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WEEK OF 11/13/13- 11/19/13 

WEDNESDAY 11/13/13

Does the unusual seem a little more attractive today?  Saturn and Uranus are working together to expand your mind so that the bizarre and outlandish seem more possible and plausible.  Typically, familiarity and routine can limit our perceptions and perspectives, making it a challenge to realize the innovations that surround us.   You are open and ready for something different, so take this opportunity to break free of your routine and discover something new about yourself and the world around you.  Use Fancy Jasper to uncover the mysterious in the mundane and Aqua Aura to make the fantastic part of your reality.

Number of the day: 3

While 3 is the most sociable number, it can also be very personal.  3 can help you to process your surroundings and become inspired to create your own special niche in the world at large.  Picture Jasper will allow you to draw things in and process them for a positive output. 

THURSDAY 11/14/13

Venus and Uranus in a square equals impulsive behaviors that could result in negative ramifications.  Freewheeling Uranus encourages you to give in to your desires but Venus' influence over those desires may not be in your best interest.  Venus will drive you to seek perfection but your methods may be too over the top and erratic to achieve the desired effect. Having and following the freedom to do as you please is a wonderful thing, but in this instance it could prove financially and emotionally costly.  If you do indulge make sure that you don't make any permanent changes and whatever you have done can easily be undone...because chances are good that is exactly what you will need to do.   Later in the day Venus moves to a sextile position with Chiron, giving us the chance to make amends and heal relationships.  Lapis Lazuli will assist when you need to exert your self control.  Pink Aventurine will provide a feeling of well-being.

Number of the day: 4

Look to the energy of 4 when you need stability.  The influence of control and order can help you to make sense and build from wild ideas and desires.  Black Jasper will help you find the best use for the most erratic of energies. 

FRIDAY 11/15/13

Now it's Pluto getting Venus all revved up and building an atmosphere of passion and aspiration.  You don't really need to force anything or fight hard to get what you want - but this energy may make you feel as if that is the only option.  You will be very focused, confident and willing to take major steps towards attaining achievements.  Just remember that you do not have to dominate in order to make your mark. You want a lot out of life and you can get it as long as you know when to relax and let the energy do its thing.  Garnet encourages purposeful actions to realize your passion, while Kyanite will remind you that a softer approach can yield higher results.

Number of the day: 5

5 is the wildcard and it will present you with the unexpected to see what you do with it.  Don’t think of it as a challenge because its purpose is to provide opportunities for abundance and growth.  Labradorite will put you in the right mind set.  Doesn’t that make the unexpected more desirable?  

SATURDAY 11/16/13

The Sun and Uranus will drive you to act, but of course without any clear direction.  This is how Uranus operates and you could find yourself making some wrong turns along your path.  Those misdirections could take you somewhere unexpected and be just what you need as long as you don’t allow the energy to stress you out.  Always remain flexible with Uranus and it can take you to unforeseen heights.  Fight it and you could be left mired down by increasing stress and tension.  Carry Orange Aventurine to feel the wild spirit and let Mahogany Obsidian remind you that you will land eventually, so just relax and enjoy.

Number of the day: 6

We all need a break and 6 will encourage you to look to those things that you love for peace and harmony.  Take a break from pursuit and give attention to what you have and see how you feel recharged.  Sunstone can help you to rediscover and enjoy the things that truly matter the most. 

SUNDAY 11/17/13

The Sun and Pluto in a semi-square will enable you to effectively meet obstacles head on, but dealing with them is another issue.  Pluto will urge you to completely control every situation, but that could be detrimental.  Accept and know that the only thing that you can truly control is yourself and your reactions.  This knowledge is incredibly powerful and it will give you the opportunity to assert your will and uncover new resources.  That is how you can overcome any situation and triumph without domineering.  Petrified Wood will enhance your inner knowledge while  Clear Quartz gives you a full and powerful picture of your influence. 

Number of the day: 7

 7 reminds us that the spiritual can produce physical results.  Carry Celestite and let your faith give you the power that you need to keep going when all else fails.  Believe and nothing can stop you. 

MONDAY 11/18/13

A fascinating transit between Mercury and the Moon will offer you a direct line to your emotions and give you the tools that you need to express them for the best possible results.  You do not want to over think, because there is a tendency to rationalize and dismiss your true feelings, rather than exploring and honoring them. That may not be a bad thing, because you do not need to express everything without thinking it through first.  Do follow your instincts and let others know what you need for them to know.  Whatever results from your boldness will be for the best - even if it is not what you may have expected or desired.  Blue Tiger's Eye offers courage and conviction when it is needed.  Rhyolite will help you incorporate how you feel with who you are...that is much harder than it sounds!

Number of the day: 8

Trying to make your way through a situation?  8 can help you to manage even the most complex and difficult situation and bring it to a positive conclusion - whether it is external or internal.  Tourmalated Quartz will keep it simple and straightforward toward success. 

TUESDAY 11/19/13

Expect a busy day with lots of  feisty energy as Mars and Jupiter join up in a friendly sextile.  Your thoughts and will are focused and dedicated to making things happen. Your willpower is strong and you will actively seek  opportunities to employ some decisive action.  This is a great time to initiate something new because you will see progress and that will drive you even more towards success.  Carnelian can help you feel this enthusiastic energy and Turquoise will keep you actively engaged throughout the day.

Number of the day: 9

9 brings it home.  It gives you time to reflect and realize what it was for and what it was about.  Moonstone will help you to use that understanding to your advantage when it all begins again. 


Posted on November 12, 2013
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