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WEEK OF 11/01/17 - 11/07/17


Wednesday 11/01/17

Two influential planets will be vying for your attention today.  The Sun wants you to exert your will and demonstrate your power, while Saturn demands a careful, planned approach.  They are in a Semi-Square that could replace your confidence and charisma with doubt and general wariness.  Disabling thoughts will try to creep in to challenge your positive attitude and it will seem easier to give up and give in than to push back.  If you do fight the negativity rising within you, then you will be rewarded with increased determination and a stronger platform to launch your advancement, so use Herkimer Diamond to keep your spirit intact.  You may not be able to be productive right now, but you don’t want to waste energy dwelling on defeatist thoughts.  Picture Jasper will replace any scary visions with happy thoughts.


Thursday 11/02/17

You want to shake off yesterday and begin today with a renewed sense of purpose that is further inspired by a Mercury/Saturn transit.  If you have a goal then this is the kind of energy that you want to use as you get organized and plan your next steps.  Your strategies will be well conceived and you can easily develop a plan that makes the best use of your talents and resources. Beware of overconfidence and use Bloodstone to quiet the urge to skip important steps.  Saturn moves into a Square with Chiron and your resolve may be tested as you wonder if you are headed in the right direction.  This energy is best used to rid yourself of unsupportive thoughts and resources that are holding you back.  Mercury also moves on to meet up with Uranus, making it easy to get noticed - but for all the wrong reasons. Ametrine will keep you on point and enable you to make positive use of the energy that challenges you.  Look for the good and you will find it!


Friday 11/03/17

Saturn shifts into a Sextile with Venus that brings us a helpful mix of passion and peace.  You are going to be able to take a reasonable and productive approach to relationships, business ventures and anything that you are devoted to and will see some tangible results.   Use Black Kyanite to envision how everything can turn out for the best for everyone involved and then make it happen.  The Sun and Neptune are also producing a joint burst of magical energy that needs to be wielded carefully.  In some respects it is the opposite of the practical and planned energy that Saturn and Venus offered earlier in the day.  Now you want to act on instinct and listen to your inner guidance.  That doesn’t mean you want to ignore facts in favor of fantasy.  That will not only undue the good work you did earlier, but diminish the power of this transit.  Use this as motivation to get an idea off the ground or if something is begun, then imagine how to make it even better.  Garnet will help you find the balance that turns dreams into realities.


Saturday 11/04/17

Venus begins the day opposite Uranus and your impulse control will be nonexistent.  Attractions are strong but sudden and fickle as one moment you can’t live without it and the next want nothing to do with it.  The restless pull of Uranus means you’ll need to do something, but if you give in to an urge too quickly you could find yourself in an inescapable situation. Venus will move on to a transit with Neptune, but the impractical atmosphere continues to thrive.  You are mentally stimulated with fanciful ideas, but finding the practical elements to make them successful will be another matter.  You do want to be adventurous and use this as an opportunity to open yourself to new experiences and thoughts.  Just use caution when it comes to financial and personal commitments.  Make sure you have a reasonable plan to get out of anything that feels wrong later on. Use your energy to retain a stable condition amidst the unpredictable environment by carrying Black Onyx for self-control.  Citrine will enable you to make productive use of the energy that won’t result in regrets.


Sunday 11/05/17

Yesterday’s Full Moon in Taurus reminds us of the importance of contentment.  You don’t want to feel stressed or hurried during this sensual Moon because Taurus is all about comfort and security.  These are essential to our happiness, but the downfall is that it brings out a strong resistance to change.  Taurus energy doesn’t like being out of control because its sublime bliss is threatened.  This is not a great pairing with a Scorpion Sun that loves to stir things up and remind us of the inevitability of change.  Remember that you have all the power in how you use this Full Moon energy.  If you need a break from whatever turmoil you are experiencing, use Smokey Quartz to relax into the energy.  A proactive use is to gather your strength and resources for storms on the horizon.  Fuchsite lets you consider how you feel when you are happy and secure.  Know what is producing these feelings and how you attained them.  Use this as your intention when you are working through changes so you know where you want to end up - feeling as good as you do now. The Moon shifts into Gemini later today and while Gemini is also not a fan of change, it does need to exert its considerable power to take charge of every situation it encounters.  It will help you to gain control over your experience and make it a healthy and happy one.


Monday 11/06/17

You are going to be more receptive to everything with Mercury and Uranus opening your mind to all kinds of possibilities.  You are eager to adopt new methods and ways and will be easily inspired by your environment.  This atmosphere encourages you to be creative and unique in everything that you do.  Fluorite will help you to use your personal vision to see things in a way that others will not be able to and use that to your advantage.  You will have the ideas and the drive to make amazing things happen, so all you need to bring things to life is a touch of practicality.  Use Pyrite to find the time and resources you need to comfortably pursue your new goals. 


 Tuesday 11/07/17

A Mercury/Pluto Semi-Square is likely to highlight people, situations and issues where you feel a lack of trust.  It could be you aren’t sure about someone or something, or you may sense that others have a lack of faith in you.  Since we are working with Pluto it is likely these are feelings that you’ve been burying and now they are popping up so that you can do something positive about them. Mercury is an action-oriented energy and while it does need to deliberate on things, it also needs to do something tangible about them.  It will be clear that you don’t have to continue to carry this burden. It is time to step up and take control instead of continuing to hide. Your usual barriers will come down to give you necessary space to free yourself.    If you don’t feel prepared to step out of your comfort zone then Amazonite will give you the fearlessness to do what you know is right.  If you aren’t sure about what the right thing is, then consider that it is usually the choice that seems the hardest. Dravite will give you the grounding to know that your fearful mental projection will not match the physical outcome of your actions.  Be confident as you push past the doubts and see all the good you can do for yourself and others.



Posted on October 30, 2017
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