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WEEK OF 10/23/13 - 10/29/13 

WEDNESDAY 10/23/13

The Sun has moved into dangerous and romantic Scorpio and we will all feel the energy shift.  It is a little dark, a little sharp, a little like a walk on a wild side that takes you exactly where you needed to go - even if you did not know it!  Scorpio is the detective of the Zodiac and it can help you to go to the deepest, darkest places to uncover answers and discover what has been hidden.  Seek and you will find, but just make sure that you are ready to deal with it because it may not be pleasant.  Scorpio offers a good time to learn more about yourself and let your inner tiger out of the shadows for a while.  Use Chalcopyrite to find what you need to and Labradorite to use for its highest purpose.

Number of the day: 3

If you feel apprehensive use the energy of 3 for optimistic confidence.  It will replace doubts and fears with a sense of adventure that encourages you to experiment. Citrine will light your way. 

THURSDAY 10/24/13

Mars and Jupiter will have you feeling enthusiastic and optimistic....but in a reckless sort of way.  Do yourself a favor and take time to consider cause and effect before you take any actions.  Confidence can be your ally, but it can rebound if you let it go too far and that is easy to do with these powerful planets.  Mercury and Venus will help by offering some gentler energy that will encourage you to commit and follow through.  This is an excellent time to make and keep a promise - particularly to yourself since Mercury is retrograde.  Use Hessonite Garnet to use the fiery energy in a thoughtful way.  Blue Topaz will produce meaningful communications. 

Number of the day: 4

Trustworthy 4 will always take care of the details and get you from point A to B.  Carry Garnet to let its energy keep you steady and on track. 

FRIDAY 10/25/13

You may realize that dreams really do come true when the Sun and Neptune meet up in a trine.  You will be very aware of everything and able to see things in a new light.  Your instincts are enhanced so trust them and believe!  Anything is possible right now, so manifest away while you have this influence to boost your optimism and faith.  This is a time to follow a hunch, so carry Serpentine to go for it with confidence.  Picture Jasper helps you create new energies in your life. 

Number of the day: 5

5 will help you adapt to constantly changing circumstances.  Most importantly, it will keep your mindset positive and ready for anything.  Pink Spinel reminds you that you create your own reality. 

SATURDAY 10/26/13

Finding balance can be tough today because we just want to have fun...and there is so much to be had that we don't know when to stop.  Venus and Jupiter will encourage you to overextend yourself.  Additional challenges could come from promising and expecting too much from everything and everyone.  Keep it real and calm to avoid disappointment.  Scapolite will keep you from becoming overwhelmed by it all.  Mookaite Jasper will soothe any potential hurts. 

Number of the day: 6

The energy of 6 can bring some much needed harmony into your day.  Let Amber bring you back when it feels as if you might have flown too high.

SUNDAY 10/27/13

You may find yourself in pursuit of something new and unexpected, and Mercury and Uranus provide the energy to peak your curiosity.  Seek opportunities for new ideas and let this energy encourage you to try a different way. You could yield better results than expected.  It is time to rebel against the old ways of doing things and see where you land...even taking a small unplanned and unexpected turn could bring you someplace wonderful.  Orange Aventurine will stimulate the creative vibe and Pietersite will get you headed in the right direction.

Number of the day: 7

7 reveals itself when it is time to go within.  Its energy will enable you to put aside the material world to focus on your mental and spiritual workings. Amethyst will be your guide. 

MONDAY 10/28/13

Pluto and Chiron will produce some serious energy where you can gain much by letting it all go.  If you open yourself to it, this energy  will give you the tools to rid yourself of what you no longer need.   This is the stuff that is holding you back from finding something wonderful and you will be amazed at how you feel by freeing yourself from its grip.  You will have the courage to overcome fears, doubts and misplaced guilt.  Do not let this opportunity pass you by.  Petalite will help you find the door that leads to a new you.  Turquoise strengthens your resolve to walk through it.

Number of the day: 8

If you are willing to do the work then you will win the day.  That is what 8 has for us.  Do your part and let Tiger Eye point you towards success. 

TUESDAY 10/29/13

Everything begins in the mind first and this is the time to get that ball rolling.  Mercury and Saturn will fill your head with ideas and plans.  You will crave solitude in order to give in to your desire to focus and concentrate on those thoughts.  You want to really work through it all in your mind and then you will be prepared to act.  Even the most seemingly insignificant idea that you have today could be the beginning of a new and extraordinary adventure.  Sodalite will help you find the peace you need to go within. Pyrite helps your ideas to grow with no limits.

Number of the day: 9

Often we dismiss an idea or plan when it seems too hard or impractical.  9 can help you to fully consider all of the options before you discard an opportunity.   Use Azurite to see the true potential beyond the labor. 


Posted on October 21, 2013
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