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WEEK OF 10/26/16 - 11/01/16


Wednesday 10/26/16

Chances are you will wake up feeling really good with Venus and Jupiter in a Sextile transit.  There are so many advantages to this energy that you really don’t want to think about it…you just want to go with it!  Physically, you are energetic and ready to take on the world.  Spiritually, you feel connected to all the good that surrounds you and emotionally you are quite simply in love with everything and everyone.  You sense that you are in a state of abundance and prosperity in all areas of your life and best of all, you feel assured that this state is not only going to continue, but amplify!  While you don’t want to waste time overthinking, you do want to watch your boundaries.  Everything is so appealing, making it easy to give away more than you have.  You want this feeling to last and not be replaced by regret, so carry Purple Fluorite for accountability and personal responsibility.  Venus and Jupiter are emitting an extra burst of happy, friendly energy from Sagittarius and Libra. You want to become immersed in this kind of joy, so use Watermelon Tourmaline to attract and enjoy it.   


Thursday 10/27/16

The energy takes a very definitive turn as Scorpio exudes its influence.  The Scorpion Sun and Mercury are in a Conjunct transit that is powerful but potentially dangerous.  Things that come out of hiding will need to be expressed.  The challenge is to avoid allowing yourself to give in and communicate those repressions in a sarcastic manner or by using passive-aggressive behaviors.  You have the power to directly make your point, so you want to do so in the best possible manner.  Mars and Chiron are going to boost your confidence for further encouragement.  It is clearly time to free yourself from harmful thoughts and feelings that you’ve been harboring.  Be true to yourself, your cause and your mission, and present them all in a positive manner that fosters support instead of suspicion and/or envy.  Smokey Quartz will enable you to be forthright while retaining patience, compassion and kindness.  Those are the keys that can turn this day into an amazing opportunity for healing and renewal.  Use Angelite to keep your recipients open-minded and eager to work with instead of feeling defensive.


Friday 10/28/16

Mercury in Scorpio makes everyone more secretive and reserved.  This can throw some of us off balance, since our ability to engage and release is being blocked, while others feel comfortable keeping to themselves.  No matter what your nature this is a challenging time for communications.  Interactions are tense due to difficulties expressing anything with a clear intention and positive behavior.  It is equally hard to receive information as we are constantly in defense mode.   Today’s Mercury/Chiron transit is going to magnify this stress as we want to help, but somehow end up hurting others with our words.  Petalite will assist by enabling you to stop and consider all the possible misunderstandings that could arise before you make your approach.  Use Snowflake Obsidian to alleviate the overall negativity that is surrounding your perceptions.  You will find what you are looking for…so do your best to look for the good!


Saturday 10/29/16

A Mars/Uranus Square urges you to take a new path – preferably one filled with adventure and thrills.  You could feel the urge to leave everything behind in favor of new horizons because the excitement of the unknown seems so much more attractive.  The energy settles quickly when Venus and Saturn step up, enabling you to realize you don’t need to forgo one for another.  That’s right…you can have it all!  Suddenly your present situations feel just as important and exciting as the unexplored.  You’re ready to invest yourself in those elements of your life that bring comfort, love and security. You will experience a deeper sense of responsibility to yourself and those who count on you and you’re eager to give what you can to live up to those expectations.  Golden Healer Quartz reminds you that your life has room for home and adventure and you have the capacity to give your all to both.  You always need to make choices that involve give and take.  Amazonite can help you recognize the difference between sacrifice and compromise.


Sunday 10/30/16

Have you been considering a new venture and/or been seeking opportunities for advancement?  The Universe is making it very clear that your search is at an end and it is time to act or move on.  A Mercury/Neptune Trine gives you the kick you need to choose your path.  Your imagination is filled with fortuitous ideas and you automatically sense what will and won’t work for you.  Now that you’ve created the right atmosphere, a Venus/Pluto Sextile moves in to fill that space with the right circumstances and gives you the confidence to take advantage of them.  Don’t be afraid to go after your dream and carry Vivianite to feel the support that surrounds you.  Rutilated Quartz will heighten your intuition and powers of perception so you can easily recognize when your moment comes.  Have no doubt that it will.


Monday 10/31/16

We have the perfect energy for a day of tradition, celebration and beginnings.  Mercury, Jupiter and the Moon are making this a fabulous day for gatherings filled with good will, lucrative collaborations and transformative interactions.  Jupiter and the Moon bring everyone together as we are naturally attracted to engage in sociable activities.  Once Mercury steps in, you can be assured that opportunities will arise from your conversations and communications.  It is up to you what you’ll do with them and remember that it is easy to be persuasive and receptive during this influence.  Now you are ready to process what you have gathered during your social adventures with Mercury and Jupiter working together to offer awareness, understanding and discrimination.  Use Malachite to help you decide how and when to use your increased knowledge.  Sunstone enables you to use your new insight and connections to expand and potentially change your personal philosophy.


Tuesday 11/01/16

After yesterday you might wonder if the Universe has more surprise chances for you.  Yes it does and they will be coming from an unlikely resource! Neptune starts out in a Trine with the Sun and then moves on to a Semi-Square with Mars.  The energy will fluctuate and you’re going to feel those extreme highs and lows.   Your instincts are on high alert and your energy is unstoppable - but you could lack direction if you don’t take care.   Material benefits don’t typically come directly from Neptune, so it may not seem like a natural fit for your focus. The combination of these transits is very different.  The illusion that Neptune most often presents will be shattered and that leaves behind realistic opportunities.  Now you can see the truth and decide if you’re ready to make it your own or let it go. Lapis Lazuli will help you know your best course of action, while Chalcedony gives you the faith and trust to take it. 



Posted on October 24, 2016
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