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WEEK OF 11/05/14 - 11/11/14 

Wednesday 11/05/14

Today begins with a lovely Sun/Chiron trine.  You are driven by a strong sense of purpose that will increase your self-confidence and enable you to utilize all of your skills to get what you want.  If there has been something blocking you from achieving your goals, this influence will help you to strategically find ways around it.  You want to hold tight to that confident “can-do” attitude because later in the day Uranus moves in and brings with it surprises.  Hopefully they are good ones, but anything unexpected will disrupt your schedule and could throw you off balance.  You’ve got what it takes to stay the course so carry Dalmatian Jasper to maintain your composure no matter what is thrown at you.  Labradorite helps you use the energy fluctuations to your advantage.  Remember that the Universe works in mysterious ways and something unexpected may be what you need for success.

Number of the day: 5

Use the energy of 5 to create adventures of the mind that allow you to explore all of the possibilities.  When the atmosphere is right for action you will be prepared for the most interesting of journeys.  Sunstone will be the perfect companion.

Thursday 11/06/14

A Full Moon in Taurus headlines activities in the sky today.  Taurus energy is all about stability and security so be sure to take a moment to consider areas of your life where this is lacking and take steps to do something about it.  While Taurus detests change, it is combining its energy with the Moon to enable you to make those changes that will give you the results that you need.  Speaking of stability, Mercury is only in Libra for a few more days before it moves on to Scorpio.  Mercury enjoyed an extended stay in easygoing Libra due to the retrograde, so this move into covert Scorpio will have a serious effect on the energy.  If you need to settle a situation now is the time to do it since it is more likely to find an accommodation that pleases both sides.  Clear Quartz will attract the best and most useful of the day's energy.  Use Dumortierite to seek out situations that could use a peaceful vibration.

Number of the day: 6

Every moment you are giving birth to something new.  Whether a thought, a feeling, a plan or an action, 6 enables you to take that glimmer and nurture it into something amazing.  Use Sodalite to breathe life into each moment.

Friday 11/07/14

A Mercury/Chiron transit could be trying to interrupt your current plans and that will make you cranky.  You’ll be particularly impatient with duties that could wait until you have time to deal with them.  After all, you know what is best no matter how hard circumstances try to prove otherwise, and the last thing you need right now is to be sidetracked by responsibilities.  Try to be flexible and think before you act.  It’s very easy to hurt yourself and others by moving too quickly with a misplaced sense of purpose.  Really consider anything that appears to conflict with your plan before dismissing it entirely.  It is very likely that there is something really useful for you if you can only remain open and have faith that everything happens for a reason.  Use Chrysoprase to take a time-out when you need it rather than forging thoughtlessly ahead.  Hematite reminds you there is more than one possibility in what you encounter throughout the day.  What appears to be an obstacle might actually be an advantage.

Number of the day: 7

When 7 is present you will find yourself to be more pensive and thoughtful.  Keep those thoughts positive and enthusiastic to overcome any other energies that might want to challenge your happy mood.  If you feel a thought bending towards the negative, use Tangerine Quartz to set it straight.

Saturday 11/08/14

The bright side is if you find yourself in a bad mood today you won’t be alone.  Everyone is feeling the conflict of a Mars/Saturn transit – including the planets themselves!  Fiery Mars is feeling blocked by Capricorn’s sober energy and Saturn has no patience for Scorpio’s passion.  Now they are in a semi-square where you will be motivated to resolve any issues that you’re facing. Unfortunately, you soon realize that you may not have all of the necessary tools to accomplish things as effectively as you imagine.  You have the drive without the means and that will result in frustration.  Patience is imperative right now as it will save you from feeling incompetent and adding more harmful energy to the mix.  It is possible to make some constructive moves right now, but it will take a lot of positive energy, so use Carnelian to keep you going strong.  Peridot will help you to avoid dissatisfaction in yourself or the situation.

Number of the day: 8

You want to put forward only your most best and positive self.  The energy of 8 and Rainbow Aura will ensure that what you send out will come back to you many times over.

Sunday 11/09/14

Everything is bigger with Jupiter but that doesn’t always relate to things being better.  A square transit with Venus today could easily lead to taking things further than you should.  Since Venus rules the things that bring us pleasure, it will be very easy right now to overindulge, overspend and just go way too far with everything.  One of the most dangerous aspects of this transit is that it can lead you to believe that you are in complete control when in reality you are not!  Those things you love can quickly turn to something you dread so before you do anything, buy anything or commit to anything, stop and consider waiting for another day.  That will be a smart move that you won’t regret.   Lepidolite can aide with restraint when it is needed.  Sometimes indulgence is not such a bad thing, so use Kunzite to allow yourself to enjoy the energy and release any misplaced guilt.

Number of the day: 9

Is the fear of loss keeping you from moving towards something new?  9 and Snowflake Obsidian can give you the security of knowing that nothing important is ever truly lost.

Monday 11/10/14

Beware the urge to force issues today as Mars and Pluto will lead you to believe that dominance is the only path to success.  Both of these powerful planets are in Capricorn which could work in your favor since it will temper their energy.  Capricorn does carry the energy of entitlement so if you feel that you are deserving of something that you don’t have, you might be led to grabbing for it instead of taking the appropriate steps towards achievement.  Whenever these two get together, confrontations are likely so make sure that you are in a position where you can be positive and forthright without being a bully.  It is possible right now to achieve something that you have longed for -- but you have got to slow down and do the work, otherwise your achievement will be tainted by irresponsible methods.  Turquoise lets you be decisive and determined while remaining kind.  Unakite motivates you to do the right thing for the best results.

Number of the day: 1

You set the tone and movement of your day with your personal energy and attitude.  1 and Blue Quartz will give you the proper mindset.

Tuesday 11/11/14

Mercury and Neptune are bringing you a wonderful opportunity to turn your dreams into reality and allow your imagination to take form.  Mercury is all about communication and, once you express something, you give it a new life.  If you have a deep desire or hope that you’ve been keeping secret then now is your chance to act on it.  You want to make your desires and goals known right now because that is the next step towards making them happen.  Your intuition will be high so allow your instincts to guide you to where you need to be and what you need to do.  The Sun and Moon will add some positive energy to your efforts and enable you to easily find those situations, people and/or things that will bring you balance and abundance.  Aquamarine will offer inspiration and Rainbow Moonstone enhances the harmonious atmosphere. 

Number of the day: 2

You cannot sit back and expect things to go your way.  2 and Leopardskin Jasper will encourage you to join in and make your presence known.



Posted on November 04, 2014
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