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WEEK OF 09/18/13 - 09/24/13 

Daily Crystal Horoscope for Wednesday *09/18/13*

Crystals for the day:  Snowflake Obsidian  &  Ruby.  Venus is conjunct to the True Node of the Moon and Saturn, leading you towards a new realm in your relationships.  Saturn's influence allows you to view everything in a realistic manner and eliminate unhealthy illusions.  The Moon puts you in a friendly frame of mind where you see things in a more positive light. You may come to realize that those little things that have been bugging you and seem so important really are not!  You could find ways to eliminate them or make them work for you.  Overall, now is the time to rebuild all of your relationships, whether they be internal or interpersonal.  You can successfully approach everything from a solid foundation rather than ideals or fantasies.  Snowflake Obsidian supports you in doing what you must in order to move forward.  Ruby keeps you focused on what works best for everyone. 

Number of the day: 6

6 wants to help you find and nurture the harmony in all areas of your life.  Use Apatite to eliminate any deterrents to finding your place of peace. 

Daily Crystal Horoscope for Thursday *09/19/13*

Crystals for the day:  Petrified Wood  &  Bastnaesite.  Expect an overwhelming influence where you are driven to take on too much without the proper foundation, courtesy of Mercury and Jupiter.  We are ill-prepared, unfocused and lacking the necessary resources  - but we plunge ahead anyway.  Throw in a Full Moon in Pisces and the upcoming season change, and you have a recipe for some very disorienting energy.  Try to set some boundaries before embarking on any travels, adventures or tasks...they could be your steadying influence and help you to gain some knowledge right now.  There is an opportunity to gain insight that will enable you to complete your goals when the atmosphere is better suited to physical rather than mental activities.  Use Petrified Wood for wisdom and Bastnaesite to keep you as grounded as won't be easy! 

Number of the day: 7

Faith-based 7 will allow you to give in to the moment rather than pushing past it.  Fear can lead us towards ill-advised actions while Faith gives us patience.  Fancy Jasper will give you the strength to wait for your moment and know that it will come. 

Daily Crystal Horoscope for Friday *09/20/13*

Crystals for the day:  Unakite  &  Green Quartz..  Venus is working with Chiron and Uranus offering innovative insights and ideas for healing.  A new perspective on yourself and others could make a major difference.  You will be less concerned with what is wrong and willing to work to let the good stuff take over and replace the bad.  This is the kind of positive atmosphere where lasting healing can begin and you can become more open to intimacy and trust.  Mercury and Neptune will have you on a quest for excitement that could lead to impulsive behaviors.  Consider that things might be exciting enough already and use this energy to improve existing attitudes rather than seeking new.  Unakite puts you in the best mind set for change while Green Quartz opens your heart to a different way. 

Number of the day: 8

8 is the Universal reminder that what you put out will come back to you in equal measure.  Black Kyanite will help you to realize the rewards from your efforts. 

Daily Crystal Horoscope for Saturday *09/21/13*

Crystals for the day: Smokey Quartz  &  Pyrite.   As we prepare for the seasonal change, you are very focused and driven right now.  Saturn and Pluto will help you to clearly see where you are headed and what it will take to get you there.  If there are things that will impede your progress you can eliminate them and continue to stride forward with purpose and ease.  Dedication will result in reward.  You are in control of where you stand right now and completely prepared for what is to come.  Smokey Quartz gives your purpose strength while Pyrite enhances the inevitable success.

Number of the day: 9

So what have you learned from the past season that will help you onward?  Use the energy of 9 and Apophyllite to gain wisdom from the past to help you in the now. 

Daily Crystal Horoscope for Sunday *09/22/13*

Crystals for the day:  Carnelian  &  Chevron Amethyst.  The Sun moves into Libra and we welcome the Autumnal Equinox.  It is time to bring things together for a greater whole.  You want to work and focus towards finding resources that can compliment and support your goals.  It may be an existing resource that you have not yet recognized or something new.  It may be another person or situation. Or it may be all within you!  If you have been of two minds about something, then the energy is right to bind them together for total focus that will improve your life.  Libra, like the Universe, seeks balance in all situations and it will help you do what is necessary to achieve it in your own life.  Chevron Amethyst will help you to integrate yourself, your mind and your heart.  Carnelian helps you feel...and use...the new energies of fall. 

Number of the day: 1

A new season offers the opportunity to begin anew.   Let the energy of 1 assist you in bringing your internal house in order to better understand your personal priorities.  Orange Calcite will energize their manifestation. 

Daily Crystal Horoscope for Monday *09/23/13*

Crystals for the day:  Tiger Iron  &  Green Aventurine.   As we begin the new season, Mars and Jupiter are providing excellent energy for beginning something new.  You are optimistic and driven and possess the right mindset to get you well on your way to success.  This is an especially helpful influence to bounce ideas and strategies off of others.  They will motivate you to try things that you might not have come up with on your own.  A competitive atmosphere is very beneficial right now, since it helps you define your purpose and strengthen your resolve.  Tiger Iron gives you the courage for something new and Green Aventurine attracts only the most abundant energies for growth. 

Number of the day: 2

You know where you want to be physically, mentally and spiritually and now the energy of 2 will help you to find the resources to support your journey.  Dioptase can attract those energies to you, but it is up to you to recognize and welcome them into your life. 

Daily Crystal Horoscope for Tuesday *09/24/13*

Crystals for the day: Mookaite Jasper & Kunzite.  Change is never easy...even when it is what we work the hardest for and want the most.  Mercury and Chiron can help us to use that tension that arises from wanting to hold on versus moving forward.  Their combined energies can offer insights that will enable deep healing and help you to see what needs to be left behind for your own betterment.  It can be difficult to realize any truths that may be revealed under this influence...but it is well worth it and essential for your successful evolution.  Kunzite can help you to live your truth by aligning your heart, mind and expressions.  Mookaite Jasper keeps you steady and reminds you that nothing is ever truly lost. 

Number of the day: 3

While 3 can nurture it can also invite conflict by bringing in a mix of different energies.  The highest use of that conflict can open you to new thoughts and means that might have otherwise remained hidden.  Use Imperial Topaz to welcome a healthy exchange of differing concepts...and determine which are the best for you! 


Posted on September 18, 2013
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