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WEEK OF 09/16/15 – 09/22/15

Wednesday 09/16/15

How much you have won’t matter as much as what it means to you with Jupiter and Neptune in an opposition.  This transit places the emphasis on personal and spiritual fulfillment over physical comfort when it comes to measuring the value of things in your life.  It may seem as if this would be a gentle energy, but it can be quite stressful as the practical, physical side of you battles the idealistic dreamer.  There is a place for both and this transit could help you find that balance.  It is imperative that you do not give in to the temptation to look outside of yourself to find the contentment that you crave.  When you don’t find it, you will end up disillusioned and your subsequent actions could potentially damage relationships.  It is time to get real and use this intense energy to recognize the clear fact that only you are the sole source of your own happiness.  Use Apatite to accept the responsibility and Rutilated Quartz to use it for the overall betterment of yourself.

Number of the day: 6

This is a fast paced, crazy world where patience seems to have become something from the past.  6 wants you to take a moment and consider how the resurgence of patience could change your day and your life.  Can you feel the release of stress just thinking about it?  Let Rhodonite help you find patience and share it with others.

Thursday 09/17/15

Mercury is now in its final retrograde for 2015.   Remember that this is not meant to cause you stress where it seems that you are met with nothing but obstacles as you attempt to perform your daily activities.  It is meant to be a constructive period of contemplation and, if you can relax and go with it, then you will realize some extraordinary results.   Mercury is in the sign of Libra and that energy can help you to successfully join opposing forces and make them stronger as they focus on a common goal.  Where is there struggle in your life that you could direct this energy towards to find a resolution?  When Mercury is retrograde it is best to begin your journey within, so make this your time to heal any damage that you’re doing to yourself.  Sugilite will enable you to recognize and resolve your inner conflicts.  The rewards of successfully working with this energy may not reveal themselves in physical ways. Use Blue Calcite to measure your mental state to see if it isn’t in a healthier place.

Number of the day: 7

The number of enlightenment can show you the best way to get what you want...if you let it.  Use 7 and Selenite to discover a different way of doing things.

Friday 09/18/15

Saturn’s tour through Scorpio is finally coming to an end and it will head into Sagittarius until 2018.  This can initiate a powerful period for growth in all areas of your life.  While the influence of Saturn and Scorpio was not an easy one, it is likely that you learned some valuable stuff.  Now it’s time to take all that you learned and use it as a catalyst to free yourself of old, stagnant beliefs and patterns that are holding you hostage.  The adventurous Sagittarian energy is going to help you fill those voids with new, exciting and healthier opportunities that will come your way once you’re open to the transformation.     Labradorite can help you to stop doing things the same old way, while Rhodonite lets you see the power you can wield by making the slightest of changes.

Number of the day: 8

The energy of 8 lets you realize the benefits of your labor...but often you don't have to work as hard as you might think.  Inclusion Quartz will remind you of the personal power that you always possess.

Saturday 09/19/15

It is a powerful and proactive day tomorrow with the Sun and Mars urging you to take control of your life.  You will feel confident and prepared to navigate through challenges while you take care of business.  Your instincts are particularly strong under this influence so you want to pay strict attention to your inner guidance system.  One of the best elements of this energy is how at ease you will be while assuming a leadership position.  That level of comfort you have with being in charge will enable you to present yourself to others in a manner that will gain their trust and support.  Unakite will enhance your mastery and cleverness as you tackle each project.  Moonstone enables you to gather valuable resources that will further your causes.

Number of the day: 9

9 is the teacher in Numerology and wants to help you take away the best of every situation...even the most challenging ones.  Chalcopyrite helps you find the meaning.

Sunday 09/20/15

Mercury and Saturn will give you a second chance to improve and finesse things.  They are in a semi-square and, while the energy they produce can be challenging, it can also be very advantageous. As always, you are in control of how you allow the energy to affect you, so it is all about your mindset.  Of course it will be easy to allow the frustration of everything taking longer than usual to finish and/or having to revisit things you thought were completed to be the driving energy of your day. Fortunately, you’re flexible enough to know that working with the energy is always to your benefit.  Use the opportunity wisely to review and refine those important things in your life because second chances do not always come around.  Green Kyanite can point you towards the things that will benefit most from the extra attention.  Sunstone will allow you - and others - to see how the extra time and attention makes a positive difference.

Number of the day: 1

On a day influenced by the energy of 1, take time to consider and banish any fears that might be keeping you from claiming your individual place in the greater whole.  Use Axinite to trust and align yourself with the Universe.

Monday 09/21/15

You know exactly what you want and you’re ready to challenge anyone or anything that attempts to prevent you from achieving your goals. Mars and Pluto are creating an atmosphere where everything feels crucial and intense.  While it will enhance your determination it will also bring aggressions to the surface.  You may find yourself behaving uncharacteristically domineering in your actions and communications with others.  Even if you typically prefer a laid-back, easygoing approach to things, you’re bound to find yourself agitated and excited under this influence.  The very nature of this transit can make it difficult to feel as if you have accomplished anything and that’s going to add to the already overwhelming potential for stress.  If you want to make this energy as useful and beneficial as possible, it’s imperative that you do everything possible to keep your cool and be flexible.  Bronzite will alleviate your stress and anxiety.  Leopardskin Jasper combines passion with reason which will help you to prevent negative interactions and situations.

Number of the day: 2

2 challenges us to constantly bring in new and positive entities to build upon what we have.   Zebra Jasper will encourage you to bring things together for something unique.

Tuesday 09/22/15

You may sense that something isn’t right, but won’t be able to determine the exact cause of your distress.  A Venus/Chiron transit is bringing your deepest personal fears out into the open, causing you to look around and wonder if those insecurities are becoming truths. Your emotions will not be stable or rational, so don’t make any sudden decisions – or at the very least don’t act on them!  Sometimes when you feel disgruntled it can seem as if you are getting a heavy dose of reality.   Remember, it is just as easy to become irrational through an overdose of sadness as it is optimism, so don’t rely on your impressions until you can regain your balance.  Nature is all about balance and, while it may not come today, it will eventually so try to take it easy for now.  Tourmalated Quartz can help you maintain your composure until you feel more like yourself.  Carry White Topaz to keep your interactions light and friendly.  You don’t want to take your bad mood out on others. 

Number of the day: 3

3 reminds us that anything is possible, but can that can also make it difficult to commit to any one course.  Fluorite will help you to understand that commitment actually grows your options rather than limits them.



Posted on September 15, 2015
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