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MONDAY 10/08/12


Venus and Uranus are working together to lead you down the path to freedom.  The question is are you truly enslaved by something or just feeling the effects of these planets?  We may think we would be happy if only we were free to do whatever we wanted without having to consider family, friends, work or school or whatever it is that we think is holding us back.  This influence could encourage some drastic and possibly ill-advised actions that could have negative repercussions, so use caution when making any decisions.   It is more probable that it is your thoughts that are making you feel trapped.  Use this influence to open your mind to a new realm of possibilities and see that this openness is the key to your independence.  Cavansite shows you how to remain connected while still being free and Fluorite provides strength.


Number of the day:  5


Of course it would be freedom loving 5 adding its energy to the day.  5 can help you to adapt to any situation and make it your own.  Use Scolecite to help you become more flexible.


TUESDAY 10/09/12


This is an excellent time for effective communications as Mercury and Chiron are in a lovely trine.  Sensitivity and empathy are abundant and there is a real opportunity for healing through words and other forms of communication.  If there are bridges to mend then today is the day for it.  If conversation is too difficult (and maybe scary) try using the written word.  Don't be afraid to let others know how you feel and use Iolite for awareness and Blue Jade for patience.



Number of the day:  6


6 wants to help you restore peace and harmony to any situation that may be meaningful communications that actually result in new beginnings. Carry Garnet and see how this energy will help you.


WEDNESDAY 10/10/12


There is a fascinating vibe today as Saturn and Neptune meet up in a trine position.  This is a beautiful representation of opposites attracting and forming a more perfect whole.  Saturn's structure and work ethic ground Neptune's dreams making it easier to turn those dreams into realities.  Neptune's ideals help us to find harmony and meaning in our daily tasks and work and enables us to see the higher purpose in all that we do.  Overall, this is an incredibly spiritual day that really emphasizes both the physical and metaphysical aspects of our lives.  Take some time to really feel the energy...don't let it pass you by!  Labradorite assists with magical transformations and Brecciated Jasper lets you enjoy the energy and direct it where needed.


Number of the day:  7


The number 7 is ruled by Neptune so it is the perfect compliment to today's spirituality.  Let its energy help you to go deep within and see what you may discover about yourself.   Thoughts are enhanced by Peach Quartz.


THURSDAY 10/11/12


So much tempestuous energy today as the Moon squares Mars inspiring action.  You will be impulsive, passionate, and probably a little temperamental as you feel the need to do something - anything - so long as you are on the move.  Avoid over-reactions and wasteful motions by channeling that passion into something that could use it.  This is especially good energy to utilize if there is a bad situation or habit that you need to eliminate.  Lithium Quartz will relieve anxiety and Amethyst amplifies the healing aspect of this transit.  


Number of the day:  8


Authoritative and managerial, 8 can direct some of that frantic energy you may be feeling into productive tasks.  Yellow Jasper will help point you in a positive direction.



FRIDAY 10/12/12


Focus is a challenge today as we feel bombarded with too much information-that's Mercury mixing it up with Jupiter trying to expand our minds by overloading us with details.  It will be almost impossible not to miss some of those details and the big picture will be totally out of whack.  Give your restless mind a respite and try to relax.  Clarity will return tomorrow and until then use Angelite to absorb what you can and Lapis Lazuli for focus.


Number of the day:  9


With so much being thrown at you, helpful 9 could be your savior today.  It will help you target those things that are important and dismiss the rest.  Use Blue Sapphire to center the energy.



SATURDAY 10/13/12


Fear and doubt may hold you back as the Sun and Chiron encourage expansion.  You want to learn.  You want to grow.  You want new experiences, new relationships and a new spirit.  But something is keeping you from realizing your new self and Chiron wants to help you uncover whatever it may be.  Chiron is about healing our deepest scars and learning how to overcome any karmic or inherited fears.   The first step towards healing is awareness, and Chiron offers us an excellent opportunity to uncover and begin to heal those debilitating fears. Charoite will provide gentle insight and Opal will enhance the healing process.


Number of the day:  1


Rely on yourself and your abilities and know that you can accomplish anything.  That is the mission of 1 in our lives.  Citrine will remind you of your strength.


SUNDAY 10/14/12


It is difficult to think or act clearly with Mars and Chiron in a confusing square.  You may feel resentful and rebellious without even knowing why.  It is possible that true feelings that need to be dealt with are making themselves known but it is best to wait before taking any actions.  This energy is just too irrational for any genuine healing.  Perhaps write any thoughts and feelings down and take a second look tomorrow.  You don't want to entirely dismiss your feelings but you do want to wait for more positive energy to deal with them.  Tanzanite helps you connect with your higher self and gain understanding.  Pink Tourmaline will offer gentle guidance.


Number of the day:  2


Honor your feelings - good or bad - and know that all is well.  2 not only encourages us to trust our feelings but also reminds us that we have the capacity to find resolutions that bring tranquility into our lives.   Carry Blue Tiger Eye to encourage the blessed thoughts.


MONDAY 10/15/12


There is much more positive energy today with a New Moon in Libra bringing us the desire for beauty and balance in our lives.  A New Moon is a great time to start new projects and Libra encourages a harmonious and pleasant atmosphere, especially in regards to your relationships and home.  Bring in something new to enhance your life and let go of something old that no longer serves.  Mookaite will provide inspiration and balance.


Number of the day:  3


Jubilant 3 lends its energy to an already joyous day!  Have fun and bring Tangerine Quartz along to add some bounce to your step.

Posted on October 07, 2012
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