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WEEK OF 10/15/14 - 10/21/14 

Wednesday 10/15/14

Pull out your “To Do” list and prepare to skillfully knock things off one by one!  The Sun, Mars and Saturn are working together in several transits to bring you a positive, proactive atmosphere for productivity where your hard work is going to produce fabulous results.  A Sun/Mars sextile gives you the confidence to tackle complex issues that might have been vexing you for a while.  You could discover the creative solution that resolves these once and for all.  The Sun moves into a sextile with Saturn producing a stable energy that enables you to stick to your plans and get things accomplished.  Then Mars and Saturn join up to get you organized and focused on efficiently managing your responsibilities.  As the evening falls you will get a well-deserved break from your hard work when Venus and Neptune bring in some whimsical energy.  They are producing an imaginary and innocent sort of vibe that will end your day on a happy note. Use Fuchsite to relax and revel in your accomplishments. Garnet will help you make the most of your efforts.

Number of the day: 5

5 will help you adapt to constantly changing circumstances.  Most importantly, it will keep your mindset positive and ready for anything.  Leopardskin Jasper reminds you that you create your own reality. 

Thursday 10/16/14

Expect another busy day with Mercury, Mars and the Sun giving you the best of their energies.  Your thoughts will be aligned with your goals and desires, enabling a productive flow of communication.  It is easy to project yourself well under this influence and now is when you want to present your opinions and suggestions to others.  Your expertise and dedication will be evident and you will be able to portray an accurate image of all that you have to offer.  Mercury and Mars will produce a busy atmosphere and give you the tools to thrive within it.  You can accomplish a lot quickly and accurately right now.  Remember Mercury is retrograde so use that influence to energize your inner being.  These transits are most effective to eliminate stress, doubts and improve your self-image for endless benefits.  Use Aqua Aura to both see yourself in a new light and allow others to see your amazing self.  Howlite can help if you feel overwhelmed by the activities of the last few days.

Number of the day: 6

When you forget how good things can really be, then 6 presents itself to remind you.  Pink Calcite can bring you to your happy place. 

Friday 10/17/14

Venus and Saturn are bringing a nice blend of idealism and reality and that is a great recipe for success.  You can use the stabilizing influence of Saturn to add elements of responsibility and quality to your relationships and finances.  You can use the enchanting energy of Venus to bring beauty and substance to your daily routines and tasks.  What you give is what you can receive under this influence and there is the chance to make things work for you in new and abundant ways.  Charoite assists with meaningful connections.  White Jade encourages decisive and harmonious decisions and actions.

Number of the day: 7

While the planets will help you build relationships with others, 7 will help you to connect with your soul.  There is much to gain from focusing on your inner core and Scolecite can give you that time.  

Saturday 10/18/14

Now Mercury is adding its energy to Venus and Saturn, bringing us opportunities for powerful reflection and measurable actions.  Normally these planets have more of an outer influence, but Mercury is retrograde so its energy will have inner effects.  First Mercury and Venus make this a good time to socialize for work or pleasure.  Consider what aspects of your personality that you have kept hidden from others.  Here is an opportunity to add your unique perspective to situations that can help others see things – and you – in a new light.  You could be much more influential than you realize!  Then Mercury works with Saturn to turn your focus towards details that need your attention.  Now is the time to take care of what you have been avoiding in order to feel an immense sense of accomplishment that will be very empowering.  Mahogany Obsidian will help you to do what is necessary and move on.  Fluorite enables you to feel comfortable being yourself with others.

Number of the day: 8

If you are willing to do the work then you will win the day.  That is what 8 has for us.  Do your part and let Tiger Eye point you towards success. 

Sunday 10/19/14

Mercury and Neptune are producing a lovely, ethereal energy that can give you a break from busy activities.  If possible try to delay any important actions or presentations since this influence is better for thinking more than doing. You won’t have enough of a stable presence to make physical moves, but since your head is in the clouds use the time for bright ideas and see where your imagination will take you.   You could get a spark that you can manifest into reality when the time is right.  Pietersite keeps your mind actively engaged towards beneficial ideas.  Use Pink Spinel to let this energy revive your spirit and renew your drive.

Number of the day: 9

9 brings you to the end of the pattern, challenging you to go back and look again.  Use Chalcopyrite to uncover what you may have forgotten. 

Monday 10/20/14

Venus and Mars are in an easy and satisfying transit that will enable you to achieve harmony in your personal interactions and financial dealings.  Now is when you want to make some decisive moves because the reward is likely to be greater than you can imagine.  You can succeed in whatever you attempt and realize your deepest desires.  Not sure which direction to head in or where to begin?  Great, because Mercury and Jupiter are here to help!  They are in an optimistic and inquisitive transit that will encourage you to embark on a journey of discovery that will inspire you.  Remember to use the Mercury retrograde energy to go within for self-motivation and important insights.  Banded Amethyst will open you to new ideas and ventures.  Carry Green Aventurine to feel the abundance and good fortune that surrounds you.

Number of the day: 1

How perfect that the number 1 offers us its energy today.  It is the number of ambition and determination and it will put you in the proper mindset to make significant progress.  Use Clear Quartz to see where you are headed. 

Tuesday 10/21/14

You are going to feel the effects of outer influences as the Sun and Chiron direct your attention towards others’ ideas and opinions of you.  How you think others see you will be reflected in your self-image.  This transit could make you overly sensitive, so it is likely that your impressions will be on the negative side rather than the positive.  You will receive valuable insights - how you use them is up to you.  If you make an effort to realize the positive benefits of this energy, you could get a powerful boost to your confidence.  Larimar will help you to use the information wisely and to your best advantage.  Bloodstone can help you discern the validity of your impressions and make the best use of them for improvement and refinement.

Number of the day: 2

You could do it on your own, but why make it harder when there is help to be had?  2 and Snowflake Obsidian will point the way towards unrealized resources just waiting for your attention.  


Posted on October 14, 2014
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