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WEEK OF 11/09/16 - 11/15/16


Wednesday 11/09/16

A Mars/Saturn semi-square is going to prohibit you from moving forward as planned.  This energy is meant to teach us patience and enhance our abilities to manage circumstances beyond our control.  That’s probably not going to make you feel better when you’re frustrated and it seems that you just cannot get anything accomplished.  What will make things a lot better is Mars’ new home in Aquarius.  During this influence you are a rebel.  You want to do as you please, when you please and how you think is best.  The last thing you want is to be stuck in old patterns or weighed down by plans, schedules and timetables.  This is empowering energy that can help you to free yourself from anything holding you back.  Today’s obstacles may be an indication where you want to focus this energy.  Remember that this is a temporary state for Mars, so work with Garnet to see the benefits of the Aquarian influence.  Strawberry Quartz will enable you to attract opportunities to use during your phase of advancement.


Thursday 11/10/16

Saturn and Pluto are working together to enable you to make progress.  These are demanding planets and they will drive you to take action.  Where they differ is in the direction they could send you.  Saturn requires a logical, analytical approach where you determine exactly what is needed, followed by how and when those requirements will be met.  Pluto wants you to recognize any prevalent cycles and work within them.  Your life is constantly in a state of motion.  While Pluto naturally deals in the extremes, you can use its energy to recognize those subtle movements that are just as important but not as easy to recognize.  Saturn and Pluto are in a semi-sextile so you have the opportunity to use the strengths of both these planets towards achieving your goals.  Find the balance that works for you by recognizing what each planet can do for you.  If the situation needs order, then Sodalite will help you use the influence to gain control.  If you need to let something go or take a step back in order to effectively move forward, then Aquamarine, combined with Pluto/Saturn, will make it easier to take that step.


Friday 11/11/16

You will be on the lookout for mental stimulation today and the Mercury/Jupiter semi-square won’t disappoint you.  While it may feel overwhelming at times, it will also be a welcome respite from your usual state of mind.  You will be distracted and won’t be able to resist the urge to embellish every detail when presenting your solutions, ideas and history to others.  You want to be sure not to allow your thoughts to become idle because it will be easy for negative, self-demeaning thoughts to creep in and take hold.   Blue Tiger Eye will help you to keep your thoughts balanced and logical so you can avoid stress and mistakes.  Use Tanzanite to focus on the most positive, productive and optimistic elements.


Saturday 11/12/16

One way that we undermine ourselves is by being indecisive and uncertain.  Sometimes it is a warning signal that you need to think things through before you proceed.  Too often we use it as an excuse to avoid change and inhibit growth.  We are caught between our instinct to protect and sustain and our desire to expand and advance. This makes it very easy to fall into unhealthy patterns that we create in a useless effort to avoid that stress.  When the Sun and Chiron are in a trine, all of those doubts and worries fall away.  You have the confidence to overcome your fears and anything else standing in your way.  You know where you’re headed and who and what you will need along the way.  Bloodstone will support your efforts to progress.  Some of your misgivings might creep back in later in the day when a Mercury/Pluto transit brings up issues of trust.  The best way to relieve the pressure is through affirmative research.  You will always find what you are looking for, so use Celestite to look for reasons to have faith and proceed.


Sunday 11/13/16

You may have gained some ground yesterday as the energy had you feeling completely prepared and in charge of your present and future.  Now you have a very different - but equally valuable - spirit to work with as the Sun and Uranus send everything into disarray.  It is comfortable working within an orderly environment - but it’s highly overrated.  The real fun comes when you are operating spontaneously.  You aren’t focused on plans, agendas or even outcomes. You are free to go with – or against – whichever direction the energies take you.  You don’t want to obsess about the instability in the atmosphere because that will feel stressful and even scary at times.    Rhyolite will help you feel more comfortable with the unexpected elements.   Chrysocolla reminds you that no matter how it may seem, you are always the one in control.  It is your choice whether you remain steadfast or allow yourself to journey freely.  Either choice will leave you feeling invincible.


Monday 11/14/16

We tend to view conflict as an all-or-nothing situation where you are the winner or loser. Today’s Mars/Moon transit illuminates the greater value to be earned from engaging in healthy opposition.  Sometimes you don’t know what you are capable of until tested.  You will likely discover new strengths and reinforce the ones you have now.  You will create new strategies, learn to adjust to changing circumstances and gather new resources and support.  This energy is a deliberate announcement that it isn’t about winning or losing…it is about the gains to be drawn from playing the game.  When faced with a challenge, Jet can help you move forward in spite of fears and self-doubts.  Use Malachite to recognize all that you’ve won from engaging in a match with a fair and positive attitude.  The Universe is constantly reinforcing what we already know.  As long as you give it your all, then you’ll always be a winner.


Tuesday 11/15/16

Today brings a sextile transit combining the Sagittarian Mercury and an Aquarian Mars.  This offers the perfect mix of optimism and inquisitiveness with idealism and a quest to make things better.  Clearly you can do some amazing things with this energy as your catalyst.  Everything will inspire you - from the atmosphere to other people to yourself!  Imagine feeling encouraged by your history instead of falling into the usual trap of beating yourself up over things you did or did not.  This is an excellent environment for productive education because you’re eager to learn and willing to dig deep and even take a risk if that is what it takes to get the right information.  Once you have that knowledge, there is no stopping you as you rush to apply it towards current and future situations.  You are going to be busy (both physically and mentally), so work with Turquoise to keep your stamina strong. Labradorite will remind you that it doesn’t need to all happen immediately.  The magic isn't going anywhere so take your time, do it right and allow your quest to unfold naturally instead of rushing through to meet unrealistic demands.



Posted on November 07, 2016
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