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Ceres (named after the Roman goddess of the harvest and motherly love) is in a very harmonious aspect with Venus today making this a glorious time to express love and affection to not only the important people in your life but also to yourself. Ceres particularly rules food and clothing so get dressed up and have a wonderful meal with someone special. Carry... or better yet wear a Pink (Mangano) Calcite today to amplify the nurturing qualities of this planetary alignment and to attract a loving and peaceful energy to your life.


SUNDAY, 10/23


The Sun moves into Scorpio today and now is the time to focus on anything that needs to be removed from your life. Scorpio can feel harsh since letting go can be so difficult. Even when we know something is just not working for us anymore we hold on tight because good or bad - it is still ours. Use this energy to focus on positive ways to release negative energy. Sugilite will help you to identify and release those energies while recognizing the positive effect they have had on your life. Use an Apache Tears (Black Obsidian) to make the most of the gift of forgiveness that Scorpio imparts on us.


MONDAY, 10/24


The Moon, Uranus and Pluto in Cardinal signs will result in a lot of erratic, moody and impulsive energy today. Your ability to complete anything will be challenged. Distractions and obstacles will be the order of the day. Before the energy passes, why not use it to your advantage? While Cardinal signs are not sustaining they can give you a burst of energy to mobilize your dreams and goals. Unakite will work with you to move on from any past beliefs and blockages while peacefully moving you towards something new. Heliodor will help you to keep the momentum going forward.


TUESDAY, 10/25


Saturn in Libra has been a strong influence this entire month forcing us to think about constructing new ways to overcome obstacles. With a Saturn/Mars quincunx (an aspect that joins two signs with nothing in common) early tomorrow, this is a good time to review and adjust any limits that we have placed on ourselves. Under this aspect you can effectively establish new boundaries that show others how much you value your own self worth. Tiger Eye is an excellent tool for bringing balance and energy to your personal power and will.




How much can you release? That is your challenge this month and today is the day to accept with the Sun and a New Moon in Scorpio. You will have a lot of support today to get rid of all kinds of baggage: emotional, mental and physical. So take the leap and make way for new energies to enter your life by freeing yourself from what no longer serves you! This is one of the most transformational moon cycles of the year and this is powerful energy to initiate the Birth/Death cycle. Rose Quartz is a powerful crystal that is well suited to assist you with this challenge. Place one on or near your Heart Chakra to sooth any guilt, anger or stress and bring healing and balance to your emotions. Rose Quartz will attract a peaceful and loving energy to your physical and emotional bodies and give you the strength to triumph. Green Calcite is another powerful stone for recognizing and releasing old patterns and raising the transformational energy.




You may feel a competitive influence today ushered in by last nights Mars/Venus Square. Often our lives get static and an aggressive energy can actually be invigorating and cause us to be more creative in our thoughts and actions. Just be cautious that excitement doesn't result in impulsive gestures you may later regret. Fire Agate is an excellent stone to carry with you in competition since it has a grounding energy that helps put you at ease while inspiring you to put your best foot forward.


FRIDAY, 10/28


Prepare for a revolutionary day! A Jupiter/Pluto trine is enhanced by the Sun's position to both planets. Jupiter (abundance) is in Taurus the sign that never quits. Pluto (transformation) is in Capricorn the sign of creation and the Sun is in Scorpio the sign of re-birth. I am going into some detail here because I want you to know just how important today will be. This is when everything can change for the better. Forget about what you may have lost or the plans you made that never came to fruition. Forget about feeling lost and discouraged. A new cycle begins today where your goals and dreams are supported by these planetary transits. This is a day for renewed hope and optimistic planning. Use Angelite to visualize your positive future. Black Kyanite will open all of your chakras and assist with the manifestation of goals and Star Sapphire will attract prosperity and increase your power.




Venus will only be in Scorpio for a few more days so, in keeping with the re-birth theme, this may be a good time to take a second look at something you've given up. Often we give up on a career, hobby or a partnership because we lose the passion and drive that made it so important in our lives. The Venus/Scorpio influence will help you to revive old passions and see if there is any value to them in your life. Carnelian is a crystal with loads of vitality that give us the ability to clearly see the here and now without the shadow of the past. Carnelian will keep you grounded and help you to see what is really important to you.

Posted on October 18, 2011
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