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WEEK OF 10/07/15 - 10/13/15

Wednesday 10/07/15

The Sun and Venus in a semi-square will send you on a quest to uncover the source of your unhappiness.  You could waste a lot of time and energy looking all around you, when in fact you won’t need to look very far because you are the source.  That self-recognition won’t be easy to take and you will feel the urge to deflect your misery by taking it out on others, so be cautious with your interactions.  Venus’ influence could cause more distractions from dealing with the actual issue by making you believe that the answer is simply to surround yourself with more nice things and situations.  Attempts to “buy” your way out may bring some temporary satisfaction, but overall it will only add to the problem. You are going to have to face yourself and own the fact that only you can make things better.  It won’t be as hard as it sounds because the Sun and Venus really want to help you.  Orange Calcite can help you use the energy to boost your will to feel better, while Pink Calcite gives you the confidence to know that you can do whatever it takes.

Number of the day: 9

There is always something new to learn.  Even when we think we have all the answers and know everything that there is to know.  You are surrounded by teachers, so take what they have to offer.  Blue Lace Agate allows you to accept their lessons.

Thursday 10/08/15

Mercury and the Moon are bringing us some deeply personal energy that will increase your self-awareness.   Like everything in the Universe, we are constantly changing as we experience our own seasons, transits and flows.  It can be hard to notice these as we go through the business of our lives and harder still to take a moment to note our present “self”.  Reflections of past deeds and situations and a resurgence of old ideas and feelings are just some of the things that may manifest at this time.  These memories are meant to be a reminder of how you’ve gotten to where you are, so use them to boost your confidence and not a means for regrets. This influence will produce an emotional response but there is also an abundance of objectivity.  This will keep you from getting lost in the past and/or focusing entirely on the future.  Once you’re based in the now, you’re going to want to express yourself, so be sure to reach out to both old and new associates.  Social interactions right now will be especially meaningful and advantageous.  Garnet will help you get whatever you need the most from this transit in order to proceed from a place of strength. Blue Fluorite enhances your communications.

Number of the day: 1

Self-reliance lies within each of us - even when we don’t realize it.  Recognize how strong and accomplished you are and use Cavansite to uncover your unlimited potential.

Friday 10/09/15

This is a great day to let people know how you really feel with Venus and Mercury in a friendly transit.  Even if the message that you need to relay is not the most positive, this energy will help you spin things in a way that makes everyone feel good.  You’ll also find it easier than usual to form meaningful connections that will bring fortuitous benefits along the way.  This isn’t limited to personal interactions, so you could build upon (or form) a new relationship with a career, a hobby or a new learning experience.  Sugilite will help you use this energy to communicate anything that you’ve been holding back.  Now is the time to get it out because the atmosphere will make it a congenial exchange rather than confrontational.  Pietersite will eliminate any shy tendencies when it comes to engaging with new people and experiences.

Number of the day: 2

Don’t allow yourself to become frustrated by being stopped in your tracks by outside forces.   Consider the positive aspects of slowing down and finding a new way to accomplish an old task.  Use Yellow Calcite to discover the peace of accepting what is and making it your own. 

Saturday 10/10/15

You will have very specific expectations for yourself and the day in general and the fallout won’t be pleasant when they are not met.  When things don’t go as planned, you’ll feel as if you were bound for failure because you expected too much. That will be a Sun/Saturn semi-square driving you to look for someone or something to blame.  Don’t waste your time and energy using this as a diversion, rather than accepting the fact that often things are simply beyond your control.  Saturn moves into another square with Venus and that could urge you to produce self-defeating situations.  You have decided that you probably can’t get what you want so you’ll overcompensate by throwing additional time and resources at your goals to fulfill your defeatist prophecy.  You need to proactively stop those negative thoughts and beliefs before they take hold, so carry Lithium Quartz to keep your self-esteem healthy.  Azurite will help you accept that success may not come right away, but that doesn’t mean that you have failed. 

Number of the day: 3

What could be more fun than doing something that you’re not supposed to do (of course something safe that harms none!).  It isn't always about work, so go out and play and wear a Turquoise to feel the elements as you enjoy your day.

Sunday 10/11/15

Today brings an abundance of hope and certainty with a Jupiter/Pluto trine leading the advance for you to achieve personal happiness.  It is pretty much the polar opposite of yesterday’s energy, so if you felt knocked back, be prepared to work with a more supportive vibe. You are ready to go after whatever it is that you want for yourself and others and you are completely confident in your ability to gather the resources needed.  You are going to want to improve something and you will be able to do what it takes and see some real results.  The Sun and Uranus are going to help you get out of your comfort zone and experiment with different methods to achieve your success.  Just remember that Uranus is fickle, so be flexible and don’t’ set anything in stone for now.  Chiron will bring the shadow of doubt, but you’ll be shining brightly enough that you can move right past it without it breaking your momentum.  Blue Topaz will highlight the effects of your efforts and Golden Tiger Eye will show you how to use those successes to achieve even more.

Number of the day: 4

No matter how crazy and erratic the situation there will be that moment when everything just comes together.  The sense and surety of that moment is the message that 4 has for us.  Stilbite lets you feel the steady calm of knowing that everything will be alright.

Monday 10/12/15

There is a carnival-like atmosphere in the air today with Venus and Uranus imploring you to try something different.  Anything that is comfortable or predictable is going to feel like shackles keeping you in place while you long to run free.  Does that sound a little dramatic?  Uranus and Venus are intense planets and their combined energy can feel urgent and demanding.  You’re going to need to answer the call for change so use this opportunity to bring beneficial and prosperous energies into your life.  You will be eager to explore everything, so use Sunstone to attract only the best situations for you.  Star Sapphire will provide support while you’re in a transformation phase.

Number of the day: 5

Have you noticed how the energy of 5 always seems prevalent when Uranus is dominating the sky?  Maybe it's because they both want us to realize how easy it is to maintain our natural right to freedom.  Flexibility is the key to knowing that nothing can hold us in or hold us back.  Let Green Tourmaline guide you when you feel lost.

Tuesday 10/13/15

It’s clearly time to get back to work with Mercury moving forward after its last retrograde for the year and joining with Saturn in a productive sextile transit.  Over the last few weeks’ things slowed down and you probably had to go back and do things over more than once.  That feeling that your efforts are getting you nowhere can make it easy to relinquish control over your objectives for a while and that is what it is supposed to do.  Now the energy has turned for the better and so will you!  Your thoughts and actions will be clear and direct and you can use your renewed zest for your goals to make significant steps towards reaching them.  Chalcedony supports your mental preparations and Amber will help you set things in motion.

Number of the day: 6

Let 6 be your reminder to consider others as you do what is right for you.  It is always important to take care of ourselves, but it doesn’t need to be at others’ expense.  Rhodochrosite will encourage your caring side to be front and center. 


Posted on October 05, 2015
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