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Happy Christmas in July
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WEEK OF 11/15/11 TO 11/22/11



TUESDAY, 11/15


Maybe you have been trying to quit a habit, forgive a past hurt or get over something and it just seems harder than you thought. You feel frustrated and defensive and wondering if you will ever be able to achieve the goal that you have set for yourself. Hang in there! Mars and Chiron have been in opposition for the past few days causing us to doubt our ability to let go of what we need to and move forward in our lives. Don't give up! Believe in yourself and you will see results, especially after the 17th when the planets re-align in a more positive way. Kunzite will give you the strength to stay motivated and Apophyllite will give you insight and ease your doubts.




If you've got something that needs to get done, now is the time to give it your all! Mars and Jupiter are both in earth signs giving us an abundance of energy to accomplish any task. Virgo’s precision and the steadfast reliability of Taurus will help to guarantee success. The grounding energy of Petrified Wood will encourage your efforts.




There is a very charismatic air to everything we do now thanks to the camaraderie among the Leo Moon, Mercury and Venus. Your influential skills will be especially strong under this aspect so use it wisely. Working with others is favored and by taking the lead you will not only benefit them, but also yourself. Now is a good time to volunteer and to work in a philanthropic atmosphere. Amethyst will provide direction when questioning when to take the lead and when to follow. Amber will shine a light on your charitable actions.


FRIDAY, 11/18


You will want to keep busy today with the Moon in Virgo. You know that Virgo needs everything to be perfect, so cleaning, clearing and organizing are going to be key activities for the day. You will find yourself with a lot of nervous energy so it is an excellent time to get some exercise and why not try a crossword puzzle for a mental challenge. The vibrations of Peridot will provide exceptional support while bringing some balance to the day.




This "let's get it done now!" atmosphere continues and intensifies today as Mars is in a trine position with Jupiter. This is a good time to accomplish a great deal with very little effort. Mars is also trine Pluto giving you the assertive edge to help you make a huge difference within both your life and your world. Working with Emerald will connect you with your higher self and your universe while promoting an atmosphere of strength and accomplishment.


SUNDAY, 11/20


Remember a few days ago when I told you about the wonderful Moon/Mercury/Venus relationship? Well you can forget that now because the Virgo Moon just isn't feeling it! Misunderstandings and general irritability are almost guaranteed. Don't let it get the best of you and avoid fighting back with snap judgments. Unakite will help you to keep the peace until everyone moves on.


MONDAY, 11/21


This is the last day for the Scorpio Sun so if you've still got some purging to do in your mental, physical or emotional bodies....get it done now! There is still time to effectively release any old emotional baggage before the adventurous Sagittarius atmosphere gets going. We are all on the move forward and you don't want to be weighed down by the past. Snowflake Obsidian will help you to get the job done once and for all. Jade will revitalize you after all of your hard work


TUESDAY, 11/22


The Sun moves into Sagittarius today and it is the beginning of one of the most hectic and exhilarating times of the year. The holiday season, eclipses, and mercury retrograde are all part of the celebration. While I know you are all excited and ready to party, it might be a good time to have a rejuvenation plan in place. Buy a candle, download a soothing cd and gather your favorite crystals for meditating and relaxing. Try Blue Chalcedony to soothe and Sugilite for rest and regeneration. You won't want to be too exhausted to enjoy all of the fun.

Posted on November 14, 2011
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