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WEEK OF 11/08/17 – 11/14/17


Wednesday 11/08/17

You know that something is not right but it is difficult to know exactly what it is.  That overall feeling of uneasiness is amplified by a Mercury/Pluto Semi-Square that could easily permeate every facet of your day. Some of the issues that arise may come from suspicions and doubts that you have been suppressing. This atmosphere will point out situations that need to be resolved but you don’t want to work on it until the energy – and you – are more positive.  You also want to make sure that these fears are coming from a true place of reason and not just remnants of unsubstantiated fears.  Do your best to stay positive and consider all of the options when doubts arise so that later you can focus on the one with the most positive outcome for all involved.  Keep Rose Quartzclose for a healthier and happier mood and use Pink Spinelfor peace, protection and to renew your positive energy if it feels depleted.


Thursday 11/09/17

You are feeling creative and inspired thanks to the Moon and Venus.  They are in a transit that directs your focus towards interesting and enlightening people, experiences and enterprises.  You are able to really tap into what makes you unique and present that person in every interaction and activity you undertake.  If you have not felt as if your life is filled with abundance, purpose and joy then now is the time to acknowledge what is missing so you can manifest it into your world.  This energy lets you know that you have what you need for true happiness within you and Ruby in Kyanite will help you release it.  Use Sugilite to discover a new attitude and approach that no longer suppresses or avoids your wants, needs and talents.  Expressing them will be the first step to making them happen. 


Friday 11/10/17

Opportunities to make wonderful things happen will be abundant & your mood is exuberant with the Sun & Pluto in a rewarding transit.  Create a plan, do the work and you will make magic happen.  If there is something you’ve been looking for then you are likely to find it.  Particularly if it is a feeling or purpose that you have missed.  This is a subtle but very powerful transit and Green Tourmaline helps you use it to your greatest benefit.   Watch out later when Mars & Neptune could have you believing that everything is pointless so why bother.  That kind of attitude could make you careless and produce costly mistakes.  We know from our blessings from the Sun & Pluto that anything lost can always be found but you don’t want to put yourself in that position if you can avoid it.  You can by remaining alert and motivated so keep Tiger Eye close when you need a reminder that it is all up to you.  You deserve the best so never stop reaching for it.


Saturday 11/11/17

Mercury and Jupiter have you feeling philosophical and optimistic about the future.  This is the perfect energy to kick start any plans and designs that you may want to develop for new ventures.  This is also a great time to look to past issues for healing opportunities.  This is powerful energy to use for building and/or re-building trust – particularly in yourself.  You can easily see how you can use the lessons that you have learned along the way to build a bright future for yourself.  Watermelon Tourmalinewill help you keep your balance while you explore all the possibilities to find what fits you best.  Petrified Woodlets you look at the past in a whole new light that is lets you find the benefits and let go of anything negative.


Sunday 11/12/17

It will be 20 years before it happens again so you want to make the most of this rewarding Trine between Saturn and Uranus.  It is a good time to consider what is and is not working for you.  You want more of the first and to free yourself of the latter.  This cosmic pairing will give you the ability to create and execute a plan that gives you what you need.  Like any perfect plan it will incorporates the flexibility to work outside the box when necessary.  Saturn insists upon strict adherence to the rules while Uranus needs to be wild and free.  These are both demanding planets who can create more obstacles then pathways when you are feeling overwhelmed by their individual intensity.  They are balancing each other nicely right now so their energy is friendlier and more convenient.  Use Green Aventurinefor insight into when to act with reason; when to take a risk or when a little of both is needed for the best result.  A new attitude and fresh perspective that is focused on nothing but joy, excitement and personal fulfillment is a vital component of using this energy for all its worth.  Amethyst Cacoxeniteencourages you to create a positive and easy path for success.


Monday 11/13/17

Outwardly you appear confident and assured.  You know what you want and how to get it.  Inwardly you are a bundle of nerves as your mind worries with doubts and uncertainty.  You have a nagging feeling that your present course won’t bring you the personal sense of satisfaction and fulfillment that you anticipate.  This conflict between your outer and inner self is coming to light as a Sun/Moon Square increases our awareness of what is truly most important to us.  We have a hard time believing in the theory that you can “have it all” when it seems that either outer comforts or inner fulfillment must be sacrificed to make the other thrive.  This energy is truly a magical gift that will help you find the path that feeds your soul and your physical needs.  Blue Goldstone helps you recognize and understand the insights presented while Strawberry Quartz lets you do something about them by spurring you to find solutions to anything in the way of you being wholly gratified.


Tuesday 11/14/17

A Square between Mercury and Neptune will leave you feeling foggy and unfocused so you don’t want to attempt anything that requires precision or logic.  Just following simple directions to get from point A to B could be a challenge right now.  You also want to hold off on important decisions or actions because your judgment won’t be at its strongest.  It will be easier to believe the illusion that Neptune is offering over the truth that Mercury is attempting to push through the confusion.  You are lacking the ability to comprehend all of the facts and so you can’t approach things from a knowledgeable viewpoint.  Overall your best strategy for the day is to take it easy and don’t back anyone into a corner – or let them do the same to you!    Carry Pink Tourmalineto maintain balance, self confidence and empathy.  Star Sapphirewill offer wisdom & protection.



Posted on November 06, 2017
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