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WEEK OF 09/27/17 - 10/03/07


Wednesday 09/27/17

Jupiter will be acting out of character when it joins with Neptune and brings a sense of apathy and discontent. Your daily routine and activities could feel unsatisfying and focus is a challenge.  You may feel a lack of interest and a loss of conviction in believing that what you are doing matters.   There won't be a specific instance or reason when you find yourself wondering what is the point of it all.  Make it your priority to stay positive because this energy will pass and you don’t want to let important matters fall by the wayside.  Pink Calcite helps you find inspiration and enlightenment rather than allowing the energy to draw you into dispirited actions like extravagance or indulgence.   Everything changes once Jupiter is inspired by Uranus.  They are in an Opposition and there is so much getting thrown at you that you will feel as if you need to work extra hard to either capture it all or dodge as much as you can.  Either way you will feel agitated at your inability to keep up with the situation.  The stress is intensified because you know that change is the only path to growth but it feels so insistent that you are not prepared for the commitment.  A change in your approach may be necessary but the atmosphere will be too unstable for you to figure that out right now.  Mahogany Obsidian will bring you the peace to know that decisions can wait and help you to know when the time is right for significant change.  You'll be ready when you need to be!


Thursday 09/28/17

Mercury and Uranus are in a transit that encourages you to find and follow your true north.  It is time to separate from false beliefs that have you attempting to live up to social archetypes and expectations.  Be your real self and live your life in the manner that you know to be best for you.  This is not always as easy as it sounds so use  Green Aventurine to keep a sense of humor and lightness of spirit that will help you to create your bright future.  The opinion of others will matter and while they may not be on board immediately they will respect your choices.  Seeing how healthy and happy your independence has made you will go a long way towards their growing acceptance and support.  Carnelian amplifies your confidence and reminds you that you have all the power to be happy and optimistic.  You will not only improve your situation but be an inspiration to others. 


Friday 09/29/17

Reality bites hard today with Venus and Neptune in an Opposition.  This energy produces uncertainty and confusion when it comes to things and people we love and rely upon for our material needs.  You will recognize the truth but find yourself doing everything possible to avoid it.  It seems much more pleasant to believe whatever illusion you are telling yourself but that won't work in your favor.   If you instead face what you know to be true then you are opening a path that will allow you to successfully mix fact with fantasy.  Rhodochrosite enables you to bring together those opposing forces and use them to create your best reality.  It may seem that drastic change is called for but this is not the best atmosphere for productive reasoning.  This is a better time to keep steady and stay your course until real opportunities for growth manifest.  Heliodor supports your firm resolve and commitment to do what needs to be done without being distracted by distant possibilities.


Saturday 09/30/17

Venus moves into a semi-square with Jupiter where you will do anything to be in the spotlight.  It is hard to ignore the urge to go to any lengths to be noticed but it is so easy to go too far.  You may get your wish but for all the wrong reasons.  Watch out for impulse purchases and decisions that prove costly in the long run.  You want to stay true to yourself so use this energy to realize how special you are just as you are without any adornment or improvements.  Who needs attention when you already know that you are amazing?  Change and growth are imperative to your health and happiness but you want to make wise choices when you are ready.  Cavansite will remind you of how value everything you have is so that you can grow from a place of prosperity.  If you feel pushed to go after something despite inner warnings use Tourmalated Quartz to recognize what you need to revisit at a better time and let the rest go.


Sunday 10/01/17

You continue to feel motivated to go after what you want but now you have Mars and Pluto to help you out with a perfect match of ambition and effort.  Determination will get you going and a willingness to do the hard work will build the momentum and set you up for success.  Your perspective is bright and you have a renewed sense of vitality that will attract the resources that you need.  Pluto is the planet of transformation and its goal is to help us manage change and find ways to make them our own.  It's energy needs to flow in order to be effective and this pairing with Mars will get things moving.  If you have moments of fear or doubt remember that change is what keeps things moving and you are ready for it.  Embrace the necessity and ultimate benefit of transition and you not only make a leap forward but also gain serenity.  Alexandrite will enable you to proactively deal with change whether you initiated it or it is thrust upon you.  Mookaite Jasper brings acceptance and understanding of the cycles that you experience.


Monday 10/02/17

The Autumnal Equinox was over a week ago but it can take while for us to notice as the energy gradually changes.  That is how Libra likes to operate as it subtly turns our focus towards balance. You will notice the atmosphere encouraging you to root out any imbalances you may be experiencing with the purpose of finding resolutions that will bring you peace and harmony.  Seeing all sides of a situation and finding a satisfactory middle ground is one of Libra's chief goals and you can expect that pursuit to continue.  Libra energy is also about honesty so it is a good time to consider your personal truth and discovering the peace of living authentically.  Balance and harmony are subjective and what may feel perfect to you could seem wrong to others.  If you struggle with being your own best person regardless of the influence of others then Libra is here to let you know that it is time to find what makes you happy and do that.  Malachite can allow you to employ and enjoy the laid back confidence of just being you.  Use Stilbite to find and hold on to those things that instill harmony within you.


Tuesday 10/03/17

Venus & Pluto in a Trine is powerful energy to direct towards relationships and ventures that you want to deepen with extra effort and commitments.  Doubts and fears that have been holding you back from realizing your true potential are replaced with a determination to do whatever it takes to get what you really want. Everyone is in the same mind frame making this an ideal time for lucrative partnerships and to see success from joint ventures. This is the kind of atmosphere where everything could change in an instant because there is an extra sparkle to your energy that empowers you to follow your passion.  Be proactive and welcome what comes your way.  Pink Tourmaline will give you the courage to trust your instincts even if that means taking the road less reasonable.  Rhyolite will illuminate the potential for an amazing metamorphosis.



Posted on September 25, 2017
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