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WEEK OF 09/23/15 - 09/29/15 

Wednesday 09/23/15

It's the first day of autumn and it begins with several exciting transits.  Venus and Uranus are in a trine to inspire you to try new things.  You’re going to want to peruse and partake in everything that comes your way as you open yourself to new experiences and possibilities.  Mercury and Mars could have you feeling impatient and pressured, but you will have all the time that you need so gently push those doubts out of the way.  Things won't hold your interest for long but that will work in your favor because you want to wander rather than settle for now.  Finally a Sun/Saturn sextile will enable you to feel very comfortable in your present position and that means that you are approaching everything from a position of strength.  This is powerful energy to kick off a new season, so carry Garnet with you to feel the benefits.    If you need some encouragement to explore, try a Lapis Lazuli to entice your curiosity.

Number of the day: 4

Keep to your schedule and accomplish your tasks - there will be a better time to play later.  4 keeps us on the straight and narrow and its energies will be particularly helpful today.  Carry Brown Jasper to reap the benefits.

Thursday 09/24/15

The slightest worry could turn into full-blown fear with a Mercury/Pluto square inciting and amplifying your concerns.  Anxieties and compulsions could easily overtake reason and optimism during this transit.  It will simply be easier to see the worst in everything - and believe it - then it will be to see the truth.  Your concerns may be valid and, giving them your attention could actually yield some positive results.  If you want to ease those fears and eliminate them for good, you will need to approach them with a very positive and healthy attitude.  It is possible, but it will take some strong efforts. Cavansite will enhance your will to change - just make sure your intentions are positive!   Blue Lace Agate will ease any distress that you feel and help you to relax until the energy passes.

Number of the day: 5

5 adds variety and adventure to even the most mundane of situations.  This won't be just any ordinary day, so bring along Moonstone to illuminate every minute of it.

Friday 09/25/15       

The energy is not much better today with another square transit to manage.  This one is between Mars and Saturn and it will provoke any anger or frustration that you may be feeling regarding your attempts to complete something.  If things are not proceeding as quickly or effectively as you would like, then you are really going to feel that lack of progress today. It will be a particularly stressful time if you have been working hard and doing all the right things and still not seeing the results that you anticipated.  Taking actions will be especially challenging right now and that lack of productivity could make you feel even worse. It is time to take it easy and not let the stress get the best of you.  Green Calcite can help you relax and find a healthy release for frustrations.  Remember that your perception will be on the negative side, so use Aqua Aura to avoid buying into it and taking your doubts out on yourself and/or others.

Number of the day: 6

Maybe you have not accomplished everything.  Perhaps it feels as if you will never be done and there are still miles to go.  But there is still some peace to be had as 6 reminds us to appreciate what we have and love where we are in each moment of our journey.  Let Rhyolite help you to feel the peace of today.

Saturday 09/26/15

What have you learned about yourself over the past few days?  That is the question to ask now that the energy is heading into a more positive place. How you handle the more difficult energies can make you stronger and teach you a lot about yourself.   Mercury and Jupiter are in a transit that will encourage you to learn from your experience and use your newfound knowledge as an invaluable resource as you move forward.  If things have fallen to the side over the last few days, this is the perfect time to get moving again. The atmosphere is filled with insightful and cooperative energy and your mental facilities are operating at peak performance.  All you need to do is add your optimism and renewed willpower. Use Morganite for an objective review of the past that will enhance your future performance.  Tangerine Quartz will support your efforts as you get back on track.

Number of the day: 7

Perseverance is a key element to progress.  Carry Fuchsite as a constant source of renewal and never give up!

Sunday 09/27/15

The energy of the New Moon/Partial Solar Eclipse a few weeks ago gave you the opportunity to heal and fortify your inner being.  Now it is time to employ a similar strategy and utilize the energy of the Full Moon/Supermoon/Total Lunar Eclipse to look outward and consider the people and situations that surround you.  Does it sound like a lot of powerful energy?  Well, it is!  The Supermoon amplifies the effects of the Moon here on Earth. The Full Moon is about the conclusion of a cycle and, since it is in the sign of Aries, you’ll be tasked to proactively initiate whatever needs to be concluded before you can begin a new cycle.  The Lunar Eclipse is your wake up call to what needs to get repaired and healed in your surroundings in order for you to be happy.  This Eclipse will have a particular focus on relationships, so expect to be very aware of those concerns.  Whatever is not working for you is going to come to light so that you can repair it and be done with that destructive cycle.  Once you begin to clear those past patterns, you’ll begin the construction of a new cycle.  It may be with the same people and situations, but now you have changed the flow of energy from negative to positive and that will change everything!  Remember that everything takes time, so don’t expect a sudden switch - but be assured that the good that you do for yourself now amplifies over time.  Crystals in the Quartz family will be powerful assistants and conduits for positive energy right now.  Use Amethyst for insight, Rose Quartz for emotional balance that is constructive, and Clear Quartz to shine the light on what needs to change and help you to make those changes.

Number of the day: 8

Every powerful force needs stability and balance to expand.  You are that catalyst that can set that force in motion.  Carnelian enables you to realize your immense power.

Monday 09/28/15

Mercury and Venus will place your attention on any concerns that you have with present business and personal relationships.  You will be particularly focused on doubts and worries that you have yet to express to others or even yourself!  Whatever you have been holding in and holding back is sure to come out right now, so it is important that you remain in control of how it is communicated.  You want something good and productive to come from acknowledging your feelings and that can only happen if you are diligent about expressing yourself in a positive manner.  It is equally important to work towards and expect nothing but the most mutually beneficial of outcomes.  It will be very easy to give in to the negative aspects of this transit, so carry Black Onyx to retain self-control.  Chalcopyrite will enable you to have a positive impact and will make others more receptive to your intent.

Number of the day: 9

A new cycle is about to begin and you are ready to move forward unencumbered.  What has been keeping you down or holding you back?  Use Malachite for a healthy release of the past.

Tuesday 09/29/15

Mercury has moved into a transit with Neptune so don’t expect much clarity when it comes to your thoughts and communications today.  They just won’t seem to progress in a logical manner and that will breed an atmosphere of uncertainty.  Since you won’t be able to trust yourself, you’ll want to avoid decisions and commitments until you feel better prepared.  You could use this as an excuse to give your mind time to rest (especially if you need it) or allow the energy to fuel your daydreams since those will flow quite nicely under this influence.  Use Rainbow Fluorite to feel comfortable with being less productive than usual.  Howlite will inspire your imagination to take you to happy places.

Number of the day: 1

1 is the number of an epiphany and if there was ever a time for one, it is now.  Use Optical Calcite to put yourself in tune with the Universe and see what messages are there for you. 


Posted on September 22, 2015
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