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WEEK OF 10/18/17 - 10/24/17


Wednesday 10/18/17

You won't be thinking about complicated procedures or obstacles that could slow you down as you pursue your goals.  Mercury & Jupiter have you focused directly on them with an optimism that means nothing will be getting in your way.  You mean to live your truth and that requires faith in yourself and the Universe.  There is enough practicality to this energy so that you know these are powerful tools but they won't be enough to get you to where you deserve to be.  You'll need more so use Jade to help you combine your determination with the manifestation powers of this energy to create & initiate a successful master plan.  You have to do the work but allow yourself to be consumed by your imminent success because that absolute certainty could be one of your greatest resources.  Mars will join in to help you generate and maintain that successful spirit.   Later in the day the Sun moves into a transit with Chiron that could result in a bout of low self-esteem and self-doubt.  Don't let this quick moving energy stop you in your tracks.  Pink Aventurine will help you push past it and keep the spark of creativity burning bright.


Thursday 10/19/17

Your excitement for progress continues with a Sun/Uranus Opposition boosting you out of your comfort zone.  You don’t know what you may find or how far you could go as you experiment with different ways to make difference in your life.  Follow your instinct but remember that Uranus is fickle so be flexible and don’t count on absolute outcomes right now.  Citrine will help you manage expectations and avoid wild commitments.  The Sun moves into a more peaceful transit with Neptune and you will be more in the mood for soulful activities, artistic endeavors and sociable discussions.  Even if you do muster up enough determination to get some work done you won’t have the focus or precision to make it worth the effort so try to put aside any demands for another day.  Peach Quartz will let you get the most from this pleasant energy.


Friday 10/20/17

You’ve been very self-motivated over the last few days but now things feel a little different.  You recognize the need for input that comes from a place other than your dreams and ambitions.  Mercury and Pluto want to make sure that you find people, ideas and works of art that are powerful enough to match or exceed your own passion.  You will need to be fully engaged and enthralled by something that you sense really matters.  Chalcopyrite will help you find what you seek while Tanzanite ensures that your time and energy is rewarded with fulfilling inspiration.


Saturday 10/21/17

You are likely to still be experiencing the inspiration of the Libra New Moon.  A fresh cycle has begun and you are being driven to decide how to make this energy work in a way that benefits you and your world. Libra is generally not insistent as it is designed to create an atmosphere of harmony.  It also won’t make it easy for you to choose an area to focus your attention.  The sociable conscious of Libra demands that everything and everyone is taken into consideration when contemplating change and that can take forever. You may be feeling some urgency now though as the energy is moving forward and you are so ready to go with it.  You need direction and the first place to look is within.  Use Selenite to be fair and truthful with yourself and acknowledge what needs a new start in your life.   Once you know where you want to devote your talents and passion then you can focus on how you will help others and yourself.  Botswana Agate will attract the best support and opportunities to drive your mission. 

Sunday 10/22/17

This is not the best time to follow instructions, adhere to guidelines or complete anything that requires detail and focus.  Mercury and Saturn are in a Semi-Square and it will take much more effort than usual to accomplish anything.  What does get finished will likely require revisions if not now then somewhere down the line.  Obviously you will experience some stress from the disconnect between your desire to do something well and the messy, incomplete results that you produce.  Dalmatian Jasper can reduce your anxieties and help you recognize the importance of slowing down your normal proactive energy.  There is a valuable lesson to be learned about recognizing there is a time and place for reduced expectations and acceptance of imperfection.  That doesn’t mean you need to lower your standards or goals.  It just means that you are getting the gift of a longer journey to achieve them. The journey is where the fun is so use Blue Topaz to help enjoy the extra time and feel encouraged to be creative with how you use it. 


Monday 10/23/17

Mercury is in a transit with Chiron and you think you have lost control.  You are agitated at your inability to keep up and distressed by the feeling that you are failing and falling behind.  It will take a monumental effort not to let your discomfort and dismay show particularly in your communications with others.  You need to take the initiative to keep things light and pleasant to avoid misunderstandings and hurt feelings.  Things are not as bad as they seem and Tourmalated Quartz will help you to realize that before you actually create a real problem.  Be kind.  Be calm. Be sensible and you will be in control of the energy and that always makes a positive difference.  You need to keep that kind of attitude throughout the day because you also have a tense Venus/Neptune transit to manage.  You won't be able to rely on your perceptions or intuition under this influence since the impractical nature of Neptune will have you seeing what you want to see rather than the truth.  Do not completely trust yourself when it comes to areas ruled by Venus like love, money or any kind of physical transformation.  Mahogany Obsidian will help you find and retain a sense of balance and prevent you from taking drastic measures.  These are almost guaranteed not to work out the way that you hope so wait until you are acting from a place of security and comfort.


Tuesday 10/24/17

Mercury & Neptune are bringing you the best that their combined powers have to offer.   They will spark your imagination, awaken your intuition and encourage your creativity throughout the day.  Most importantly you’ll be able to get it all out of your mind, heart and soul and into the world where it will do you and yours the most good.  Don’t expect to be able to concentrate on details so you want to save procedures and schedules for another time.  Worldly matters may need to wait while your spirit and energy are busy pursuing magic.  Green Tourmaline will help you take care of anything critical that can’t wait while your intuition and imagination continue to soar.  Charoite points you towards the best use of your insights.



Posted on October 18, 2017
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