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WEEK OF 09/20/17 - 09/26/17

Wednesday 09/20/17

Don't get too attached to any scenarios or allow yourself to feel comfortably secure for long today because Uranus is very active and that means an abundance of change.  Plans will dissolve, insights will disappear as fast as they come and nothing will go the way that you expect.  Mercury and the Sun will both be working with the tricky influence of Uranus at various points during the day making you feel as if you can't get a hold of anything.  That isn't strictly true because despite the general chaos that follows Uranus you still have complete and total control over yourself.  The tension and disruptions that will naturally arise could have you going on the defensive when dealing with other people and challenges.  Instead use Rutilated Quartz to keep a harmonious attitude that allows you to flow with the energy and use it creatively to better your overall situation.  This is a perfect opportunity for you to initiate healthier habits. Peridot will keep you on the alert for any patterns that are threatening your well-being.  Just as Uranus can change the atmosphere you have the power to change your approach and send your life in a direction that may be unexpectedly right for you.


Thursday 09/21/17

Venus and Pluto have you looking deeply at present relationships and enterprises in your life and you may not like what you see.  This is the kind of energy where you are empowering your fears by taking them from your imagination and putting them into your physical world. When you look for something wrong then you are sure to find it.  Especially since you will be so certain that others are out to hurt you.  Your response will be an insatiable drive to be on top no matter what the cost.  Striking first may feel good for a moment but it will ultimately be your downfall.  Iolite will give you the clarity and trust to stop yourself before you become your own worst enemy.  Everything changes and grows but that doesn't mean it will be painful.  Rose Quartz reminds you that happiness is inevitable and that will immediately make you feel better.


Friday 09/22/17

Mercury and Pluto will increase your overall understanding of just about everything.  One of the loveliest elements of this transit is the increased awareness that there is more than just the physical.  It will be evident that what you can see and touch is only a fragment of your environment.  Your newly developed knowledge will enhance your intuition so that you can access deeper levels of yourself.  You want to pay close attention to the insights you receive during this influence so carry Blue Tiger Eye.  This spiritual energy vibrates throughout the day and helps you connect with energies of abundance, peace and beauty.  These elements will be particularly noticeable in your interactions as you can see how others make a vital difference in your life - and you do the same for them.  Angelite will enhance your connection to the spiritual aspects and your earthly companions.


Saturday 09/23/17

You are on fire with Jupiter emphasizing tenacity, determination and an overall excitement for everything that you engage in throughout the day.  Mars gets things moving with an added burst of assertive energy. You will be moving at lightning speed without giving your actions the proper consideration to avoid possibly costly results.  Remember that Jupiter makes everything seem bigger and bolder and that includes mistakes.  Rhodonite will bring the balance you need to keep a measured stride that keeps you headed in the right direction with the best attitude no matter what may come.  Missteps could weigh heavily on you as the day progresses and Chiron replaces Mars in partnership with Jupiter.  Now it is doubts and worries that are consuming your thoughts and directing your movements.  You are more aware of real and potential problems but you aren't sure if you have what it takes to deal with them.  An even worse suspicion is that you are the one creating the issues that are keeping you from your goals. This is the low to match the intense high from earlier and you once again need to work hard to maintain your balance.  Use Chromium Quartz to keep your expectations realistic and your self-esteem strong.


Sunday 09/24/17

You are ready to put it all on the line because you expect complete and total success.  Mars and Neptune in an Opposition is fabulous energy to get something off and running as long as you are willing to commit to  taking immediate action.  Your imagination is active and powerful but it won't be enough to make anything happen.  That can be hard to accept when Neptune has you believing that enthusiasm is more than sufficient to get what you want.  Use Picture Jasper to add some practical physical steps and practices to your overflowing optimism and then you will see progress.  You could become easily discouraged as you realize that your reality may not be able to match your grand ideas.  All you need is a touch of temperance to manage any pessimism that threatens your sunny outlook.   Charoite shows you how to keep your goals within reach while feeling confident that if you think it then you can do it.


Monday 09/25/17

Mercury and Saturn are going to make it really hard to make things happen today especially if you are attempting to stick to your routine or plan.  There is that constant, nagging feeling that you are forgetting something crucial and that will make it nearly impossible to trust your abilities or instincts.  Since dealing with the present is such a challenge you may look to the past but it seems you can only focus on losses and mistakes.  It is up to you to make this a bright and enlightening experience.  Those old situations you are reviewing are over and done and you continued to thrive!  You were driven to change and you did it.  Now is the time to let anything go that you are hanging on to because you know it is not working towards your benefit.  Once you make up your mind to do that then you have made something happen and shifted your energy towards the light. You know what needs to change and while you cannot control all of it you can control how you deal with it.  Amethyst will help you manage this energy and use it for your highest benefit while keeping you from feeling overwhelmed.  Snowflake Obsidian will reduce the chaos and help you to calmly prepare and welcome the new stuff that this transition ushers in for you


Tuesday 09/26/17

Mercury and the Moon are in a transit that encourages you to understand and honor your emotions.  One of the greatest benefits of this energy is that you are not only aware of your true feelings but you are able to express them in a productive manner.  Once the Moon highlights the importance of bringing your inner and outer selves together then Mercury’s positive influence steps up and shows you how to communicate your whole being. This is a good time to make a presentation since others can feel your passion and they will respond with their own.  They will also recognize your experience and expertise. They will be open to either joining or assisting you with your cause.  Emotions are what make things matter and you can add a lot of meaning to everything from personal relationships to life goals.   Clear Quartz will encourage you to get in touch with your deepest feelings.  Labradorite will support your self-expression.



Posted on September 18, 2017
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