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WEEK OF 10/01/14 - 10/07/14 

Wednesday 10/01/14

Mercury is a planet that is dedicated to mobility and one of its chief benefits is to help you find the best way to get to where you want to be.  Today it is in a perfect position with Venus to do just that when it comes to personal interactions.  Together they are producing a very sociable atmosphere where even the simplest of connections could have long term favor.  Everyone seems to be in a like-minded phase where we all want the best for everyone.  If you have been considering joining or creating an alliance, you will find it easy to commit to individuals, groups and families under this influence.   The charming nature to the day makes it easy to see the benefits of working together rather than going it alone.  Use Rhodonite to add light and energy to gatherings and Sodalite to put you in a cooperative mindset.

Number of the day: 9

9 is the number of earned wisdom and it will always give you something from each of your experiences. Carry Sugilite to be open to what 9 has to teach you.

Thursday 10/02/14

Saturn and Uranus are going to peak your interest in different systems, new ideas and varying perceptions.  You are open to entertaining different means for achieving the task at hand even if it isn't yours, or if it is not a tried and true solution.  Innovations are not only possible but very likely under this influence.  Growth is also very likely as you will have the ability to take on new roles and responsibilities based upon previously unrecognized talents.  This is your day to speak up and offer what you've got, because it is sure to be what someone else has been looking for.  Black Obsidian allows you to be bold without being overbearing.  Citrine gives you the motivation to go after what you want.

Number of the day: 1

Go ahead and be a rebel!  Sometimes you have to shake things up and do the unexpected in order to find harmony.  Orange Calcite will inspire you.

Friday 10/03/14

If it seems perfect and just the way you want it to be, then you aren’t going to trust it and that might be a wise move.  A Venus/Neptune transit will have you on the defense today.  There is always a tendency with Neptune to see past the facts to what you hope to see.  Venus is adding a heavy dose of reality that will make you realize that you are not seeing and/or accepting the whole picture.  All of this inner conflict is going to bring tension, so expect doubts and insecurities to be a challenge.  That tension could work in your favor since you will be better off once you really know what is going on. Amber gives you the patience to wait for a clearer mind before you make any decisions.  Carry Serpentine to ease those inner concerns and keep a sunny outlook. 

Number of the day: 2

2 is about bringing together different parts…but that does not mean those parts can’t come from a single source!  Ruby in Kyanite can merge the different parts of yourself into a powerful force.

Saturday 10/04/14

The day begins with a Sun/Pluto square, where impatient and compulsive thoughts could arise from these two powerhouses pushing each other's buttons.  That's okay because this is the kind of atmosphere where circumstances will allow you to realize the full scope of your personal power.  You know who you are and what you are capable of achieving and anyone or anything that pushes your buttons will find out that nothing is going to stop you.  It may not be easy to express yourself well with a Mars/Chiron square adding to the energy.  You could come off more rebellious than you mean to, so just use caution with who you are dealing with - you want to stand up for yourself, but not be disrespectful.   Your presentations will take another hit from a Venus/Saturn semi-square, where the slightest lack of confidence could make you appear cool and uncaring.  Carnelian will help you strike a nice balance between coming on too strong and appearing emotionally distant.  If you’ve been counting, then you know you’ve got 3 squares to manage today, but you’ve got this, so keep Chalcopyrite close by to retain an affirmative and positive attitude.

Number of the day: 3

3 can help you to accept and understand that we all face the same struggles and want the same things. Fluorite will encourage you to embrace our Universal bond.

Sunday 10/05/14

You are going to want to make some moves today with Mars and Uranus in a very motivating trine.  The energy is progressive and empowering and you are going to be driven to take full advantage, and take steps towards positive change.  Take a moment to consider what is and isn’t working for you right now so that you can capitalize on the former and free yourself of the latter.  This is also fabulous energy to try things on for size to see if something you’ve been considering fits with your overall goals.  And if it doesn’t then you will find something that does!  Be bold and step up towards positive change because you do not want to let this opportunity slip past you.   If you aren’t able to begin anything concrete right now, that’s okay - just use Celestite for inspirational thoughts/plans.  When you are ready, Tanzan Aura will assist in the manifestation of your visions.

Number of the day: 4

Reach for the energy of 4 when you need something to hold on to in the storm.  Brecciated Jasper will provide stability.

Monday 10/06/14

It is a quiet day in the sky so it’s the perfect time to take a break and enjoy the Sun in Libra.  Libra has a laid-back, easygoing quality that can be disarming because Libra energy can be quite demanding.  This is the sign of balance and it is going to challenge you to seek out those areas in your life where things are off kilter and do something about it.  You have some powerful energy to work with over the next few days - including a Lunar Eclipse - so you use this time to consider what needs changing in order for you to feel in alignment with yourself and your world.  Libra believes in truth, justice, peace and the power of "2" so consider how alliances and partnerships can make a positive difference.   Ametrine is an advocate for the power of combined forces.  Moonstone will encourage you to be truthful with yourself to understand what is missing and where to find it.

Number of the day: 5

Of course the number of adventure would make its energy prominent today.  This is yet more encouragement to try something new.  The eclectic energy of Inclusion Quartz will put you in the spirit.

Tuesday 10/07/14

Boredom will be a motivator during today’s Sun/Uranus opposition.  You are sick of the usual and certainly do not want to be bound by anyone else’s rules or ideals.  Your desire for freedom could take you on some unexpected adventures, but you don’t want to commit to any one thing.  You never know what can happen when Uranus is about and you don’t want to miss out on what may be around the next corner.  Don’t be distracted by misplaced feelings of guilt brought on by a Sun/Chiron transit.  If you have been avoiding something it just means that the timing hasn’t been right, so don’t doubt that you will do what needs to be done – and maybe now is your time!  Finally Mercury and Mars are going to add their own energy to this hectic day.  Stress related sarcasm and conflict are likely, so don’t let the pressure make you do or say anything that you will regret.  Remember that everyone is feeling the tension and it will take you further if you strive to be the calm amidst the chaos rather than adding to it.  Dravite (Champagne Tourmaline) will prepare you to deal with the energy and bring peace to the atmosphere.  Emerald reminds you that, by following your heart, you will always make the best choices no matter how much is thrown at you.

Number of the day: 6

The energy of 6 can bring some much needed harmony in to your day.  Let Aquamarine connect you to the balance in nature that surrounds you. 


Posted on September 30, 2014
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