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WEEK OF 11/12/14 - 11/18/14 

Wednesday 11/12/14

Mars and Chiron are joined up today to give you the power to heal.  It may be deliberate or accidental, but you’ll be ready to take the lead and do what must be done to heal yourself and others. Remember that healing comes in many forms, so it could be a simple act that is not necessarily geared towards healing that will have the greatest impact.  You will have the confidence to step up and deal with whatever comes your way and that will make all the difference.  It’s a good thing that you’re feeling fearless because, when Mars moves on to a square with Uranus later in the day, there is sure to be some turbulence in the air.  Sudden changes and upsets could throw you off your game - but it is also making you restless and welcoming of a challenge.  In the midst of it all is a Venus/Saturn transit that will offer a dash of stability and reality.  Be sure to use this influence to balance out the prevalent wild energies since your actions will be most effective if they are calm and composed.  Howlite will boost the positive energies and give your instincts a push in the right direction.  Ametrine will bring balance and light into your day.

Number of the day: 3

Once you realize that we are all in this together you can uncover a renewed vision of the world and your place in it.  Use the energy of 3 and Rhyolite to see how the smallest kindness to another will have a far-reaching universal impact.

Thursday 11/13/14

Expect lots of ups and downs as we are caught between the powerful influences of the Sun and Jupiter.  You may be driven to begin a journey but unable to decide on a destination.  You feel restless and ready to take action but lack a definitive purpose.  Physical moves right now may fail your expectations, so you want to use this energy to employ the powers of your imagination.  Be creative and let your imagination flow because this transit can turn the impossible into a reality if you are willing to put in the effort.  Focus on plans for now and the time for action will follow.  Try not to give in to the tension of a Venus/Pluto semi-square later in the day.  This is going to illuminate fears of losing things that matter to you and it could make you feel desperate to take some kind of action.  Remember, that steps you take today won’t get you where you want to be, so relax and ride the energy out.  Use Angelite to bring peace to your physical being so that your imagination can get to work.  Blue Goldstone will protect you from making any detrimental moves.

Number of the day: 4

You want to have the energy of 4 at your disposal when there is the possibility that emotion can overtake reason.  Carry Copper with you to heal and calm any stress and help you to carry on.

Friday 11/14/14

Uranus can strain our nerves because you never know what to expect.  Well, that isn’t entirely true because you can always be sure that things will not go according to plan.  You may think that Uranus’ distractions are meant to lead you towards disaster, but actually the opposite is true.  Today Uranus is paired up with Chiron to give you the chance to find a new approach to deal with anything in your life that needs to be healed.   Have you wanted to change something that is harmful to you or others?  If you have been unable to get the job done then this could be what you need to change everything and make some headway.  Inspiration and solutions could appear from out of the blue - even if you are pre-occupied.  The key to working with Uranus is to keep your intention strong and positive and have faith in yourself and the Universe.  Blue Topaz lets you focus on your intention while keeping your options open.  Herkimer Diamond enables you to see the potential in unlikely sources.

Number of the day: 5

Use the energy of 5 to take a chance on something that you really want but have held back out of fear or doubt.  Even if it doesn’t work out as you expect, your bravery will be its own reward.  Malachite gives you courage.

Saturday 11/15/14

If you feel called to act out of character today, your best bet is to answer it because you’re in serious need of some excitement.  Uranus continues to cut a path through the predictability of your life and now it has joined Venus to urge you to follow your heart.  Like Uranus, your heart does not always pay heed to reason and logic and it may guide you to unexpected places.  Venus rules things that we hold dear and these are the kinds of things that it can be scary to attempt to change.  Fear not, because this is a very friendly transit and your faith in yourself and your instincts will be rewarded.  Remember that it doesn’t require a complete overhaul to get a thrill out of something current.  Use Green Chlorite for refreshing changes that add without detracting from what you already know and appreciate.  Garnet will insure any moves you make are only for your higher good.

Number of the day: 6

Use the energy of 6 to give yourself a break and do something that you think you shouldn’t…take a nap, a longer lunch, go to a movie instead of doing the laundry.  Give yourself the gift of an indulgence and see how it makes everything else better.  Pink Tourmaline reminds you that luxuries are often a necessity.

Sunday 11/16/14

Mercury and Pluto are in a sextile transit that will enable you to see further than you may have thought possible.  You have a strong desire to understand more about things and you are willing to take the initiative and put in the required effort to gain the knowledge that you seek.   The atmosphere is filled with the potential for deep insights, so you’ll have plenty of assistance to rely upon from inner and outer resources.  One of the most beneficial uses of this transit is that you will be guided to settle any matters that you have been struggling with and make strategic choices that will be quite advantageous.  Use Fire Agate to enhance your strategy for achieving your goal.  Kyanite enhances your psychic vision and enables you to receive messages loud and clear.

Number of the day: 7

7 can give you strength to overcome doubt.  You know what you want and how to get it, so don’t let outer influences cause you doubt.  Remember that your priority is you and yours and the rest will take care of itself.  Iolite gives you trust in yourself.

Monday 11/17/14

There is an unreliable quality to the day where you may appear disorganized and unfocused.  Mercury and Uranus have joined up to remind us of the importance of timing.  No matter how prepared and ready you are, today is not the best time to present your case.   Do your best to delay any important decisions and presentations since deliberate appeals will not achieve the desired result.  Save your energy for later in the day when Mercury is working with Chiron to help you make a positive difference.   Chiron’s aim is to help us heal what hurts and it is backed by Mercury’s communication skills to enable you to make things better for yourself and others.  You are open to new insights and ideas that might enable you to have an unexpected impact. Use Star Sapphire to find creative ways to delay anything that will have a better chance of success at another time.  Lemurian Seed Crystal can enable you to discover and explore ways to make things better.

Number of the day: 8

The profitable energy of 8 can help you to get what you want.  Anything and everything is possible and you can achieve whatever you set out to do with the right attitude, will and tools.  Turquoise will help uncover resources to achieve your victory.

Tuesday 11/18/14

If you need to get organized, then you will welcome the Universe’s support as the Sun and Saturn drive you to bring order and structure into your life.  Expect to be particularly encouraged to revisit anything that you put aside for another day.  That day is here and you are prepared to face reality and commit to finish what you started and/or take care of what you have been avoiding.   Tension may arise from your need to be in charge because Venus and Mars are in a semi-square that is driving everyone to require absolute control.  That means you may have to battle for dominance and, while it may be stimulating, there is also the potential for serious damage to business and personal relationships.  Be cautious and know when it’s time to back down.  Imperial Topaz will encourage your instincts to kick in and override your urge to fight to the death.  There is a lot of aggressive energy to deal with right now, so carry White Jade to replenish your energy.

Number of the day: 9

Use the energy of 9 to let go of any preconceived notions and begin with an open mind. You don’t want to close yourself off to available resources by not recognizing their potential to help you.  Labradorite will open doors and your imagination. 


Posted on November 11, 2014
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