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WEEK OF 10/25/17 - 10/31/17


Wednesday 10/25/17

You may be questioning why you and everyone else are taking things so seriously.  There may be crucial matters to manage, urgent actions to be taken and responsibilities to be met, but they don’t need to be arduous or worrisome.  You can thank Jupiter and the Moon for opening your mind to a different way of accomplishing important goals.  They are in a transit that reminds you of just how much power you have over the physical elements in your life.  Combine this energy with Amazonite to approach everything with a lighter, happier and creative attitude that gets the job done and makes all of your experiences joyous and fulfilling.  Use Celestite to inspire others to follow your lead and let go of burdens and instead see them as interesting and enjoyable steps on their happy journey. 


Thursday 10/26/17

We are feeling a sense of optimism, prosperity and destiny that will have us reaching for the stars and gaining them one by one!  A rare Sun/Jupiter Conjunction is driving us to pursue our greatest dreams and goals with the absolute certainty that we will attain them.  This is not a time to be shy or conservative.  It is not a time to hold back or wait for more resources.  There are no excuses or fears that can keep you from getting what you want.  This is the time to go for it with your whole mind, heart, soul and spirit.  The Universe will answer your boldness with all kinds of support and rewards.  You do want to make sure that your goals are in the best interests of everyone to get the most positive effects of this transit. Focus on goals that will make good things happen and carry a Tanzanite to recognize all of the results of your success.   Smokey Quartz will help you let go of anything that isn’t worthy of your attention and give you the insight to know when you are working towards something meaningful that benefits all.


Friday 10/27/17

A Venus/Pluto Square will create inner turmoil that could spill into your outer environment.  Both good and bad feelings are heightened and they will be directing your actions.  The best use of this energy is to use it as a chance to take a step back and review motives, actions and even progress to see if things are where you want them to be. Pietersite will bring some much needed objectivity to your analysis.  Transformation is very possible, but you need to ask yourself if it is for the best or simply a reaction to fears and doubts.  Fortunately patience will be easier to come by once Pluto moves into a friendlier transit with Mercury.  Now you feel comfortable slowing down and seeing the value over the challenges of your current situation.  Pluto steps out of the way so that Mercury and Venus can get together and end the day on a very positive note.  The theme is simple:  if you know what you want and are willing to do the work, then you will find the support you need.  Garnet fires up your determination and helps you to attract the best resources.


Saturday 10/28/17

This is the kind of day where you can come across a lot of doors that are thrown open wide and ready to welcome you in – you just need to be willing to take that first step.  Fortunately Mars and Jupiter are giving you the encouragement and confidence you need to take advantage of every opportunity. You know that there will be challenges ahead, but that won’t deter you.  Instead, you are fueled by your excitement and willingness to face them head on.  You will feel the optimism that is infusing this atmosphere and you feel quite powerful as you make it your own and run with it.  Emerald amplifies your confidence and problem-solving skills.  Carry Unakite  to direct the energy and your actions in the directions that will reap the most benefits.


Sunday 10/29/17

You are likely to feel more comfortable being on your own today with a Mercury/Mars transit that makes interactions difficult.   Everyone wants to dominate in any group activities and/or and that will disrupt the general flow of energy.  This is dynamic energy that can work for you if used properly.  You could show others what you have to offer when it comes to taking a leadership role, but you need to be cautious in your presentation.   You will be challenged so you need to be prepared to state your case and maintain your stance while at the same time being flexible enough to really listen and take the advice and criticism that is being offered.  There is much to be gained during this influence if you can get past the negativity, so use Black Tourmaline for protection and transformation.   Lapis Lazuli will enable you to rise above the general demeanor and stand out as someone who works towards making things better rather than adding to the problem.


Monday 10/30/17

Mercury is in a tense Square with the Moon that will have you asking all kinds of internal questions about what you truly want and if you are on the right track to get it.  The Moon is in Pisces, so you will need to feel a deeply emotional investment in order for anything to matter.  If it doesn’t matter then your initial urge will be to eliminate it immediately, but you want to wait before making drastic decisions.  Pisces operates on pure feeling and fantasy that is devoid of logic and reason.  You know this is not the kind of atmosphere that enables you to make sound choices, but it will be a real challenge to hold on with so much pushy energy.  You may need to make changes in order to satisfy your spiritual and emotional needs, but this is not the day for it.  Imperial Topaz will let you use the intuitive properties of this energy to formulate a future plan that factors in your physical needs.  Anything you do now could put those in jeopardy.  If the urge to act is too demanding, then Charoite will help you enact a change that will satisfy your need for fulfillment without creating possible issues with your physical comfort.


Tuesday 10/31/17

It is Halloween and who do you want to be?  You have a harmonious Venus/Moon Sextile to uncover the long term answers to that question – and then make it happen!  This energy is most productive for understanding and meeting your personal needs.  You may find the answers to many of the questions that you had yesterday, but remember - it is up to you to accept and do something about them.  Fortunately this is an empowering energy that encourages you to take the necessary steps to achieve a personal balance in your life.  Take your time and recognize what you need and realize how you can get it.  Then watch as opportunities materialize for you to enjoy.  Confidence, faith and patience are all vital components for using this energy for all of its worth.  You may notice results almost instantly as your inner peace draws others to you for mutual support and ­­­­­­admiration.  Apatite will add energy to your goals to help turn them into realities.  Carnelian enhances the spirit and energy of this day and gives you the courage to be your true self.




Posted on October 23, 2017
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