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WEEK OF 10/08/14 - 10/14/14 

Wednesday 10/08/14

Venus and Pluto are in a square that is challenging you to look beneath your perception of situations and relationships in your life.  Fears of upsetting your present situation and its apparent “perfection” could have you second-guessing whether you want to deal with the unpleasant issues that you feel intensely right now.  Whatever has been lying beneath is going to come out, so this transit isn’t going to leave you much choice.  Either you cooperate with the energy and deal with them head on or your denial will have back-handed results like jealousy, passive aggressive actions and manipulations.  It is going to be evident that change will be necessary in order to continue on a positive path, so look at this as your opportunity to embrace the whole picture and appreciate things as they are instead of avoiding what you fear. You also have a friendly Lunar Eclipse to get you moving towards positive change. This is intense energy so use Chalcedony to avoid power struggles and unreasonable demands on others. You also want to avoid snap decisions and quick solutions right now so use Green Tourmaline to help you take your time and find what will bring you the most beneficial results.

Number of the day: 7

7 reveals itself when it is time to go within.  Its energy will enable you to put aside the material world to focus on your mental and spiritual workings. Amethyst will be your guide. 

Thursday 10/09/14

The atmosphere created by a Mars/Jupiter Trine has you eager to tackle those difficult situations that you know will change your life for the better.  Your bold actions will yield some amazing results under this influence and you could achieve much more than you dreamed.  You don’t fear a poor outcome because you are optimistic and confident in the strength of your will to make things work out exactly as you want them to.  And if you are concerned that perhaps you don’t’ know what you want – of course you do – you want a happy ending and this is the kind of energy where you can get that for yourself.  Apatite will point you in the best direction for that first step.   Chrysoprase will keep your enthusiasm flowing as you progress towards success.

Number of the day: 8

The best way to conquer any surrounding chaos is to maintain an inner equilibrium.  It can be a challenge not to let the outside difficulties in, so use Tourmalated Quartz as an effective and positive barrier. 

Friday 10/10/14

There is an abundance of happy vibes emanating from a Sun/Jupiter sextile today.  Everyone is feeling helpful and cordial, making this a perfect time to join up with others for work or play…or a mix of both!  This transit has the personal benefit of boosting your confidence and allowing your true self to shine through.  Mercury begins its retrograde phase in Libra and that is going to give you an extra energetic opportunity.  When Mercury is in retrograde its energy focuses inward rather than outward giving you time and space to get to know you. That is the benefit of this phase and that is why outward elements slow down and become awkward.  It isn’t to make our lives more challenging - it is meant to allow you to focus on yourself.  Libra brings elements together to produce wholeness, balance and harmony.  So, what do you have in conflict within you?  Mercury retrograde in Libra can enable you to bring those opposing views together to find an agreeable resolution that will satisfy all of your needs and wants.  There is enormous potential for growth and expansion with so much powerful energy and Imperial Topaz can help you recognize where this can benefit you, while Turquoise gives you what you need to take advantage of it.

Number of the day: 9

Sometimes your best bet is to focus your energy on the experience and wisdom to be gained rather than any material profits.  Let Blue Sapphire be your guide. 

Saturday 10/11/14

A Venus/Uranus Opposition is producing restless and impulsive energy causing you to question if things are as “pretty” as they could be.  You will be driven towards improvements and changes even if they aren’t necessary.  Uranus always makes things a little wild so beware the urge to experiment because it is sure to have unexpected and potentially unpleasant results.  If you have been looking for a push to enforce a major change, this could work in your favor.  Just be sure to really consider all the angles and think things through because undoing your actions won't be easy.  You also want to watch that your emotions don’t lead you astray as a Mars/Moon sextile is adding to the volatile atmosphere.  Use Dioptase to avoid being carried away by a momentary thought or feeling.  Mookaite Jasper can help you avoid any permanent changes and remind you that you can always act on things tomorrow if the urge holds up.

Number of the day: 1

 Often we dismiss an idea or plan when it seems too hard or impractical.  1 will uncover your inner strength and help you to keep going even when things are hard. Use Malachite to realize your true potential. 

Sunday 10/12/14

You may be feeling the effects of a Mercury/Chiron transit late yesterday where the best of intentions may not translate well and can easily backfire.  It is possible to hurt others and/or be the wounded party under this influence since communications can be careless and easily misinterpreted.  A Sun/Moon conjunction will help you to shake off any bad feelings by showing you that want you want and what you need are not only the same thing, but are very attainable.  You’ve got a great opportunity to head in a new and lucrative direction since this energy is wonderful for a fresh start.  Physical actions can wait for Mercury to go direct, but for now use Azurite for clever ideas and an abundant focus.  Pink Calcite will remind you to be extra kind and cautious in your dealings with others.

Number of the day: 2

Combine the energies that are leaving with those that are ready to begin.  It could result in a unique vision to help you bust through (or work around) any blockages that you encounter.  Use Chrome Diopside to integrate the dual energies into a single force. 

Monday 10/13/14

The Sun and Neptune will make it easier to focus on pleasant activities than it will be to deal with mundane tasks.  You might look to your willpower to get you on track but you won’t find help there since your mind, body and soul will be devoted to the pursuit of fun and joy.  This energy is not helpful for business endeavors and you will find linear thinking and direct actions nearly impossible to accomplish.  You will be better off finding activities that will engage your creativity right now rather than struggling to perform necessary tasks.  If there is something that absolutely, positively cannot wait, then Blue Tiger Eye can help with grounding and focus.  Pink Aventurine will help you enjoy the easygoing nature of the day.

Number of the day: 3

 If you feel apprehensive use the energy of 3 for optimistic confidence.  It will replace doubts and fears with a sense of adventure that encourages you to experiment. Citrine will light your way. 

Tuesday 10/14/14

Venus and Jupiter offer an enlightening glimpse beyond the surface of your world today.  You can sense that there is a higher purpose to everything and you will feel it - especially in your relationships and business dealings.  You may experience connections that will breathe new life into present circumstances and broaden your scope.  Most importantly there is the potential to discover the unrealized benefits that may have been eluding you.   Overall this energy brings a sense of ease with the present and bright optimism for the future. Rutilated Quartz will help you see what you have been missing and Garnet encourages you to take advantage of every opportunity.

Number of the day: 4

Trustworthy 4 will always take care of the details and get you from point A to B.  Carry Yellow Jasper to let its energy keep you steady and on track. 


Posted on October 07, 2014
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