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WEEK OF 10/02/13 -10/08/13 

WEDNESDAY 10/02/13

Saturn and Chiron will energize your confidence in yourself and your abilities, and help you to make things happen.  This is an interesting and powerful transit that enables you to use your special talents and interests to make realistic plans and progress towards your goals.  Embrace what makes you unique and it will give you a real advantage.  Venus and Pluto could have you looking for hidden agendas and cause envious outbursts.  Use some caution with how you present yourself and interact with others, since you do not want to come off as manipulative and domineering. Carry Black Agate to communicate from a place of inner strength and calm.  Vesuvianite allows you to be your true self and let others see your value.

Number of the day: 9

When you see 9 it brings the opportunity for closure.  Use this energy to find the strength to be willing to let go.  Rainbow Moonstone will help you find peace and attain wisdom. 

THURSDAY 10/03/13

The Sun is interacting with Chiron, Saturn and Uranus today, with the united goal to help us through our struggles to understand - and be - who we really are.  Saturn will assist you with taking disciplined steps towards attaining your goals.  At the same time, you may have some guilt for not dealing with other issues that you may feel require your attention.  If you let the guilt override your purpose it could result in poor communications and presentation of yourself.  When feisty Uranus steps in, you are reminded of how much you crave freedom and dislike conformity, which can enable you to stick to your plan.  It is likely that you will encounter an upset that you had not foreseen and your ability to adjust will be what propels you forward.  It will give you the renewed sense of purpose that you need to override any fears or doubts.  Aragonite will encourage you to let go of what you no longer need.  Chalcopyrite will help you find your way back to where you need to be. 

Number of the day: 1

The energy of 1 reminds you that you are in a constant state of beginnings.  Every second is the chance to start anew...start over...start again. Amber brings light and positive energy to all of your starts. 

FRIDAY 10/04/13

The Sun and Venus in a semi-square will have you focused on the worst qualities of everyone  you meet and every situation  you encounter.  But are those really their qualities or are they the challenging aspects of your personality that you are projecting onto others?  We instinctively want to know more about ourselves and  look for those same qualities in others.  You won't want to eliminate or bring in anything under this transit.  Instead, work on finding creative solutions to integrate the good and the "not as" good, so that everything is working to your advantage.  Charoite will promote understanding and acceptance.  Snowflake Obsidian will help you deal with any internal or external chaos.

                                                                                                                                                 Number of the day: 11

When you are lost and wondering why things are as they are, 11 will help you find your answers.  Meditate with Amethyst to access this Universal resource and find answers and peace. 

SATURDAY 10/05/13

Do you feel as if you have to give in to get what you want?  That is coming from the influence of Saturn and Uranus.  Be cautious, because whether you rebel or conform, there is a good chance that you may still not be satisfied.  When Mars and Pluto step up you are led to make changes, but when met with resistance you try to bully your way through only to realize that you have lost your way.  The trick is flexibility!   Adjust where absolutely necessary and hold tight to what is important.  You can find the way to get what you want, get it without giving up anything and ultimately end up exactly where you want to be.  Chrome Diopside builds essential trust in yourself and the Universe.  Rose Quartz replaces any fears and doubts with love and faith.

Number of the day: 3

3 offers you the power of options.  It does not have to be one way or the other...there are opportunities in between -  you just have to never stop looking for them.  Use  Clear Quartz to uncover what you may have missed. 

SUNDAY 10/06/13

Mercury sextile Pluto is a wonderful transit for anyone who is seeking answers. And, aren't we all?  You will be more inclined to look beyond the surface to gain true knowledge and understanding.  Your desire to discover something new - especially about something old - will empower you to dig deeper.  This influence will have you feeling patient and able to plan your next move with insightful strategy.   Iolite encourages trust in your insights and instincts, while Topaz shows you how to use what you have learned.

Number of the day: 4

4 will help you realize your purpose.  Having a purpose can lead you to build a structure that will embody your dreams - the perfect marriage of practical and spiritual!  Carry Rutilated Quartz to  feel the energy of 4 working throughout your life. 

MONDAY 10/07/13

Two very different transits could work together for your benefit.  Mars and Uranus are making you restless and itching to take a risk.  You want to make sure that the risk you take is worth the outcome, so consider all of the possible results.  You might want to use this energy to open up to someone else...particularly if it is a conversation that you have been avoiding.  Mercury and Chiron are producing a sensitive and expressive atmosphere that make this a good time to open up to others.  There is a wonderful possibility for permanent healing.  Aqua Aura supplies energy towards positive and productive communications.  Fancy Jasper will provide direction when you are ready to take a chance.

                                                                                                                                                Number of the day: 5

No matter how well planned, how controlled or how safe, there is always a risk.  5 wants you to embrace the spirit of the unknown and use it to your advantage.  Labradorite shows you the fun and surprise in the unexpected. 

TUESDAY 10/08/13

Mercury and Uranus produce an atmosphere filled with uncertainty.   You correctly sense that anything could happen right now and your reaction could lead to impulsive actions that may prove disastrous.  The energy is just too impractical right now and you will not be as effective as you imagine.  But then Mercury moves on to meet up with Saturn, and suddenly the fog clears and reality steps in.  Focus on this energy and you could have the confidence in yourself to take actions that will see tangible results.  When you are dealing with this kind of erratic energy, the trick is to stay grounded and focus on the practical.  Don't let Uranus give you crazy ideas that seem impossible (because they are!) causing you to throw your hands up in defeat.  Focus on Saturn, work towards a small victory and see what follows.  Ametrine can help you to successfully navigate the ups and downs.  Red Tiger's Eye will keep you practical and motivated. 

Number of the day: 6

When things don't go your way, when your bravery doesn't pay off, or when you are simply having a rough time, then 6 steps in to let you know that everything will be alright.  It will!  Keep a Pink Calcite for when you need a reminder. 


Posted on October 01, 2013
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