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Sept 28

There is a lot on the docket today with some ups and some downs. Let’s run down what we have and take a look at the effects.

The Sun squares Pluto, the Moon ties Saturn in Libra, Venus clashes with Chiron, Mercury squares Pluto, Mars Forms a frictional link to Ceres, and Ceres creates an off kilter link with Juno. Dicey day is to say the least. Even the calm, cool, and collected among us could be feeling a little tense, strung out and irritable. Instilling calm is no problem for Blue Calcite, when calm is an imperative need.

The bright spot of the day is a Moon-Juno link causing the fashionistas among us to run for the latest styles off the rack. A Superior Conjunction of the Sun and Mercury in Libra and then Mercury is off and running to the far side of the Sun creating a perfect line up of Mercury, the Sun and Earth. Illumination and ideas light the way to a new level of evolution for us Earthlings.


Sept 29

Another day of stirring the pot is in store today with a supportive and encouraging Mercury-Mars tie. Mercury moves to trine Vesta in air signs, and Mars, meanwhile, is inspired by Saturn.Venus inspires Mars in turn. The Sun trines Vesta and the Sun and Mars get cozy in a supportive connect. Investments and romance benefit from all the helping hands.

Throwing a wet towel on the day is a Venus tie to Saturn in Libra, and a Mars-Vesta opposition. Best to keep sharp and on your toes. Kunzite will soothe the Celestial Ladies with some love and kindness for all.


Sept 30

It looks like the cosmos has run out of steam and today seems to grind to a halt. A Moon -Mars contra-parallel and Mercury -Jupiter tie are what we have to throw a damp rag on the day.

Both of these alignments are carrying a psychic overload but we should be able to muddle through with no problem. With the pair of Angelite and Celestite in our pockets, psychic overload can be avoided and we will still remain open to our higher selves.

The Moon continues its stroll through Scorpio, lighting a fire of learning and deep philosophical musings. As the Moon gets ready to slide into Sagittarius it is time to unwind and relax. A Sagittarius Moon this weekend means fun, games, and play time.


October 1

A great weekend is in store, and if you play your cards right, it is a great way to start the month off right. Venus starts the weekend with an awkward tie to Ceres. Mars makes a smooth move to side with the Moon. The Moon forms a link to the Sun and Mercury in a 60 degree sextile. This is a big boost that will jump start lagging spirits. The Sun and Mercury parallel gives the go ahead for some deep reading, creative writing and intensive research to set the mood. The only dark spot on today’s horizon is a Celestial who’s who when the Sun in Libra clashes with mischief makers Jupiter in Taurus. Puffed up egos could take a hit later in the evening. assists in surrendering our egos at the door for the betterment of all involved.


October 2

Today starts with The Moon still relaxing in Sagittarius’ sizzling aura, making a supportive ally of Venus to encourage friendships and alliances. A Venus-Juno union in Libra leads to a boost in love, partner ships and family relationships. Mars in Leo, always ready to stir things up, squares Jupiter in Taurus. This is a volatile match if ever there was one. Harmony may be a hard trait to hold on to at this time. Release anger, panic and outrageous behavior with Watermelon Tourmaline.


October 3

The Moon move into the Earth sign Capricorn opening doors for career advancements. This is tempered by a frictional Mercury-Neptune tie that can lead to some confusion and uncertainty. Venus links with Pluto in an inspirational boost for Earth inhabitants. Will-power is maxed when the Moon joins with Pluto. There are a few challenges to the day in the form of a Mars contra-parallel with Pluto. This stirs up some psychic tensions. A Saturn-Chiron parallel takes us to the twilight zone for some interesting psychic reverberations. Any obstacles should be cleared with an assist from the First Quarter Sun Moon Phase. Confusion, uncertainty and psychic tensions are no block to the healing high vibration to lift the haze and daze surrounding us.


October 4

With yesterday’s alignments still sending vibrations, Mercury parallels Saturn and Chiron this morning reinforcing these vibrations, leaving you with that dazed and confused feeling. The Moon continues its on its merry way with Capricorn and Juno and makes a tie to Pluto reminiscent of the Venus Pluto tie earlier this week. Meditation and affirmations are your saving grace. Assisting with reaching a meditative state when all around you is in confusion is Labradorite, opening your subconscious and helping you find the center of peace and calm.


October 5

The Moon starts the early morning hours with its monthly connection to Pallas, emphasizing Pallas’ attributes of problem solving, strategy and research. The Moon moves in Aquarius during the rush hour drive to work, directing our attention to our global community and giving and gifting with an open heart. Opening the higher heart to unconditional love , generosity and gifting without ties is Lavender Kunzite. The Moon’s alliance with Uranus reveals hidden currents and secrets to be cleared. Technology is on stage with all its gadgets and advancements. Vesta and the Lunar orb blend their energy to the arcane arts and investment in the financial district.

Posted on September 27, 2011
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