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THURSDAY 11/01/12


You may feel slightly disappointed that something crucial was supposed to change, but didn’t.  This could steer you towards making significant choices or taking a risk even if you are not ready. This is a reaction to Venus, Chiron and Uranus who are trying to tell you that something is wrong when in fact everything is just fine.  Avoid impulsive acts and don’t give in to unhealthy attractions.  Blue Tiger Eye will give you the confidence you need to remain steady and Snowflake Obsidian counteracts any feelings of depression.


Number of the day:  8

The energy of 8 prevails again (the same as yesterday) and we delay the 9 energy of completions for another day.  The Universe is reminding us that nothing ever truly ends.  Instead of a cycle ending, today is really the beginning of a new and successful cycle.  Tangerine Aura will help guide your ambitions.



FRIDAY 11/02/12


Venus and Neptune are our artistic muses today as they help us to visualize how we would like our lives to be.  Now is the time for dreaming of the bright future that you desire.  Don't worry about how it will be accomplished.  For now just visualize your optimum end result and see what opportunities you can manifest to help you achieve that goal.  Apophyllite will guide your imagination and Ruby in Fuchsite will help you create a new reality.


Number of the day:  9

It may be difficult to dream of the new while still holding on to the past.  Use the energy of 9 to rid yourself of those things and thoughts that no longer serve.  Take what remains and use this combined with your powerful thoughts to help build anew.  Howlite will ensure a peaceful adjustment.



SATURDAY 11/03/12


You will want to be extra cautious today as there is a lot of very passionate and aggressive energy in the air.  You don't want to waste your efforts on any thought that will produce negative results, even though you may be tempted by feelings of jealousy and/or betrayal.  Pluto's involvement is producing an "all or nothing" kind of vibe so take that intensity and determination and direct it towards something important to you.  Your family, your career, your relationships, whatever it is that you want to focus on can really benefit as long as it is done with a positive outlook and attitude.   Moldavite adds power to your positive efforts and Blue Calcite will cool any negative thoughts.


Number of the day:  1

Now is a good time to take a stand for something that is important to you.  Be forthright and let your passionate ideals come through.  Apatite will reveal the results of your efforts.



SUNDAY 11/04/12


Ordinary simply will not be permitted today!  There is a creativity and vivaciousness to the day that cannot be ignored. This is a good time to express your individuality and march to the beat of your own drum, which will lead to unexpected rewards.  Remember that Daylight Savings Time begins for many of us, so embrace the darkness and see what you may find.  Moonstone inspires and Orange Aventurine brightens your day.


Number of the day:  2

The energy of 2 will encourage you to harmonize your vision of yourself with what others see.  Too often we hide our light and instead pretend to be the person we think we should be instead of who we really are.  Let the real you shine through and carry Rutilated Quartz to increase your glow.  You will be amazed by the results.



MONDAY 11/05/12


Use this quiet day to prepare for a powerful conjunction between the Sun and Jupiter tomorrow.  The Scorpio Sun demands that we recognize that it is time to let go of old thoughts, habits and actions.  Jupiter in Gemini encourages us to expand towards something new but reminds us that adjustments are crucial to our success.  Remember that Jupiter is retrograde so begin with expansive thoughts and feelings to see tangible results later.  You will really want to spend some time thinking about what is important to you and how you can make those things happen.  This is powerful energy and you will want to be prepared to place it where it will do you the most good.  Smokey Quartz channels this energy and Pyrite insures a positive outcome


Number of the day:  3

3 provides a joyous optimism that lets us make the most of here and now and expands our outlook towards tomorrow.  Green Aventurine amplifies this energy and lets you really be aware of the opportunities that surround you, helping you to utilize them to your full advantage.



TUESDAY 11/06/12


Change is inevitable today as Mercury goes retrograde in Sagittarius. Mercury in Sagittarius encourages curiosity and mental expansion and offers a wonderful opportunity for growth.  In a way, it is even more powerful in a retrograde motion as it helps us to mentally challenge ourselves and our world.  We are encouraged to rely on ourselves rather than others, and this is why communication tools like computers and phones go often go awry during these transits.  Travel can be negatively affected at this time as well. Mercury Retrograde wants you to just be alone with your thoughts and see where this will take you.  Lapis Lazuli will help clarify your inner monologue so can you express your feelings properly when the time comes.  Opal will remove any fears of self-expression and help integrate the changes that may result.


Number of the day:  22

The Master Builder 22 makes its presence known today and encourages you to build on your visions and ideals.  With this kind of energy you can really see how your dreams can come true. Calcite lets your fantasies become realities.



WEDNESDAY 11/07/12


Mars and Chiron form a very interesting alliance today.  You wouldn't think these two planets have much in common, but they both produce very direct and aggressive energy.  Working together they give us the opportunity to understand the use of power and force when it comes to healing.  This energy kicks your instincts into high gear and lets you turn any anger and/or hurt into opportunities for healing, releasing and creating a bright and joyous future.  Malachite and Hematite are vibrant healing tools that will work well with this energy.


Number of the day:  5

Adaptability is a vital key to success.  Schemes and plans will take you far but you must rely on your instincts and know just when to fly solo.  This is the message of 5.  Dalmatian Jasper will be your companion on your wild ride.



THURSDAY 11/08/12


Mercury in Sagittarius and Saturn in Scorpio want us to organize and prepare as we move into the future.  Use this retrograde energy to go within and design a more comprehensive plan.  Demanding Saturn supports your efforts by helping you to find the best possible time and scenario to execute your well thought out plans.  This is outstanding energy for decision making so be sure to take positive actions today and you will see immediate results.  Azurite lets you combine the energies of the planets and signs for your benefit and Red Jasper grounds your ambitious plans.


Number of the day:  6

Use the stability of 6 to balance all of the "take charge" kind of energy today.  So much fiery energy can lead to jumbled thoughts and erratic actions.  When it all gets to be too much, hold a Rose Quartz and take a deep breath to help clear your mind.  This will restore calm and confidence to your actions.

Posted on October 31, 2012
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