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WEEK OF 09/28/16 - 10/04/16


Wednesday 09/28/16

Jupiter's big move several weeks ago made a significant change in the atmosphere.  If you haven't noticed it yet, then watch out because your luck will be changing.  Jupiter has spent the past year in Virgo and, while it produced valuable energy, it most likely felt pretty harsh.  It was a time of detail and discipline and generally fixing or eliminating those things that were hampering your progress.  Remember that Jupiter is meant to help us grow and expand, but sometimes before you can do that you have to purge and pay some dues.  That part is never much fun; but it’s over and now we’re ready for Jupiter's entrance into Libra.  The planet of luck will be in the sign of harmony and you’re going to realize the benefits of your hard work, positive attitude and getting back all the good you have put out.  This only happens once every 12 years, so you want to make the most of it.  Rose Quartz will remind you of the powerful energy of cause and effect.  It is essential to receiving the benefits of this energy, so make sure you give what you want to get!  Balance is another key element to this energy and you’ll have to make tough choices and deal with things moving out of your life.  Use Azurite to know - without a doubt - that something even better will be moving in!

Number of the day: 1

When you’re overwhelmed and feel overburdened let the powerful energy of 1 simplify your life. Use Green Tourmaline to access your inner self and uncover what is really important.


Thursday 09/29/16

Your vision could be blurred by obstructions, making it easy to waste your energy and focus on the many reasons why you should not do something.  That will be a Venus/Chiron transit, making everything seem impossible.  You could allow yourself to be stopped in your tracks or make the supreme effort to look past the potential problems.  That is how you discover solutions that turn an undefeatable problem into a motivational challenge.   Instead of throwing away an opportunity, you have the option to use your energy to turn “No” into a “Yes”.  Amber will help you proactively work with this transit to learn about yourself and others. Those things you think are holding you back could actually be strengths in disguise. Use Banded Agate to recognize those strengths. This is your moment…don’t let it pass you by!  

Number of the day: 2

2 is about bringing together different parts…but that does not mean those parts can’t come from a single source!  Ruby in Kyanite can merge the different parts of yourself into a powerful force.


Friday 09/30/16

After its transit with Chiron, Venus moves into an easygoing transit with Neptune tomorrow that makes everything and anything seem possible.  You have no doubt that you can have it all and there’s nothing that you can’t do or have.  That assurance you feel in your inevitable success will drive you to take a more relaxed approach towards attaining your desires.  If it usually seems that an aggressive method is your best route towards success, you definitely want to take your new attitude out for a spin.  You will be operating within an overall atmosphere filled with peace and harmony.  There is so much that you can accomplish with this kind of plentiful energy, so work with Blue Sapphire to discover its many advantages.  One of the most important lessons is sometimes it’s best to just be in the moment and let go of expectations and intentions.  Use Celestite to relax because this is one of those times.

Number of the day: 3

3 can help you to accept and understand that we all face the same struggles and want the same things. Fluorite will encourage you to embrace our Universal bond.


Saturday 10/01/16

It is impossible to be decisive when every choice carries equal measures of benefits and disadvantages.  That will be your quandary with Mercury and Chiron in an opposition that shows clear and opposing answers to every question.  Still, a choice will need to be made – even if it is to do nothing – and you will second-guess that choice adding even more apprehension to the environment.  Your most reliable resource during this transit is objectivity.  Use Dravite to take your personal feelings and reactions out of the equation for the moment.  This will enable common sense to step in to guide you through whatever situations need your attention.  You may not be completely satisfied with the results, but Hematite will affirm your confidence that you did the right thing for now.

Number of the day: 11

Your intuition will never steer you in a wrong direction.  Have faith and believe in what you know to be true - even if it seems impossible.  Rainbow Moonstone enhances the mystical energy.


Sunday 10/02/16

You will remain indecisive, but now it's fear challenging your ability to make a choice.  Instead of having so many good options it seems as if you have none.  The Sun and Neptune are in a tense transit that raises doubts instead of ideas when you approach new and/or unfamiliar situations.    Mercury and Uranus join up later in the day and you may look to others for help.  Here is another stressful transit affecting communications, so you can't seem to make them understand your concerns.  Their advice feels somehow wrong - especially when practical solutions are delivered in a direct manner.  What you really want is consolation - or at the very least commiseration - but really there is nothing wrong except that your imagination is turning against you.  It's as if there is a surly beast keeping you from new opportunities.  There is and you are that beast!  Your best solution is to appease your distressed mind by giving it the rest that it desires.  Charoite can help you discern what can wait for a time when you are in a better frame of mind, while Pink Calcite encourages you to distract your thoughts with pleasant activities.  You know that you need a break right now, so trust that instinct.   

Number of the day: 3

Be inspired by everything that surrounds you and let the energy of 3 and Serpentine connect you to the abundance.


Monday 10/03/16

The disturbing energy of the last few days begins to dissipate as Venus moves into a semi-sextile with Saturn and we look to our past for comfort and stability.  That kind of support can be particularly helpful after the last few days that may have left you feeling lost and alone.  You will be able to get back on track after your mind was consumed with indecision and doubt.  Ruby enables you to see and appreciate the good stuff you’ve got in your present and reminds you to take a glance back to see if you've left something behind that you didn’t want to let go.  This is great energy for second chances and advantageous renewals. Petrified Wood can help you recognize that your past could be the key that unlocks the gateway to a very happy future.

Number of the day: 4

Reach for the energy of 4 when you need something to hold onto in the storm. Black Agate will keep you steady and focused through the chaos.


Tuesday 10/04/16

Those good feelings that began yesterday continue to pulsate as the Sun moves into a sextile with Saturn.  You see the benefits of taking your time and approaching everything from a physical place of stability and a mental state of awareness.  You will have plenty of insight, experience and common sense to draw upon as you begin to implement your plans.  Labradorite will help you use the restraint that Saturn can offer to your advantage.  This is an especially good day to work on tasks you have been avoiding, so use Fuchsite to stop thinking and just get it done.

Number of the day: 5

Unburden yourself from the past.  You cannot change it and it will not turn out any differently.  Feel the freedom of release and let Pink Sapphire open your heart to a brighter future.




Posted on September 26, 2016
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