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SUNDAY, 10/30


A harmonious aspect is in store with the Capricorn moon and the Scorpio sun. The Scorpio determination really compliments the Capricorn shrewd ambition. This is a good time to focus on goals and take practical steps towards bringing them to fruition. This influence can provide you with a safety net which comes in handy since you won't be amenable to suggestions from outside parties. Use Chalcopyrite to focus on your plans and Turquoise to avoid being too stubborn to accept help if it is offered.


MONDAY, 10/31


You could be tricked today by a Venus/Neptune square where you may feel disappointed in someone or something that you believe has let you down. This is the tension of a Venus/Neptune square. Neptune is the dreamer, the idealist of the Universe that too often makes us see what we want to see, especially when it comes to love, rather than what really is. Venus in Scorpio is really going to drive home our unrealistic expectations today causing self doubt and sorrow. Use this energy in a positive way to eliminate from you life anything that really is hurting you. Morganite will ease any hurt and help in the release process. Be cautious though that you don't let the energy misguide you into taking action when none is needed. Peridot will bring you clarity regarding your relationships.




Watch out for last minute negative messages as Mercury prepares to move on from Scorpio. You may hear things that you would rather not or discover something and wish that it had stayed hidden. Champagne Tourmaline will cut through the pessimism and assist you with a peaceful resolution to any exposed issues.




Venus and Mercury are at the forefront for the next few days. Today they enter Sagittarius bringing loads of energy to our thoughts, actions and communications. Everything about Sagittarius is extreme and typically optimistic but that kind of intensity can lead towards fast burnout. So while you should enjoy the adventurous influence just remember that actions do have consequences. Fluorite will help you harness the energy for your highest good while reducing the more chaotic tendencies.




A Mercury/Venus square to Chiron could bring up old wounds related to relationships and our abilities to love and be loved. It is easy to become preoccupied with the past and obsessed with our perceived failures, especially in matters of the heart. Remind yourself that these planets are in Sagittarius making everything seem more important than it really is. Labradorite is excellent for healing old memories and bringing about positive transformation.


FRIDAY, 11/4


Intuition and creativity are strong with Uranus in Aries. This is an awesome time for meetings and group activities since getting along with others is a cinch. It is an especially good time to work with others that we don't normally see eye to eye with since it is easy to appreciate those things that make us different. Use Rhodonite to uncover talents and focus your creative urges. Moss Agate will help you work well with others.




We are stuck in our own minds today where we are making everything worse than it really is. It is impossible to reach our own goals while we keep telling ourselves that we don't have what it takes. It is, though, a good time to help someone else. Volunteer for an organization, help a friend or just carry groceries for someone. Seeing ourselves through others eyes can help us to see who we really are and put us back on track. Amber will help to combat your fears and doubts and promote a renewed sense of self-worth.


SUNDAY, 11/6


We get back on track today as the Moon enters Aries tonight bringing an atmosphere of focused strength and ambition. You feel confident and courageous. You know that you can - and will - make anything happen. Be cautious that you don't indulge in impulsive behaviors that could cause unnecessary delays. Red Tiger Eye will keep you grounded while enhancing your confidence.

Posted on October 25, 2011
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