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WEEK OF 10/14/15 - 10/20/15

Wednesday 10/14/15

Mars and Uranus are letting you know that you need some excitement right now, so don’t even try to work within your usual mode of operation.  Whatever is predictable in your daily schedule needs to be shattered so that you can realize the benefits of flexibility.  You may think you’re already undisciplined, but that may be what is expected, in which case restraint will be your key to freedom.  We all need to break our routine now and then in order to be broken out of unhealthy complacency.  You may notice that the Universe often does that for you, but here you have the opportunity to do it for yourself. This transit is about accepting the responsibility of spontaneity and creativity, so use Carnelian to feel empowered.  It can be hard to leap out of your comfort zone so carry Jet for courage.

Number of the day: 5

The energy of 5 can show you how to work with what you have to get what you want.  Use it with Bronzite to put your resources to work.

Thursday 10/15/15

If you accepted the guidance of the Universe yesterday and broke free from your typical schedule, you may have a very hard time getting back on track today.  Even if you decided to maintain a steady course you won’t be able to keep that same momentum going with the Sun and Neptune throwing you off course.  Your discipline simply won’t be as powerful as usual, making it difficult to formulate and work toward direct intentions.  Your time and energy will be much better spent on imaginative preoccupations rather than trying to accomplish anything important.  Use Lepidolite to relax any demanding expectations, while Pink Aventurine encourages you to let your artistic side come out to play.

Number of the day: 6

Does it feel like fight and struggle are your only options?  Pink Calcite and the nurturing vibe of 6 will help you find a more peaceful path.

Friday 10/16/15

Now you want to get back to pursuing your goals with a Mars/Pluto trine giving you a powerful boost of proactive energy.  Your objectives feel clearly defined and you know exactly what you need to do to get what you want.  You are more than ready to do whatever it takes and you’ve got the creativity to figure out different angles to work through any obstacles in your path.  If there is something that you abandoned because it seemed too hard or just impossible to accomplish, then use this energy to take a second look.  Your renewed perspective and fearless determination will make a huge difference.  Serpentine will capture the spirited energy of this transit and motivate you to use it to your advantage.  Smokey Quartz reminds you of buried goals and strengths that you may want to resurface.

Number of the day: 7

7 will remind you to trust your intuition.  You have the answers within you, so follow your internal GPS system and you will never be lost.  Use Hematite to stay on course.

Saturday 10/17/15

Your dreams and fantasies can’t hold up to reality right now and you’re feeling disenchanted by the whole thing.  Venus and Neptune are in an opposition causing you to wonder why you should go after anything if it is bound to end in disappointment.  Either you attain it and it cannot measure up to your expectations, or you don’t and end up settling for less than what you hoped to achieve.  You can accept the intense disillusionment that is a potential side effect of this transit, or you can turn it around and use it as a catalyst to make some necessary revisions.  A touch of reason added to that impossible dream suddenly makes it a goal that you know you can reach.  Approach your practical routine with an idealistic mindset and now it is the chance to create something fabulous instead of just getting a job done.  It is up to you whether this energy works for or against you.   Dumortierite will prevent you from buying into the disappointing elements of the day.  Pyrite will amplify your optimistic approach.

Number of the day: 8

8 will show you the material value of your efforts.  8 days are the perfect time to look around and see what you have gained from your efforts.  Use Mahogany Obsidian to appreciate and build upon what you have achieved.


Sunday 10/18/15

You’re feeling exuberant and ready to expand with Mars and Jupiter urging you to accept the challenge of transformation.  It seems as if we would always welcome the opportunity to evolve and gather more good things into our lives.  Remember that evolution is just another word for change and change is always hard.  Even when you’re working hard towards your goals, once your reward arrives, it most likely will bring some anxiety along with it.  This kind of cognizance can bring hesitation and second-guessing into the process of attainment, but you won’t have any of that blocking your path right now.  You know what you want, what it will take and you are eager to go after it, so this is your time and place to do just that!  Just remember that you will feel so powerful that you run the risk of rushing so fast that you shoot past your goal, so use Ruby for a touch of restraint that will be really beneficial.   Amazonite will encourage you to use your power wisely.

Number of the day: 9

When reflecting on the past, use the energy of 9 for a deeper level of truth and understanding.  The past can never be changed or altered and it is what is its value to us?  Use 9 with Star Sapphire to draw the positive wisdom gained from what has happened to make what is happening all the better. 

Monday 10/19/15

All that clarity that you felt with Mars and Jupiter will disappear in the fog created by Mercury and Neptune in a quincunx transit.  Hopefully you used all the proactive energy and took it as far as you could before the sudden (and drastic) reversal in energy.  You won’t be as mentally cohesive or physically productive, but you can find a positive use for today’s atmosphere.  You probably accomplished a lot more than you may think and a respite from the action will give you a chance to relax and reflect.  Since your thoughts won’t be focused on specific tasks and achievements, it is a good time to daydream and start building inspiration for future aspirations.  If you find it a challenge to slow down after being so active, use Muscovite to feel more at ease.  Aquamarine will heighten your imagination.

Number of the day: 1

No matter how badly you want it or how ready for it you are, it requires courage to do something new.  You have what it takes within you to accomplish anything - no matter how scary.  Use 1 and Mexican Fire Opal to fuel your courage when you need it.

Tuesday 10/20/15

The sky is quiet so it's a good time to work with the powerful energy of the Sun in Libra.  Libra brings us balance and harmony that are essential to feeling happy and fulfilled.  We live in an intense society where everything feels so imperative that we are driven to operate under so much stress.  It is easy to believe that this is the only way to thrive.  It is not!  The Sun in Libra can help you to recognize where you need balancing energy and then help you to achieve it by creating new and healthier patterns for yourself.  Pyrite will strengthen your awareness while Ammonite helps you get rid of the energies that you don't need and bring in the ones that you do.

Number of the day: 2

2 is a symbol of positive and gainful collaboration.  Use its energy to find your most beneficial alliances.  Dravite will help you to connect with others.


Posted on October 12, 2015
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