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WEEK OF 09/21/16 - 09/27/16


Wednesday 09/21/16

Quintile transits bring us opportunities to perfect and flex our talents and skills - especially any which are dormant.  A Sun/Saturn quintile is the perfect complement to our last day with the Virgo Sun.  Use it to focus your time and talents on important tasks and goals.  You will naturally be able to manage the details and mechanics of even the most complicated work and see positive results.  The clarity that comes with this transit will enable you to cut through any chaos that may be brewing in your life.  Combine this energy with the last gasp of the Mercury retrograde and use it to deal with doubts and confusion in your own mind.  Use Dumortierite to create personal order by calmly clearing out the limiting clutter and creating a new, empowered mindset.  You will be more observant than usual and Aquamarine can help you apply your new insights in the most beneficial manner.

Number of the day: 3

3 can help you to accept and understand that we all face the same struggles and want the same things. Fluorite will encourage you to embrace our Universal bond.


Thursday 09/22/16

The autumnal equinox (or vernal equinox for our friends in the Southern Hemisphere) occurs when the Earth's equator passes through the center of the Sun.  It is the bi-annual event when we experience equal amounts of light and dark and it is symbolically a time of perfect balance.   You want to take this opportunity to find some of that balance for yourself.   We are complex beings leading complicated lives and it can be a constant challenge to find those elements that fulfill our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs.  While the Earth experiences its moment of balance, use Kyanite to help you make it your day to enjoy those things that bring you harmony and peace.  The equinox only lasts for a moment, but its transformative energy vibrates through the remainder of the year.  A Venus/Chiron transit today will help you focus on the personal healing that will occur when you create a moment of balance for yourself.  They remind you that your life should be filled with love, passion and joy, so work with Carnelian to feel those energies vibrate through your life.

Number of the day: 4

Reach for the energy of 4 when you need something to hold onto during stressful times. Black Agate will keep you steady and focused through the chaos.


Friday 09/23/16

We are beginning the new season by taking a step back to a transit that occurred right before the equinox.  While Mercury was retrograde, it was in a trine with Pluto. Now that it has gone direct, it has circled back to the exact same transit - but of course the energy will be very different.  On 9/20/16 the Mercury/Pluto trine encouraged you to look within for answers.  Today's Mercury/Pluto trine wants you to search outside of yourself for inspiration and understanding that will enable you to better your life.  This is a very rare occurrence where you have the benefit of personal insight that you can marry with universal knowledge to create a holistic approach to any situation. Clear Quartz will help you utilize this energy for a clear and focused mind that’s prepared to take the next step and turn those thoughts into substance.  Mercury is also in a semi-square with Venus, so you may not be feeling very sociable.  It will be challenging to focus on others and their needs when you’re consumed with your own situations.  Use Prasioliteto treat others with kindness and compassion.  If you do, you’ll gain unexpected support when you need it the most.

Number of the day: 5

Of course the number of adventure would make its energy prominent today.  5 gives you even more encouragement to try something new.  The eclectic energy of Inclusion Quartz will put you in the spirit.


Saturday 09/24/16

Mars and Neptune are producing an atmosphere where ingenuity and innovation dominate your every action.  You won’t be satisfied by following protocol, doing the bare minimum, or taking the most direct path.  You’re filled with ideas that you want to put into immediate action – even if that means everything takes a little longer than usual.  You’re going to be excited about applying your resourcefulness to everything you approach.  Use Opal to use this energy to breathe new life into anything that has lost its sparkle.  You have what it takes to make it shine brightly with this influence.  If solutions to important problems or questions have been eluding you, work with Aragonite to give them your attention and get them resolved once and for all. 

Number of the day: 6

6 offers the comfort of knowing that you always have support...even if you don't realize it.  Let this energy help you eliminate any fears of being on your own.  Use Fancy Jasper to encourage your resources to become more prominent.


Sunday 09/25/16

The entrepreneurial spirit from yesterday continues today, but takes you in a different direction.  Now it is Venus and Pluto driving you to find the meaning and significance in everything.  Yesterday you were focused on the physical mechanics and how you could make things operate in a creative and effective manner. Today is about how it makes you feel.  You recognize that it isn’t just about going through the motions and have no time or patience for anything or anyone who is not giving it their all. Expect to do some self-analysis to see how you measure up when it comes to making a difference.   If you are not meeting those standards, then Dendritic Agate will enable you to correct those situations.  This is excellent energy to get a renewed appreciation of things that you may be taking for granted. Iolite will help you to uncover those benefits that you may not have recognized.

Number of the day: 7

7 lets us realize the truth that what you put out is what will come back to you. Rose Quartz will ensure it is always your best self that is out there, no matter what the situation.


Monday 09/26/16

What a fabulous day this is!  The energy of Jupiter is giving us its best and it will make a difference in your day and how you approach future enterprises.  It begins the day in a conjunction with the Sun that will make you want more out of life and, most importantly, be excited about working to achieve that goal. You will be optimistic about your future and confident in your ability to get what you want.  Focus on your personal success, but retain a generous spirit that takes others into account.  Rhodonite will remind you that you get what you give.  The planet of expansion is your ally during this influence, so the benefits you receive from helping others could be many.  Later Venus moves in, urging you to create a life filled with meaningful qualities like love, prosperity and happiness.  Does it seem that you are lacking in any of these areas?  Maybe you aren’t and don’t realize it, so work with Heliodor for a fresh perspective.  If you do need to make adjustments, this is the positive attitude to use to make them.

Number of the day: 8

8 will let others see your true worth and attract rewards for your efforts. Azurite will open your eyes to all of the ways that you are appreciated.


Tuesday 09/27/16

It is those little touches that make all the difference and that’s very evident during a Sun/Venus semi-sextile.  How can you make something special for yourself or someone else today?   Every moment gives each of us an opportunity to make this world a better place and that will be your primary focus. It doesn't have to be a grand or complicated gesture.  Make a simple change or effort right now and its vibration will amplify to send positive energy further than you can imagine.  We forget that we have that kind of power, so use Green Aventurine as a reminder that you are a conduit for abundance, prosperity and joy. This is a good time to discover or reignite a purpose that may have fallen by the wayside while attending to the business of life.  Moldavite can help you get back on track.

Number of the day: 9

9 is the number of earned wisdom and it will always give you something from each of your experiences. Carry Sugilite to be open to what 9 has to teach you.



Posted on September 19, 2016
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