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An awesome Mercury-Saturn combination in Libra rules the skies today. This energy gives us the strength and clarity to tackle any difficult situation and makes us victorious in the process. This is a day to put emotions aside and be guided by clear and purposeful thoughts. Hematoid Quartz (Harlequin Quartz) will be an excellent ally today as it stabilizes emotions and enhances clear, direct thought. A combination of quartz and hematite, this crystal will calm anxieties and help us to differentiate between emotional responses and conscious actions. Orange Aventurine will help turn those thoughts into positive actions.


FRIDAY, 10/7


It is a great day to go out and socialize with the Sun in Libra and the moon in Aquarius. The independent, one-of-a-kind energy of Aquarius blends well with friendly Libra making us all feel like social butterflies. Try wearing some Tanzanite to bring out your inner light and allow you to relax and have some fun.




Venus enters Scorpio today and neither is feeling the love. Sweet and gentle Venus residing in hot-blooded Scorpio is definitely not a match made in heaven and we are all going to feel the discord for the next several weeks. While these opposing energies are together we are all going to experience a lot of emotional ups and downs so be kind to yourself, be kind to others and remember the "highs" in life just aren't the same without some "lows" thrown in. Rose Quartz and Malachite are wonderful crystals to keep close by at this time to help heal our hurt feelings and broken hearts.


SUNDAY, 10/9


This will be an emotional day with the Moon in Pisces and Venus entering Scorpio yesterday. Whether that is a good thing or a bad thing, though, is entirely up to you! We tend to think of being emotional as a bad thing and most of us spend an infinite amount of energy trying to control them. Why? Our emotions are an important part of us and it can be very beneficial for our well-being to just let them lose once in a while. Snowflake Obsidian will help you draw forth, let loose and heal any negative, destructive emotions today. And once you've let it all out, Lapis Lazuli will give you strength to keep it out!


MONDAY, 10/10


Today Venus trines Chiron, the Planet of Healing. A trine between planets means that they are understand each other and are communicating favorably. This is great opportunity to go within and heal specific wounds, blockages and unresolved issues. Learning how to love yourself will strengthen all of your relationships. Use Sugilite to help uncover whatever you are holding on to and then heal it through forgiveness and acceptance.


TUESDAY, 10/11


Endings are often difficult but today's Full Moon in Aries should make things a little easier. The moon's energy tempers Aries fiery abruptness and inability to complete anything. Together they will help you to bring a natural conclusion to anything that needs it. Brecciated Jasper will ground and stabilize the scattered Aries energy and bring some tranquility to the negative aspects of leaving things behind. Red Aventurine will fill the void by opening our eyes to new possibilities.




Mercury is getting set to move into Scorpio tomorrow so going forward we will have to be cautious about being overly critical and sensitive when it comes to our dealings with others. But today, Mercury is working with magical Neptune and healing Chiron making this a strong environment for psychic and spiritual communications. Expect important messages to come your way - particularly through dreams! Let Azurite help you to recognize and awaken your psychic abilities. Meditate with Azurite, either hold it in your hand or place it on your Throat Chakra. This will encourage and aide you in communicating with your spiritual guides.




The Sun and Saturn are joined in Libra and they will shine a positive light on any resolutions, arbitrations or legal matters. If there is a potential conflict or difficult situation that you've been avoiding - now is the time to deal with it. A fair and happy outcome is almost guaranteed. Black Onyx will remove any negativity and champion the best possible decision while Moss Agate will help you to understand whatever you needed to learn from this situation and move past it.

Posted on October 04, 2011

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