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WEEK OF 10/12/16 - 10/18/16


Wednesday 10/12/16

Your present routines, activities and even passions could feel constraining today with Venus and Uranus urging you to seek more out of life.  This can be an exciting time since you are driven to look beyond your usual scope and see what else is out there.  There is some stress that arises from wanting to keep your life as it is, but needing that rush that comes from exploring the unusual.  Zebra Jasper will remind you that life is about change.  We aren’t meant to stay the same and it is healthy to be proactive about your evolution.  Isn’t that where the fun is?  You may be doubtful since your instincts and intuition will be off.  That is a Mercury/Neptune transit making it difficult to trust yourself.  Use Blue Tiger Eye for that boost of confidence that will help you take those risks you know are right for you.

Number of the day: 4

Trustworthy 4 will always take care of the details and get you from point A to B.  Carry Garnet to let its energy keep you steady and on track.


Thursday 10/13/16

You will think you are taking all the right steps, but could end up with issues and controversy instead of your desired results.  Mercury and Mars are in a square and you will be in such a rush to get things done that you won’t have the mindset to read the reactions and confusion that is being created.  There is the potential for important consequences that will carry past today.  You don’t want thoughtless actions to negatively impact your future reputation, business operations and relationships. You will need to slow yourself down, so carry Pink Spinel to mindfully manage your impulses and actions.  You want to be particularly cautious with how and why you communicate with others – particularly when it comes to your phrasing and body language.  Aquamarine will remind you that patience, respect and kindness are vital to productive interactions.

Number of the day: 5

Often we stick with what we know out of worry that we won’t be able to adapt to new circumstances.   Let 5 expose your adventurous spirit and use Aragonite as a reminder that you have the courage to improve your life.


Friday 10/14/16

You could start the day beating yourself up for not meeting any self-imposed goals or deadlines.  Try not to let this transit between the Sun and Chiron bring you down.  Instead, use it as a guide that can show you where to place your focus once Mercury and Saturn dominate the energy. They are in a sextile that will feed your determination, decision-making skills and productivity.  You can get moving on anything that you feel you have let go.  That can change your perspective from earlier in the day.  It will be a much better use of your time and that attitude will result in a feeling of pride and accomplishment that will carry you through the day.  Kunzite will help you get past any self-defeating thoughts, while Bloodstone boosts your motivation to do what needs to be done.

Number of the day: 6

The energy of 6 can bring some much needed harmony into your day.  Let Amber bring you back when it feels as if you might have flown too high.


Saturday 10/15/16

Your best option is to approach your day without a plan or expectations.  The Sun and Uranus are in an opposition that will throw you off course.  You won’t want to waste time and energy on trying to maintain a schedule that is meant to be flexible.  Work with the changes, instead of fighting them, by keeping an open mind and staying calm when you are faced with those unexpected moments.  Use Ruby in Feldspar to see this as your opportunity to try a new approach to your usual routine.    It will be hard to keep those negative thoughts from dominating your mind later in the day when Mercury and Pluto move into a square transit.  Do what you must to keep those thoughts from taking hold, because once they do, there will be no stopping them.  You’ll be consumed by those doubts, fears and worries and you don’t want to be operating with that kind of mindset.  Green Quartz will help you to find proactive physical and mental distractions that will enable you to banish any self-defeating thoughts or behaviors before they gain momentum.  

Number of the day: 7

7 reveals itself when it is time to go within.  Its energy will enable you to put aside the material world to focus on your mental and spiritual workings.  Amethyst will be your guide.


Sunday 10/16/16

You will be energized by two transits that are amplifying your initiative and determination.  First a Mars/Saturn semi-sextile encourages you to take responsibility for your life.  This means that it’s time to face anything you’ve been avoiding and deal with it.  Expect to feel supported when you take those courageous actions and know that you’ll see definite results.  Use Picture Jasper to support your decisions in where to direct this energy and for insight that will help you conquer any challenge.   Venus and Mars are in a semi-square transit that is producing a seductive atmosphere.  If there is something you want, then you’re prepared to go to any lengths to get it.  Be mindful with this energy and be sure you really want what you are going after.  You don’t want to waste your resources on passing whims and impulse desires.  Black Onyx will help you avoid thoughtless actions.  It will be easy to engage in pointless confrontation and/or meaningless indulgences that will leave you with nothing to show for your efforts.

Number of the day: 8

If you are willing to do the work, then you will win the day.  That is what 8 has for us.  Do your part and let Tiger Eye point you towards success.


Monday 10/17/16

There is a big change in the direction of the energy as a Sun/Neptune transit takes control.  There is a general air of confusion and lack of motivation as everything slows down momentarily. Your personal power will feel diminished and you won’t feel like pushing yourself to achieve much of anything.  If you do need to perform necessary tasks, then keep things simple and take your time.  Your inability to focus will make it very easy to make mistakes, so work with Sodalite when you need to remain mentally alert.  This is fabulous energy for more creative mental activities like daydreaming, meditation, and inspirational journeys.  If possible try to adjust your schedule to allow your mind to wander and use Larimar to make that time productive. 

Number of the day: 9

Often we dismiss an idea or plan when it seems too hard or impractical.  9 can help you to fully consider all of the options before you discard an opportunity.   Use Azurite to see the true potential beyond the labor.


Tuesday 10/18/16

Your momentum is back and thriving, but it could take you in the wrong direction with Venus and Pluto in a semi-square transit.  Don’t be misled into believing that everyone is out to get you.  You don’t want to approach every person and situation in defensive mode because you will only create issues where there are none. Carry Rainbow Moonstone for a positive outlook.  If there are existing problems/concerns that have been brewing, then it’s likely they will surface given the slightest opportunity.  If you have the mindset to prepare a balanced resolution that has the potential to satisfy everyone, you can use this energy to help you address those situations.  This is not the best atmosphere for positive solutions, so think carefully before taking any action.  Even the friendliest approach could backfire and be taken as an act of aggression. Rose Quartz will offer protection from the overall negativity, while also making you less of a threat to yourself and others.  

Number of the day: 1

How perfect that the number 1 offers us its energy today.  It is the number of ambition and determination and it will put you in the proper mindset to make significant progress.  Use Clear Quartz to see where you are headed.



Posted on October 10, 2016
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