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WEEK OF 10/11/17 - 10/17/17

Wednesday 10/11/17

Mars and Saturn are in a Square and these dominant planets want your attention!  Their combined energy could provoke any anger or frustration that you may be feeling regarding your attempts to complete something.  If things are not proceeding as quickly or effectively as you would like, then you are really going to feel that lack of progress today. This will be a particularly stressful time if you have been working hard, doing all the right things and still not seeing the results and rewards that you hoped to achieve.  It may seem that drastic action is the answer, but this is not the atmosphere to enact a proactive change of course.  Productivity is challenging right now and extra efforts could make you feel even worse. It is time to take it easy and not let the stress get the best of you.  Green Calcite will help you relax and find a healthy, empowering release for your frustrations.  This is a powerful opportunity to stop blaming and beating yourself up for supposed mistakes.  Aqua Aura lets you know you are fine and once the overall negative atmosphere moves on, you can move forward from a position of strength.  Use this energy to stop cycles of doubting and bullying yourself and you will bring a light to the day that won't be diminished by anything.

Thursday 10/12/17

It will be clear just how beneficial Saturn's energy can be when it joins Mercury in a productive Sextile transit.  It is disheartening when it seems you are bombarded with obstacles.  This energy is the exact opposite of that!  Everything picks up the pace as paths become clear, opportunities are abundant, and progress is smooth and rewarding.  You will eagerly be able to keep up with whatever comes your way and carrying Amber will support your movement in the best possible direction.  Working towards the future is great, but you especially want to focus this energy on the here and now.  These are planets that are very much devoted to keeping us present, so use their guidance to consider where you are right now.  You are very much in control and can use that energy to look at present and past actions, decisions, and situations. Chalcedony helps you notice areas that could be improved upon and resources that have not been recognized.  You want to feel really good about your present because that is how you will create your best future.

Friday 10/13/17

Your enthusiasm continues to expand now that Mercury and Mars come together to help you get things done.  The rules and boundaries that Saturn brought to the picture fall aside and your ingenuity steps up.  You are feeling quite innovative while under the influence of this energy, so you won't be that interested in maintaining routines.  There may be some stress about being irresponsible when you don't perform your normal duties.  Amethyst will help to reduce that stress while keeping you mindful of essential functions that require your attention.  You want to take care of those situations with attentiveness and an upbeat attitude.  Otherwise, spend as much time as possible being fluid and spontaneous to make the most of this energy.  Bronzite will enhance your mental clarity and encourage your creativity to shine through in everything that you do.

Saturday 10/14/17

Communications may not be productive or pleasant today due to a Mercury/Chiron transit.  The challenge comes in how things are being perceived when we try to make something known to another.  The true intention behind your words will get lost and there is a greater potential for hurt than there is for help.  Emotions are running high and the atmosphere just feels generally off for everyone.  It could leave you feeling ineffective and possibly even destructive if your attempts to make things better backfire.  Remember the importance of timing when it comes to resolutions.  A low key approach will be your best bet right now.  Try to remain neutral and non-committal until you feel more confident in taking a stand and being able to express and receive ideas in a more proactive manner.  Carry Orange Aventurine to help you manage the sensitive nature of the day.  Aragonite will add gentleness to all of your communications that will make this a much better day for everyone.

Sunday 10/15/17

Mercury won’t be too supportive in the early hours.  It is in an Opposition with Uranus, making it difficult to concentrate and messing with all of your methods of communication.  You want to be cautious with how and when you express yourself because it is likely your words and mannerisms won’t be received and/or understood properly.  The general air of misunderstanding and confusion could put everyone on edge, so carry Blue Calcite as a reminder to think very carefully before you speak. You want to do your part to avoid unnecessary disagreements.  You will be feeling better once Mercury leaves Uranus behind for a meeting with Neptune, but don’t expect your productivity to improve.  You want to avoid snap decisions and anything that requires diplomacy or technical expertise because you won’t be at your best in these areas.  This is mentally stimulating energy, but it is geared more towards creating fanciful ideas without finding the practical elements to back them up.  Spend time with Iolite to get the best of this imaginative transit, but wait for a more practical time to set anything in motion.

Monday 10/16/17

Get ready to experience some of the best support that the Sun and Saturn have to offer.  A Sun/Saturn Sextile is the perfect way to start off a new week.  You comfortably know who you are and what you are capable of accomplishing.  You have a plan of action that factors in both known and unknown variables.  Basically, you are prepared to take on the world as you actively pursue getting what you want and deserve.  The knowledge that your success is ensured means you are approaching everything from a position of strength.  This may be one of the best elements of this transit and Garnet will help you to feel the innumerable benefits.    Saturn’s influence can feel slightly confining, so if you need some encouragement to explore, try a Lapis Lazuli to look beyond your current plans for even more opportunities.

Tuesday 10/17/17

The brash atmosphere that a Mars/Uranus mix is producing could cause you to instigate disagreeable situations only to show others how capable you are at fixing them.  Your sole purpose won’t be to make things better as much as it will be to let everyone know that you are in charge.  There are far too many ways that this could – and most likely will – backfire on you.  When you get that urge to confront and dominate, you need to stop and consider all of the ways that your actions could hurt yourself and others.  Carrying or wearing Rose Quartz will be an effective deterrent from acting out of aggression.  It will enable you to a find a peaceful center where better choices will prevail.   If there is a situation that needs a tougher approach for a positive resolution, then Red Tiger Eye can help you use this transit in a productive and congenial manner.


Posted on October 09, 2017
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