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Sept 22

The morning hours leads off with Mercury forming a less then friendly connection to Jupiter, while the Sun parallels Uranus, the harbinger of change, Venus in Libra makes a awkward tie to Jupiter in Taurus.

The Jupiter ties are a reminder that it is possible to overdo a good thing so take a step back and take things easy. As someone once said “Just because you can, It doesn’t mean you should!” When the Sun and Uranus run in parallel, anything can and will happen, expect the unexpected. Morganite, being a slow and gentle stone can open the heart to except change and assimilate the emotional expression of the change in both our own life and of those around us.

Once the lunar orb moves into Leo and leaves Cancer behind, a little excitement builds to a pitch as the Moon and Mars unite and the Moon then later makes a flowing trine to Uranus in Aries boosting self-confidence and independence.


Sept 23

Yes, here comes the change Uranus was leading up to. The Sun leaves Virgo behind to move in with Libra with Fall officially starting with a bang.  Pallas finally makes its station and turns retro-grade. The atmosphere is humming with vibrations. Problems seem to unravel themselves, strategic sessions flow with ideas, research leads to clues and mentally we are on top of our game today.

The emphasis is on the arts, creativity and strengthening your partnerships. A Mars-Uranus trine in fire signs gives a refreshing boost to vitality while Mercury is in a contra-parallel to Venus. The Moon in Leo is forming a helping hand of support with Venus in Libra and optimism flows with a Moon Jupiter parallel.

While Pallas may be the power house for the next few days, Uranus is dominating the scene. Intuition is running high and gut instincts prove true. Sugilite, with its high vibration, will be a guide and a source of confidence that your intuition will lead you right.


Sept 24

With yesterdays alignments  is still resonating, Mercury in Virgo forms a flowing trine to Pallas in Capricorn. Arts, crafts and literary pursuits are getting a big boost and creativity is running amok.

Mercury-Pallas is a boon for those among you who live for the hunt of that elusive prize antique or collectable. You can't go wrong today.

The evening is more subdued than usual as the Moon opposes Neptune, leading into the twilight zone of a 2 hour void. Mercury moves into a shady tie to Neptune, casting a pall that can stir up old patterns and behaviors that require clearing. The Moons entry into Virgo will overshadow the chaos that Neptune can give rise to, setting your feet back into the sunny side of this rollercoaster day. The effects of Galena are two-fold. It will help to break and clear the old, self limiting ideas and patterns of the past and it harmonizes chaotic energy on all levels to bring peace and calm.


Sept 25

Get your act together, as this may be the only break we get for the rest of the month. The Moon in Virgo today and tomorrow gives us a moment of clarity as insights abound. These two heavenly bodies move into a flowing trine to Pluto in Capricorn, and the Moon also makes a flowing trine to Jupiter in Taurus. With the Grand trine of these three earth signs, the march of progress is assured. Rhodonite, most often associated as a heart stone is also a stone of insights, allowing us to see beyond the surface of a matter and to what lies beneath.

Mercury enters Libra to remain until the middle of October leading to understanding and cooperation in partnerships. A Sun in Libra opposes Uranus in Aries and this sends chaotic vibrations through out the psychic energy waves. Venus clashes with Neptune while Ceres squares off with Vesta. Mixed signals, challenging romantic relationships and fiery emotions burn hot.


Sept 26

Fasten the seatbelts, the next three days are going to be rough. The day starts with a dark of the Moon energy wave that overpowers any gains we may try to make, adding to the strange and mysterious parellel in the moon with Uranus.  Mercury is in an awkward tie to Chiron, Mars mirrors this with a off kilter tie to Pluto and Mercury and Uranus gets in opposing corners to send shockwaves, surprises and confusion to bombard planet earth. A blue stones such as Blue Apatite brings clarity, understanding and focus. It brings to the surface all that is hidden, allowing us to find logical solutions to problems. It is the wiser course to review and tweak any plans and projects in the works. Leave any new starts for later when the New Moon move into Libra tomorrow. Maybe the best we can hope for today is a Moon parallel to the planet of Romance, Venus.


Sept 27

The day starts with the Moon in parallel with Saturn, immediately followed by a Moon in parallel to Chiron, Mercury in parallel to Uranus, and Venus in parallel to Saturn. All this before the Libra New Moon moves in. Can you hear the universal message? Take a very careful and undivided focused look at where we are, where we want to be and where to go next before we take that next step. It time to re-evaluate our lives. This seems to be a day of parallels, Phantom Quartz, the ultimate stone of awareness, allows us a knowing of where we are and how we fit into the scheme of the universe, and into our own lives leading to profound and deep understanding and growth.

The Libra New Moon can provide a boost in the arts and our social life. The Venus-Chiron parallel sends healing energy into prominence and the Mercury-Uranus tie equates to anxiety and bouts of nerves.

The Moon- Venus in Libra lights the beacon of love and vibrations intensify.

Posted on September 19, 2011
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