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WEEK OF 11/11/15 - 11/17/15

Wednesday 11/11/15

Has it seemed as if lately the Universe has been pushing you towards endless exercises in self-discovery?  Today you’ll realize just how much you have gained from your time and effort when the Sun and Jupiter join together in an influential sextile.  Now you will realize how much confidence you’ve gained and how powerful you’ll be as you move forward and create the life that you want for yourself and others.  You’ll be able to use the enthusiastic outlook and strong sense of purpose that you have developed to take actions and see results.  You want to use this energy to promote your many skills and talents, but don’t be surprised if others don’t already recognize them.  This is the kind of energy that can be used to start a whole new chapter in your life – one that brings you all the good things that you have worked for and deserve!  There is a really good spirit to this day and Jade will draw it to you and show you how it can work towards your benefit.   Use Fire Agate to boost your confidence level and let others know just how amazing you are!

Number of the day: 3

3 is the number of completion.  It will help you find your center when it all feels scattered.  Tanzanite will bring the pieces together.

Thursday 11/12/15

You’ll want to set your meetings and personal interactions for the early part of the day when Mercury and Chiron are in a trine.  Their combined energy will help you to express yourself openly and meaningful so that your audience understands everything that you want to portray.  There is also an empathetic energy that brings increased understanding and a willingness to help one another on a deeper level.  There is a strong probability that you will experience healing (and heal another) under this influence.  Everything will change once Mercury moves into a tense transit with Uranus and suddenly all that caring and understanding will be replaced with a general disregard and completely self-serving actions. Now you want to be cautious with your tone and methods of communication, because they will easily be misunderstood. Fluorite will complement the energy so that you can use it for fruitful communication.   Ruby in Kyanite will help you to read the changing atmosphere so that you can adjust your approach accordingly.

Number of the day: 4

Have you ever felt that your ideas are carrying you away from reality?  The energy of 4 will draw you towards the earth where you can make an impact and turn those ideas into your reality.  Green Tourmaline shows you the value of being grounded.

Friday 11/13/15

You don't want to look for that magical, starry-eyed feeling of idealistic love today because you won't find it.  Venus and Saturn are keeping it real and encouraging you to focus on what really matters - and what doesn't - when it comes to your relationships and passions.  Now is the time to let go of the latter and move on from inconsequential issues.  You want to devote your time and energy towards those people and situations that make a tangible difference to you.  This is a very stabilizing transit that will help you to see beyond the surface and realize what and who actually makes your life better.  A Mercury/Jupiter sextile later in the day will encourage you to approach things from an intellectual standpoint that works well with your maturing emotions.   Overall, this energy will enable you to make those important decisions and necessary adjustments that will leave you with more meaning and fulfillment in your life.    Use Citrine to recognize your role in creating your own happiness.  Lapis Lazuli shows you how to take that responsibility and use it for your betterment.

Number of the day: 5

5 reminds you that the unplanned and the unexpected are part of the adventure that we call life!  Embrace the surprises along the way and carry Moss Agate to welcome the new energies.

Saturday 11/14/15

Venus won't be the voice of reason today as it has moved on from Saturn and joined up with Neptune.  You won't be able to rely on your perceptions or intuition under this influence since the impractical nature of Neptune will have you seeing what you want to see rather than the truth.  Do not completely trust yourself when it comes to areas ruled by Venus like love, money or any kind of physical transformation.   You could feel very insecure about whether something is as perfect as you think and decide that a drastic makeover is your best option.  It is almost guaranteed that things will not work out as you expect, so do whatever it takes to stop yourself before you waste time, money, and energy.  Use Rose Quartz to be guided by simplicity and restraint in order to avoid costly missteps.  Selenite will relieve any tension from negative misconceptions.

Number of the day: 6

The power of 6 will remind you how important it is to take care of yourself and others.  Take a moment right now and do something for yourself.  Now take the next moment and give to another.  Banded Agate will offer encouragement.

Sunday 11/15/15

Your confidence and creativity are back in full force today with a Sun/Uranus transit urging you to let your imagination take the lead.  This atmosphere encourages risk and innovation, so this is when you want to try out those ideas that you’ve been avoiding because they seem impractical and slightly risky. Sometimes you’ve just got to go for it and the Universe is ready to back your play with this energy.  Even if you follow your usual rhythm, you’re going to enjoy whatever you do right now because your attitude will be refreshed and upbeat.  Sometimes all you really need to break from an outdated pattern is a different perspective.   Orange Aventurine will help you find and enjoy some excitement today and Rainbow Obsidian can show you how to keep that feeling going rather than rolling backwards into a monotonous reality.  Every day is an opportunity to fully enjoy yourself – use this energy as a reminder of that simple fact.

Number of the day: 7

Sometimes the most difficult part of doing something is having faith that you can do it.  The positive energy of 7 will flow into positive thoughts and if you believe you can do it...then you can!  Carry Heliodor for inspiration.

Monday 11/16/15

Now it is Mercury’s turn to join up with Uranus and help you to actively find productive means to release all of your talents – especially those that you’ve been concealing out of fears that you aren’t good enough, or there is no practical use for them.  Everything that you do, no matter how dull or mundane it may seem, requires some flair and artistry.  We tend to get so used to our personal performance that we don’t notice how our talents are already making themselves known in subtle ways.  Use this opportunity to pay close attention to your actions and note what you’re really good at and what you really enjoy doing.  That insight will enable you to find new ways to use those gifts that will improve your well-being.  You are a unique individual with one-of-a kind gifts and now it’s time to have the confidence to sharpen those skills and let the rest of the world benefit from all that you have to offer. Sapphire will increase your self-awareness when it comes to your expertise.   Pink Aventurine will drive you to devote time and energy towards increasing and refining your skills through educational opportunities and new experiences.

Number of the day: 8

8 can illuminate the ebb and flow of energy and teach you how to use the constantly evolving spiral of resources and energies to your best advantage. Snowflake Obsidian will increase your understanding.


Tuesday 11/17/15

The Sun, Venus, and Mercury are all mixed up in several transits today that will affect how you transact with others and how you view yourself.  We begin with a Mercury/Venus semi-square that could make it a challenge to communicate effectively with those closest to you.  Your focus will drift as you attempt to express your thoughts and feelings. Your frustration will be very evident when others are confounded, or misunderstand your point of view.  Things improve once Mercury steps away from Venus and joins the Sun in a friendly transit.  Now you’re feeling more balanced and clear about what you want and how to communicate those feelings.  You’ll be able to make a really positive impact during this transit, so you may want to wait until later in the day for meetings and important interpersonal connections.  Trust your perceptions and self-assurance so that when it feels right, you let it all out.  You don’t want to hold back and wait too late in the day because the Sun will leave Mercury behind and join Venus in a semi-square.  Now your thoughts will be consumed with your personal insecurities and you’ll have the urge to use others a measure of yourself.  It will be easy to project all those fears and self-doubts on to others in an effort to make yourself feel better.  Putting others down isn’t your only (and definitely not your best) choice to work with this transit.   You can keep it all to yourself and take a proactive approach to determining what’s really bothering you and how you can fix it yourself!  If you stay positive you’ll find inventive solutions, be able to put them into motion, and effectively solve your own problems.  Larimar will give you the insight and courage you need to end your day feeling good about yourself and your achievements.  Pink Tourmaline will assist with all of your communications throughout the day and serve as a reminder to avoid negative reactions to the changing energies and situations.

Number of the day: 9

A 9 day will allow you to welcome new energies instead of mourning what has departed.  Rutilated Quartz can show you where to uncover whatever new situations are waiting to be discovered.


Posted on November 09, 2015
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