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WEEK OF 10/04/17 - 10/10/17


Wednesday 10/04/17

Decision making and enacting change will be a challenge while the Sun and Neptune test your confidence and ability to focus.  If you have already made a choice and/or begun a course of action then you should be fine.  This transit tends to focus on those areas where we are still hesitating due to personal fears, a lack of clarity or insecurities about being able to carry out a cohesive plan. Those doubts are going to be amplified under this influence so you absolutely do not want to begin anything new until you have a more positive mindset.  Use this energy to consider why you have been holding back and see if you can overcome those internal objections.  Use this influence to prepare solutions for potential issues and you will be ready to go once the atmosphere is friendlier.  Use Amazonite to understand the source of your doubts so that you can effectively turn them to your advantage. Dalmatian Jasper will bring you some peace from any stress that is arising.  It may not feel like it but you can accomplish a lot today by just staying positive.


Thursday 10/05/17

Venus and Mars are in a transit that combines romance with ambition.  It may seem like an odd combination but it will actually produce an agreeably warm and loving energy.  You feel encouraged to focus on yourself and your needs.  This is very personal energy and you will be thinking chiefly about your wants and desires but not in a selfish manner.  Your impulse will be to satisfy yourself but your intent will be to create beautiful and passionate things and situations that benefit everyone.  This transit enables you to attract those people and situations that will result in mutual fulfillment and satisfaction.   Everything that you do right now will be about feeding your heart and soul so that everyone benefits.  They will be speaking to you loud and clear and you will be highly attuned to answering their call.  This is powerful energy that will enable you to create the life that you truly desire and deserve.  Work with Moonstone to use the joining of these planets  with opposing agendas as a tool to achieve inner balance.  Garnet will enable you to find multiple ways to express your passions in a healthy and constructive manner.


Friday 10/06/17

Confusion persists throughout the day with Neptune continuing to disrupt our plans as it moves into a transit with Mercury. Neptune always makes everything a little soft and fuzzy since it does not like the harshness of reality.  Mercury’s effectiveness as a communicator will be diminished and you will notice it particularly with your inner support system.  That voice in your head won’t be loud or clear and your intuition will be off.  You simply won't feel comfortable trusting your own mind and Neptune takes advantage by urging you to fantasize the day away. Any attempts at focus and logic will likely result in stress and frustration.  There are some days when you are better off just taking it easy rather than trying to fight against the energy with your drive and will.  You might accomplish something but it won’t be worth the mental anguish and physical stress.  Hematitewill enable you to calmly flow with the energy without feeling as if you have to conquer it and get something done!  Grounding will be a real boost to your mood and physical feeling so keep a Brecciated Jasperwith you throughout the day.


Saturday 10/07/17

Finally Neptune is being more helpful by working with Uranus to inspire and motivate you.  The atmosphere is restless but you feel ready and eager for a reorganization of your life.  The time spent facing your fears and creating strategies to overcome obstacles makes sense now as you know you are prepared to live your best life.  You will be taking a critical look at past dreams and goals to determine if they still fit who you are and where you want to go.  Here is an opportunity to take stock and eliminate those excess and/or dated ideals and intentions.  It is time to make room for ones that are more meaningful to where you are in the present.  You do not want to attach yourself to anything new right now because Uranus could steer you in a difficult direction towards unrealistic ventures.  Use Dumortierite to allow the impractical nature of this transit to pass and wait for the right opportunities.  Howlite gives you insight and helps you employ tact and diplomacy when letting go of things whose time has run its course for you.    


Sunday 10/08/17

You may begin your day wondering if you do know what you want and if you have what it takes to get it.  That will be a Venus/Saturn Square filling you with doubts that used properly could work to your advantage.  Consider this day a wake-up call that gives you the opportunity to fully commit to a course of action.  Whether that action is to proceed as planned or revise your strategy is completely up to you.  The point is that you want to do something rather than doing nothing and letting the energy overcome your drive. You will be very aware that the appearance of going through the motions means nothing and true success can only come from authentic responsibility  This is a an opportune time to choose your path without question because you are prepared to commit your heart and soul.  The Sun and Mercury are going to do their part by awakening your logic and critical thinking skills.  Apply this productive energy when obstacles arise and problem-solving is needed.  Chrysocolla will relieve the stress of questions that may be difficult to ask and help you to calmly find the best answer.  It will help you to know and trust your heart.   Fire Agate helps you to proceed with confidence knowing you will overcome any challenges.


Monday 10/09/17

Pluto's "all or nothing" agenda is prevalent today as it meets up first with Mercury and later with the Sun in a pair of Square Transits.  While it is joined with Mercury it will seem as if every communication given and received contains a veiled negativity that will put everyone on edge.  Of course you know if you look hard enough you are sure to uncover something disagreeable.  It could be the real thing or just as easily a false reaction to the atmosphere so use care before going on the defense.  Either way you are going to want to deal with it in the most positive manner possible and Aragonite will help you with that.  You do not want to avoid or ignore any difficult situations because that will only increase their hold over you.  Once Pluto moves to the Sun you are going to want to get to the bottom of things and take matters into your own hands.  You do want to be cautious because your urgency and persistence will appear manipulative and dictating and it will work against you.   You will recognize your personal power and you want to use that to work towards solutions to any struggles or to just let it go and move on.  Use Rutilated Quartz to approach things with a positive spirit that allows your true self to come through without coming on too strong. 


Tuesday 10/10/17

Venus and Chiron in a Square will encourage you to remove people and situations from your life that have a structure that seems too different from your own.  You are going to need to add your own sensibility to determine if that is really in your best interest.  Opposites attract for a reason and you want to find out what that is instead of cutting off a potentially beneficial opportunity.   Before you simply give in try taking a different approach to things that on the surface seem like too much work.  Golden Tiger Eyegives you the courage to use your discomfort as a means to find a common thread that will change your perspective.  At the very least this will an experience for growth and insight that you want to control.   Azuritewill help you to trust your instinct over logic, convention and the general atmosphere that could make you believe you are wasting your time.  It is never a waste to seek a positive solution to a challenge. 



Posted on October 02, 2017
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