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WEEK OF 09/07/16 - 09/13/16


Wednesday 09/07/16

The Sun and Pluto are in a trine giving you the ability to see how you can create your own positive form of closure.  If something needs a conclusion, you want to focus your energy on that during this transit.  You don't want to think of it as putting an end to something so you can be done with it.  Instead, you may want to initiate new patterns that include your history as well as your future.  This is the influence to help you make strong and lasting decisions that will make a positive difference.  Pink Aventurine will remind you that you’re an artist creating the masterpiece that is your life.  You have the talent and the tools - now you simply have to use them.  Venus is working with Saturn to bring you a secure atmosphere to work within.  It's a good time to recognize the benefits to be gained from renewing relationships and elements from your past.  Carry Petrified Wood to feel the confidence this transit can offer you. 

Number of the day: 7

A peaceful mind will drive your physical actions in a direct and productive manner.  Let the spiritual energy of 7 and Lithium Quartz help you to mentally relax and uncover new inspirations.


Thursday 09/08/16

Companionship and confidentiality are at the center of everything when Venus and the Moon join forces.  Relationships and personal connections have a profound effect on our well-being. Even the most casual interaction with someone can have a significant impact.  Matters of trust and support will surface so that you can recognize their source and the favorable influence they are having on your life.  This energy confirms that we are never alone - even if it feels that way sometimes.  Celestite will help you hold on to that fact and use it to turn around those lonely moments. Use this influence to spend quality time with your people and bring Garnet along to amplify the love and joy.

Number of the day: 8

8 is the alchemist of Numerology.  It will help you take everything you’ve got and turn them into tools for your success.  Jet offers support and positive affirmations.


Friday 09/09/16

Mercury is in retrograde and its transit with Uranus today will have you experiencing some inner turmoil.  You will be indecisive and doubtful of your perceptions as you navigate through your day.  You don’t want to overcompensate by acting overly confident since that will only create a more disorderly situation.  You will be unsure about the simplest of choices, so give yourself permission to wait until you know what to do before taking any action.  Use Fancy Jasper to feel comfortable taking your time.  Sometimes it is best to do nothing and this is one of those days.  A Sun/Uranus transit will lighten up your mood and encourage you to stop thinking so much and just have some fun.  Green Tourmaline will help you to recognize this opportunity to step away from your routine because adventure awaits!

Number of the day: 9

The energy of 9 can put you in alignment with the Universe and strengthen your resolve and resources in order to achieve your goals.  Botswana Agate will help you put it all together for a balanced and stable approach to any situation.


Saturday 09/10/16

For a planet that is supposed to be taking a break from its busy schedule, Mercury has been very active during this retrograde.  The energy of today’s opposition with Chiron may feel intense, but it won’t be focused in the usual direction. This transit typically results in miscommunications and misunderstandings during your interactions with others. The retrograde energy is sending everything inward so you may find yourself wondering why you act, think or feel the way that you do.  It will be very easy to react out of character to challenging situations and present yourself in a manner that you don’t recognize.  You won’t be feeling like yourself, but you could discover new strengths by trying out a new personality.  Use Labradorite to see the benefits of taking a different approach rather than feeling stressed by the urge.  You don’t want to harm your reputation now or in the future, so work with Howlite to prevent any destructive actions.

Number of the day: 1

The energy of 1 reminds you that you’re in a constant state of beginnings.  Every second is the chance to start anew...start over...start again.  Amber brings light and positive energy to all of your ‘starts’.


Sunday 09/11/16

Passion is a magical energy that can make anything happen when it is applied with the best intentions.  There’ll be plenty of it today, but it won’t be easy to direct it in the healthiest manner.  Venus and Pluto are in a square and, while that generates the energy, it also brings a fair share of tension.  Venus wants you to feel secure and comfortable in knowing that you have this power to create.  Pluto reminds you of the passage of time and its inevitable cycle of endings and beginnings that will affect your creations.  It’s a lot to handle and it will be hard to decide how to best manage your feelings and reactions to it.    Amber will relieve some of the intensity and allow you to express yourself in a constructive manner.  You don’t want to let your emotions overwhelm your reason and logic.  Situations that you have been ignoring due to fears and doubts will naturally surface now and things may change.  Snowflake Obsidian will help you to see the benefits of what you have gained rather than dwelling on any loss.

Number of the day: 2

When you are lost and wondering why things are as they are, 11 will help you find your answers.  Meditate with Amethyst to access this Universal resource and find answers and peace.


Monday 09/12/16

A cycle of transits combining the energies of the Sun, Mercury and Mars begins today and ends tomorrow.  It begins with a Mercury/Mars square that is impacting the direction of your thoughts and demeanor.  Your mind will be disrupted by the atmosphere, making it almost impossible to be proactive or have healthy reactions to your environment.   It will be easy to accidentally present yourself in the worst possible way.  The only solution is to concentrate on turning that negative mindset to positive. Sodalite can help you take an approach that works for, instead of, against you.   Mars moves out of the picture and the Sun steps in to brighten up your mood.  This Sun/Mercury conjunction will fill your mind with clarity and a determination to make good things happen.  Use this energy along with Serpentine to find solutions to eliminate anything that is preventing you from reaching your highest goals.  

Number of the day: 3

3 offers you the power of options.  It does not have to be one way or the other...there are opportunities in between - you just have to never stop looking for them.  Use  Clear Quartz to uncover what you may have missed.


Tuesday 09/13/16

Today’s Sun/Mars square could drive you to take unprecedented risks, huge leaps of faith and act on every wild thought or desire.  You may want to proceed carefully…or not!  This combination will fill you with excitement and enthusiasm that could bring you some major successes.  Where you need to be cautious is with managing the overall nature of this transit.  Everything is going to feel so urgent and necessary that your judgment will be clouded by the fear of missing out on life-changing opportunities.  You may still have an amazing day, but without some clarity and focus you won’t see any kind of personal progress.  Sugilite can assist as you mindfully slow yourself down long enough to focus this rush of energy on specific goals.   If anything gets in your way it is likely you will react defensively, so work with Larimar to avoid wasting this energy on fights and fury.

Number of the day: 4

4 will help you realize your purpose.  Having a purpose can lead you to build a structure that will embody your dreams.  The perfect marriage of practical and spiritual!  Carry Rutilated Quartz to the feel the energy of 4 working throughout your life.



Posted on September 05, 2016
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