trust this persuasive energy instead of fighting it with logic.  Mars will move into a transit with Neptune that will wake up your intuition and have you on the lookout for inspiration.  This energy will be an undercurrent during the next few days, so keep Amethyst close to use this influence as a resource.


Monday 11/21/16

The Sun’s entry into Sagittarius initiates a time of enthusiasm and adventure.  That energy will be hampered over the next few days by transits that will challenge your optimism and independence. They are momentary and, if you approach them with the right attitude, they will fuel your motivation instead of extinguish it.  Today the Sun and Jupiter are in a semi-square and you aren’t happy with where you are and not feeling too comfortable with where things are headed.  You could be tricked into thinking attaining more of whatever is lacking will turn things around.  It won’t and the results will be wasted resources and increasing displeasure.  Instead, try working with Dalmatian Jasper to use Sagittarius’ inquisitive nature to understand what is really bothering you. You can take more positive actions when the energy clears and you have real issues to focus your energy towards resolving.  The Sun moves into a similar transit with Pluto tomorrow and your ability to do as you please is threatened.  Now you do want to fight back and use Botswana Agate to recognize the reward of uncovering new resources and strengths.


Tuesday 11/22/16

Mercury is following the Sun’s lead and kicks the day off by meeting with Jupiter in a transit that produces a swift burst of agility and prowess.   You will be strategic in your approach to new and existing situations while being open to new insights and knowledge along the way.  You have a direction that you’re excited to pursue, but you are just as eager to gather new information and use it immediately to make adjustments to your existing plans.  Carry Orange Aventurine to feel the influence of this beneficial energy.  Trust yourself and your decisions and take advantage of the opportunities for advancement that will come your way.  Then Mercury moves into a semi-sextile with Pluto and you’ll notice a sense of calm enter your busy thoughts.  Mercury is also in Sagittarius and that naturally brings us big ideas and plans that we want to enact without delay.  Pluto will provide the necessary shot of patience that will enable you to move forward in a more harmonious and attentive manner.  Ruby in Feldspar helps you to slow down and look a little deeper before you leap.




Posted on November 14, 2016

    (Submitted by: Alexandro on November 16, 2016)

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