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WEEK OF 09/11/13 - 09/17/13 

WEDNESDAY 09/11/13

As we continue to make our way through a very stressful atmosphere, Mars and Pluto are going to push you to exert your dominance.  You want to show your strengths and abilities but you will likely go about it in the wrong way and come off as too forceful.   Trying to find less domineering ways to deal with situations will be a challenge since Mercury and Neptune could make you feel indecisive and unclear on how to proceed.  Overall, just about anything that you do could add  to the tension rather than alleviate it.  Put off what you can until another day and muster as much care and empathy as you can for everything else.  It may not be easy but you can get things accomplished with a peaceful vibe.  Chalcedony will remind you to consider others and Lithium Quartz can help you take care of yourself. 

Number of the day: 8 

The energy of 8 lets you realize the benefits of your labor...but often you don't have to work as hard as you might think.  Inclusion Quartz will remind you of the personal power that you always possess. 

THURSDAY 09/12/13

Venus moved into Scorpio a few days ago and this is anything but a harmonious transit.  Venus is very uncomfortable in Scorpio.  It is similar to a battle between alter egos. They will produce a very passionate influence that is almost exhausting and you should expect some intense, compulsive feelings and behaviors.  Sometimes you need that push to get things moving, but you still want to play it safe and take a "reason" break where you think before you act.  Find the balance between happy-go-lucky Venus and dark and mysterious Scorpio and you could have some very useful energy.  Chevron Amethyst encourages your intuition to kick in and override any impulse.  Leopardskin Jasper offers balance and protection. 

Number of the day: 9

9 is the teacher in Numerology and wants to help you take away the best of every situation....even the most challenging ones.  Chalcopyrite helps you find the meaning. 

FRIDAY 09/13/13

Venus and Neptune are in a lovely Trine tomorrow where you can feel very in touch with others, their ideas and perceptions on what makes this a wonderful world.  You can see the beauty in everything and you will want to share your observations so you can make some positive connections based on a joint vision.  Scorpio's influence makes this an especially good atmosphere to find the beauty and positive qualities in the worst of things.  You can easily find the bright spot amidst the darkness...if you have the courage to look for it. Lepidolite opens your heart to something new, while Pink Tourmaline lets you share and spread this energy to all areas of your life. 

              Number of the day: 1 and 13

On a day influenced by the energies of 1 and 13 you want to take time to consider and banish any fears that might be keeping you from claiming your individual place in the greater whole.  Use Axinite to trust and align yourself with the Universe. 

SATURDAY 09/14/13

It is a busy day among the planets with Mercury, Saturn, the Moon, Pluto, Mars and Uranus all providing some important energy.  Organization and work will produce results, and this is especially true if you are willing to try something new.  Try doing old things in a new way and let your imagination guide you.  Beware of the urge to withhold information for your own gain, since it will only result in anxieties that impede your progress.  You are ready to make your mark and you don't want any negative stuff to influence how you are perceived.  Approach everything from a positive place and you cannot go wrong.  Tiger Iron keeps you motivated and Sunstone brings in the fun. 

Number of the day: 2

2 challenges us to constantly bring in new and positive entities to build upon what we have.   Zebra Jasper will encourage you to bring things together for something unique. 

SUNDAY 09/15/13

It is all working against you if you have to make a choice today.  Mercury in Libra is wishy-washy on its best day and now with Chiron, you simply cannot  make up your mind about anything,  The biggest block is that you do not trust yourself and fear that the wrong choice will have results that cannot be fixed.  It is never easy or pleasant, but sometimes you need to fail in order to grow and actually get the things that you really want.  Blue Sapphire will help you know what you really want and Carnelian gives you the strength to go after it. 

Number of the day: 3

3 reminds us that anything is possible, but  can also make it difficult to commit to any one course.  Fluorite will help you to understand that commitment actually grows your options rather than limits them. 

MONDAY 09/16/13

The Sun and Saturn could have you feeling discouraged and unappreciated.  There is no way to feed your ego right now so let it have a time out.   Mercury opposite Uranus brings in too many negative thoughts.  This entire day is filled with very erratic, scattered energy, so try to wait until the energy clears and your focus returns before embarking on any important tasks.  Instead of dwelling on how everything is against you (it isn't but it will likely feel that way), be proactive and indulge in some pleasant distractions.  A book, a movie .... whatever will keep your thoughts focused on more enjoyable things.  You are going to be distracted anyway, so a little "mind candy" could be your best bet. Rose Quartz will just make everything feel better and Sugilite will help you to feel less alone. 

Number of the day: 4

Sometimes it is too easy to indulge in self-pity rather than take action.  4 and Blue Spinel will kick up your enthusiasm and get you moving towards inevitable success. 

TUESDAY 09/17/13

Saturn and the Moon are going to give you complete dominance over your emotions right now and illuminate your self reliance. If there is a situation that requires a cool and collected attitude then now is your time.  The inner you may feel a little lost and lonely, so let Mercy and Mars get you out of your moodiness and replace it with alert may be surprised at how much you can accomplish today if you take full advantage of these transits.  Turquoise enhances your impact while Tsavorite prepares you for the result of your tenacity.

Number of the day: 5

5 encourages expansion through broad visions and taking chances.  Iolite keeps you aware that there is always more to discover, so never stop exploring! 


Posted on September 09, 2013
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