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WEEK OF 10/30/13 - 11/05/13 

WEDNESDAY 10/30/13

Now is the time to choose a course and commit as the Sun and the Moon give you the energy that you need for a new beginning.  It doesn't have to be anything grand or a majorly life-altering change.  The slightest decision right now can have a huge impact as long as you have the will to see it through.  A new month is about to begin and energies will be changing.  Your efforts towards a small victory now could lead you to bigger, more impactful ones down the line.  Strawberry Quartz will help you align your wants with your needs while Moss Agate enhances your power.

Number of the day: 1

How perfect that the number 1 offers us its energy today.  It is the number of ambition and determination and it will put you in the proper mindset to make significant progress.  Use Clear Quartz to see where you are headed. 

THURSDAY 10/31/13

A few tricks and treats bring us an exciting Halloween!  The Sun and Pluto are in a fabulous trine position that will give you the ability to power through and make things happen.  If you have felt stuck in any way, now is when you can see the way out and make your move.  Watch out for Uranus who could surprise you with a unexpected twist.  Stay flexible and it will work in your favor and make you feel even more invincible.  An opposition between the Sun and Chiron will bring up doubts, so it is important to believe in your abilities and then nothing can prevent you from reaching your potential.  Everything you want is out there ... go for it with absolute faith and it will be yours!  Ametrine will keep your confidence steady and White Jade will keep you motivated towards achieving your best results.

Number of the day: 11

11 is the magical number of idealists.  Wouldn't you like to always see the best in every situation?  Green Aventurine will align you with this positive energy - all you need to do is believe.

FRIDAY 11/01/13

We begin the new month with an extraordinary amount of cosmic energy that will light up your Universe.  Uranus and Pluto in a square always bring the best atmosphere for a major change to occur.  It may not be the easiest, but there is the most opportunity because you are simply not happy with your usual existence.  What has been buried will come to the surface and you have the ability to break free of any barriers that have been holding you back.  The Sun will transit through Chiron, Uranus, Pluto and Mercury to help you let go, hold on and move forward.  You will have a new (or renewed) sense of purpose that enables you to use unexpected developments to take you in a new direction.  Your thought process is sharp and you are mentally several steps ahead.  Most importantly, what you look for you will find, whether it is something brand new or something once had and then lost.  You are going to need to remain grounded for the best use of this energy so carry Black AgateBrecciated Jasper will keep you focused, strong and committed to your destiny. 

Number of the day: 9

The new month begins at the end of the pattern challenging you to go back and look again.  Use Chalcopyrite to uncover what you may have forgotten. 

SATURDAY 11/02/13

Last evening Mercury replaced the Sun on a journey through Pluto, Uranus and Chiron bringing us more vibrant energy with a different purpose.  Mercury is the messenger of the Universe so as the Sun encouraged you to commit and act towards change, Mercury will show you how to announce those changes to the world.  Now you have made your decision and become set on your course so you are able to think strategically and patiently about your next move.  This is a very insightful time when you may not be open to others' ideas and thoughts - particularly if they conflict with yours - but you are an effective communicator.  Your expressions will be well met and could be comforting and healing for others.  Lapis Lazuli allows for deep and productive communications.  Tanzanite enhances your time spent thinking before you act. 

Number of the day: 1

You took a second look and now it is time to deal with what you have found.  Use the number of Self to be courageous and do what is best for you.  Hematite will allow you to release or re-commit. 

SUNDAY 11/03/13

You might not think that a fiery combination of the Sun and Mars could actually be peaceful, but that is exactly what they have to offer today.  They are in a sextile transit this morning that gives you the confidence to be able to take assertive action towards reaching your goals.  If that doesn't sound very peaceful, just think how your stress melts away when you know that you are doing exactly what you are meant to be doing...and what you truly want to be doing.  It's a good thing that your day starts off with this energy because later you have a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Scorpio that are going to shake you out of your comfort zone and send you soaring towards something new and exciting.  There is no fear or worry because you've worked to this!  Use Larimar to wield your power wisely.  Mahogany Obsidian lets you know that you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

Number of the day: 2

You could do it on your own, but why make it harder when there is help to be had.  2 and Snowflake Obsidian will point the way towards unrealized resources just waiting for your attention.  

MONDAY 11/04/13

This is the perfect day to take yourself out of the crowds and have some "me" time.  Venus and Saturn in a semi-square are going to make interactions a challenge and you may not be feeling very social.  Saturn will have you expecting things from others that are impossible for them to deliver.  Basically, there is too much opportunity for disappointment that could result in permanent loss.  The better use of the energy is to consider why you have the expectations that you do and how realistic they are or are not.  Give yourself space and time to consider just how important something really is...and decide if it is worth what you may end up losing.  Stilbite will offer gentle guidance. Malachite can help you to realize what you really want and its importance in the grand scheme. 

Number of the day: 3

Sometimes we do not appreciate what we already have on our quest towards the new.  3 will show you the comfort and beauty of the familiar.  Tree Agate helps you feel at home. 

TUESDAY 11/05/13

Early tomorrow morning the Sun and Saturn join up to give us all a big dose of reality.  This is not the time for idealistic "what if's" or a "wait and see" kind of attitude. You will feel the pressure of time and resources and know that it is time to act or walk away.  You don't want to use this energy to get started as much as you want to use it to get going.  If you focus, you will find the energy and resources that you need to make positive headway toward whatever goal you have set for yourself.  Conversely, you may find the strength to realize something just isn't working and it is time to walk away.  Amazonite will fortify your resolve and Imperial Topaz helps you to direct your energy in the most positive direction.

                                                                                                                                   Number of the day: 4

Details can seem so boring but 4 encourages you to look at them in a different way.  Garnet will point out the endless options that come with the tiniest of details. 


Posted on October 29, 2013
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