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FRIDAY, 10/14


An opposition between Jupiter and Venus/Mercury in Scorpio begins today making us overconfident and stimulating an urge to overindulge. We feel as if we can say or do anything without any repercussions. Maybe you think now is the time to tell your boss how you really feel or buy that expensive item you really cannot afford. Instead of just acting, take a breath and wait at least a day before making your move. Moonstone will help you to calm any aggressive tendencies and stimulate your intuition giving you the opportunity to have a clearer picture of a situation and your place in it.




Jupiter in Taurus can provide an exceptional grounding effect to your biggest aspirations. Taurus is a sign that never gives up and Jupiter is the planet of expansive thoughts. Together they can help to bring your hopes and dreams "down to earth" and make them a reality. Use a Rutilated Quartz to visualize and energize your desires and a Red Jasper to activate your root chakra and sustain you through the process of physical manifestation.


SUNDAY, 10/16


Intuition is a strong influence right now and if this is something you don't normally rely on, now may be the time to start. Living such busy lives we tend to ignore our inner voice and just keep going within our physical here and now. Mercury in Scorpio makes this a good time to work on your perceptive skills. Lapis Lazuli will help you to discover and develop your intuitive skills. Try placing one beneath your pillow to stimulate your dreams and remember the important messages that come through them.


MONDAY, 10/17


Step up and be some initiative and take a risk! Mars in Leo will be very supportive as long as you are working towards something you really believe in. Wear or carry a Carnelian to boost your confidence and courage. Hiddenite will temper any tendencies to being too arrogant.


TUESDAY, 10/18


Focus on peace and harmony today, especially in your partnerships with others and your relationship with your environment. The sun will only be in Libra for a few more days so use this time wisely. Angelite will help you to not only work towards a more peaceful existence, but it will also help you to facilitate and build a relationship with those spiritual guides and guardians in your higher realm.




What do you want your life to look like? It is important to be clear about your intentions and goals as Jupiter forms a trine with Pluto the planet of transformation. Labradorite will clarify which behaviors are not working for you in the present. Petalite will support your transformation by removing negativity and fear while gently easing you into a positive future.




The moon enters Leo this morning making it a good time to be confident in your leadership skills. If there is a situation that calls for it, now is the time for you to take charge. Tiger's Eye will boost your creative enthusiasm and point you in the direction where your guidance can do the most good for both yourself and others. Kunzite will replace any self-doubt with self-love and help you to manage any situation with a loving strength.


FRIDAY, 10/21


The sun and Neptune form a harmonious trine today in Aquarius. Air signs do not recognize boundaries and with the forceful sun boosting the fantasy-like qualities of Neptune this is a wonderful time to let your imagination run wild. In this atmosphere, it will be difficult to get anything practical done. Instead spend some quiet time meditating or doing anything that will facilitate your daydreams. Aqua Aura Quartz is a beautiful crystal to work with today as it will allow your heart and head to communicate. If everything is a little too spacey for you, Hematite will be your anchor.

Posted on October 13, 2011
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